UPDATE: Pedestrian hit at California/Findlay

5:32 PM: Avoid the area of California/Findlay – police and fire are there. We’re headed that way to see if we can find out more.

(WSB photo – medical units staged on 42nd, east of the collision scene)

5:50 PM: We are told at the scene that a driver hit a pedestrian. The victim’s injuries are not life-threatening, so she is being taken to a hospital by private ambulance. The street has reopened but there’s debris to clean up.

8:37 PM: SFD says the victim is a woman in her 30s and confirms that she did not suffer major injuries.

9 Replies to "UPDATE: Pedestrian hit at California/Findlay"

  • LAintheJunction November 24, 2021 (5:36 pm)

    C Line bus driver just said a pedestrian was hit in the crosswalk. Victim was awake and responsive but apparently has a broken leg. Buses being rerouted. Prayers for the woman who was hit. 

    • SpencerGT November 25, 2021 (4:13 am)

      Glad she is okay, although a broken leg sounds like a ‘major injury’ to me.

  • SN November 25, 2021 (7:04 am)

    She was hit IN the crosswalk by a car that had stopped for her and flagged her to go. The stopped car was then rear-ended by a second car that crashed into the stopped car which slammed into and then drove over her. 😢

    • Also John November 25, 2021 (1:43 pm)

      Sounds like someone was on their phone.

      • zark00 November 26, 2021 (1:13 pm)

        yup – 100% agree. It’s a major problem around here.

  • Junction Lady November 25, 2021 (9:10 am)

    A broken leg is major and she won’t know the extent of her injuries until she is examined by a doctor and over time in the week(s) to come.  

  • WSLifer November 26, 2021 (10:38 am)

    She is our daughter in law.  We were with her for T-Day yesterday and one thing she told us is a woman came up and held her hand while she was in terrible pain and waiting for the police, ambulance, and her husband to get there.  This amazing and thoughtful act of kindness meant the world to her.  She does not know the woman’s name but will be forever grateful for her presence & caring during a really scary time.

  • CarDriver November 26, 2021 (1:41 pm)

    Also John/Zark00. Politicians need to hear that driving while doing ANYTHING on a cell phone(on with 911 operator exempted) should be a MANDITORY negligent driving ticket.

  • Sam Elder December 10, 2021 (10:59 am)

    If you witnessed this event, please call Law Office of Sam Elder PLLC at 425-999-8170.

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