BIZNOTE: Tacos y Mariscos El Tiburón to close

While at the Low Rider Block Party last Saturday, we noticed that sign inside Tacos y Mariscos El Tiburón on the corner of 17th and Roxbury. They were too busy for us to stop in and follow up then; we subsequently found their online announcement:

Queridos amigos lamentamos informarles que este mes de Agosto será el último mes que estaremos sirviendo nuestra comida mexicana. Tacos y mariscos el tiburón cerrará el 31 de Agosto. Queremos darles las gracias a todos nuestros clientes que nos apoyaron y estuvieron en las buenas y en las malas. Gracias

…………………………………………………………………Dear friends, I’m sad to inform you that this month of August will be our last month serving you our traditional Mexican food. Tacos y Mariscos will be closing August 31st. We will like to thank you all for your support and for always being loyal customers in the good and bad times. Thank you for everything.

We went over this morning for a photo. They told us the decision to close is simply a matter of slow business. The location was previously another location of Tacos Guaymas.

8 Replies to "BIZNOTE: Tacos y Mariscos El Tiburón to close"

  • Jeff August 9, 2021 (3:38 pm)

    I don’t go as often as when I lived in the neighborhood, but I’ll be sad to see them go. 

  • West Seattle Mad Sci Guy August 9, 2021 (4:00 pm)

    The one time I ate here I remember liking it. Though I decided to not come back because the prices were higher than nearby options.  The unfortunate truth for me is usually go cheap even if it’s less tasty/well done.  Thanks for the good meal! May the next location be another Mexican place or some cuisine not yet in the white center vicinity!

  • Smithtwin August 9, 2021 (8:27 pm)

    This place we will miss dearly! They have the best burritos hands down over any taco truck. Add the salsa from the fridge to every bite. Gonna miss these guys as an anchor on that corner. 

  • Gracias August 9, 2021 (9:21 pm)

    They have the best burritos and chips and salsas. Loved the vegetales burrito.  Our family has had many meals/take out there. Parking was a challenge which may have affected business for drop ins.  Thank you for the delicious food.

  • Justice McCartney August 10, 2021 (7:52 am)

    I was just telling a friend who moved here from California about this restaurant because she was bemoaning the lack of any good Mexican restaurants in Seattle.  The price was a little higher than other places but it was more than worth it.  Sorry to see this go, what a loss for the neighborhood. 

  • helpermonkey August 10, 2021 (9:27 am)

    when I moved to White Center back in the 90’s I would go here (when it was Tacos Guymas) all the time because as a broke 20-something I could get amazing food and a Corona for around $5 within walking distance. I continued eating here all these years because my god they have the best pork verde wet burrito I’ve ever had. I will sincerely miss these folks! I agree parking is a major challenge here and it stinks that probably contributed to their closing. 

  • JW August 10, 2021 (6:11 pm)

    I also enjoyed both the original Taco Guaymas and El Tiboron for their authentic style Mexican food dozens of times.   However, I never experienced any parking challenges.  Parking is always available within one block to the north, if not right in front of the restaurant on Roxbury (maybe now more restricted due to bridge closure) or around the corner on 17th.    

  • Andrea August 11, 2021 (11:37 am)

    They have the best burritos. Darn! I went to the old guaymas one growing up for their burritos too! 

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