WESTSIDE AWARDS 2021: Nomination time, for ‘stories of hope and perseverance’

This year’s Westside Awards, presented by the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce after collecting nominations from the community, have a special focus. Here’s the announcement:

Every year in the Spring, the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce gathers to celebrate four categories of businesses, individuals and non-profits that have made notable contributions to the West Seattle business community.

This Spring, the Chamber recognizes that 2020 was an incredibly difficult time for businesses and individuals alike. For that reason, we are changing our annual Westside Awards business-nomination process to honor stories of hope and perseverance in 2020!

At a time when individuals may not have the job, home, or food security they deserve, and when businesses have been forced – through legislation or circumstance – to close doors, there are uplifting stories of those who soldiered on, to help others and to help support their West Seattle community.

Businesses and individuals are thinking outside the box, tightening their belts, and acknowledging that now is not the time for “business as usual.” These businesses and individuals deserve our recognition.

If you know of a business, non-profit, or individual that deserves recognition for personal or business actions taken in 2020, please let us know by filling out a nomination form. Click this link to take you to the form site.

Here’s who won last year.

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