ROAD-WORK REMINDER: Southbound Delridge Way closure starts this week

That’s southbound Delridge Way SW just south of SW Holden, and we wanted to remind you tonight that SDOT says it’ll be closed for about two weeks starting as soon as tomorrow morning. The southbound closure between Holden and Trenton is part of the ongoing work to prepare for the RapidRide H Line; while crews have this blocked off, they will “demolish and rebuild” that section of the road. 35th SW is the recommended detour route between Holden and Trenton. (Here’s reroute information for Metro Route 120.) Work hours are 7 am to 7 pm, but the southbound closure will continue during the non-work hours too. Other continuing road closures include SW Thistle and SW Henderson on the east side of Delridge.

4 Replies to "ROAD-WORK REMINDER: Southbound Delridge Way closure starts this week"

  • pdx77 July 11, 2021 (11:16 pm)

    Regarding the 120 detour:I am a little surprised they just don’t detour from Trenton to 26th Ave and back to Barton.   Instead it’s heading back to Delridge where it back tracks again to Barton.It just seems like a waste of time to have it circle around like that just to serve one stop on Delridge.

  • AN July 12, 2021 (7:15 am)

    So will the open up Trenton from Delridge to 16th? Right now it’s a stupid safe street!!

    • D-Ridge July 12, 2021 (12:23 pm)

      Yea, bring back the dangerous streets!

    • Trudy s July 20, 2021 (10:13 pm)

      Is it just me or is that the most unsafe, safe street. Cars can’t see each other coming so they almost hit each other trying to drive on the same side. Or cars get stuck blocking the intersection while trying to turn and risk getting tboned. 

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