SEEN OFF WEST SEATTLE: American Constellation

Thanks to David Hutchinson for the photo. The small cruise ship American Constellation sailed into Elliott Bay today. It carries up to 175 passengers – a tiny fraction of the other ships that sail from/to Seattle. The ship is scheduled to sail out of Seattle tomorrow on a 10-night “Grand Puget Sound Cruise” (see the itinerary here). Four other sailings from Seattle are on its schedule in October and November.

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  • For orca mammas September 24, 2021 (5:52 pm)

    Orcas can’t catch a break.

  • Mindy Roberts September 24, 2021 (6:40 pm)

    Please publish this comment – truly an issue today. We are pursuing litigation to block the attempt to undermine this protection. This ship is part of the group that is trying to block the No Discharge Zone. the American Constellation commit to storing all sewage produced by its passengers and crew and pump out out the numerous locations around Puget Sound,  like other responsible boaters do?Currently this has a deferral under the Puget Sound No Discharge Zone to *continue* to discharge partially treated sewage (think of a chemical port-a-potty) into Puget Sound. We need better corporate responsibility to keep sewage out of the Sound.

    • tonenotvolume September 24, 2021 (9:32 pm)

      Thanks for the information.

    • Jared September 25, 2021 (6:37 am)

      I agree this is an important issue, but I can’t find anything indicating that American Cruise Lines, operator of the American Constellation, is participating in the suit American Waterways Operators v. Wheeler over the Puget Sound NDZ.  They are not even a member of the AWO.  What is the evidence they are being irresponsible?  

  • valvashon September 24, 2021 (10:18 pm)

    No Discharge ZoneFixed the above link for you.

  • BlairJ September 25, 2021 (9:32 am)

    With the amount they charge per peron they can afford to discharge responsibly.

  • Jason Covench September 25, 2021 (9:59 am)

    That’s a nice looking boat. I would love to take a vacation.  Unfortunately that will never happen,  but it’s a great looking boat. I bet the food is top notch. 

  • anonyme September 25, 2021 (12:13 pm)

    This ship has had multiple reports of Covid among passengers and UNVACCINATED crew as recently as late August.  The Covid guidelines on their website are vague, and the only actual restrictions appear to be on Alaskan stops.  This boat should not be allowed in our port, not should any ship that not only brings disease to our community, but dumps contaminants into Puget Sound.  None. 

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