WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: ‘Spotty snow’ possible

Sub-freezing temperatures have been scarce this winter – but this morning’s official low (at Sea-Tac) was 29, explaining the ice-skating the Steller’s Jay was attempting in the photo above by Jerry Simmons. If you have a bird bath, you’ll want to keep it defrosted it in the days ahead, because more extra-chilly weather is on the way, including what the National Weather Service calls “a chance of spotty light snow at times in the lowlands.”

(Photo by Lynn Hall)

As for the near-term, tonight’s NWS “forecast discussion” says: “Clouds will increase tonight and areas of precip should start by daybreak. The hills might pick up a little wet snow tomorrow morning, but accumulations should be mainly in the grass rather than the pavement.”

(Frosty roof and foggy sunrise, by Coleman Smith)

After that, “Another front or two arrive late in the week–but it is too early to say much about that other than a low snow level is likely, but nothing yet looks like a slam dunk for the lowlands.” Snow or no snow, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights may get down to freezing again.

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  • WSOwl January 24, 2021 (3:45 am)

    All great photos!

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