UPDATE: Heavy rain, gusty wind, high tides on the way for 2021’s first weekend

(Alki photos by Jerry Simmons)

You might want to get out and check your nearest storm drain while it’s still (semi-)light outside. A lot more rain is on the way, says the National Weather Service, and wind too – up to 3 inches on Saturday night with wind gusting as high as 40 mph out of the south. The ground’s already saturated, leading to an NWS alert about landslide risk, too. (ADDED 4:27 PM: Now there’s a Wind Advisory alert for Saturday, too.)

And if you’re near the shore – add “king tides” to all this …

Morning high tides are 12.5-12.6 for the next five mornings, at 7:56 am Saturday, 8:31 am Sunday, 9:08 am Monday, 9:46 am Tuesday, and 10:25 am Wednesday. (The tide will be even higher January 13-15, but it’s too soon to know what the weather will be like then; those will be the highest tides until next December.)

9 Replies to "UPDATE: Heavy rain, gusty wind, high tides on the way for 2021's first weekend"

  • AB83 January 1, 2021 (1:36 pm)

    What if they got 2012 wrong and it’s actually 2021 when the world ends

  • Mellow Kitty January 1, 2021 (1:38 pm)

    Remember to take extra caution when out and about in weather like this! 

  • Chivahn January 1, 2021 (3:11 pm)

    I’m just hoping Marginal and Harbor don’t flood again, I have to work this weekend and my car can’t handle that XD

    • Louise January 1, 2021 (10:07 pm)

      Just curious.  Why are you calling it “king tides” for this weekend?  Info at the Washington Sea Grant doesn’t show this weekend and only reflects the king tides predicted for January 13-15.  Do you have another source to access that you could share.  Thanks!

      • WSB January 1, 2021 (10:31 pm)

        No idea why they list a 12.4 tide on November 19 as a “king tide” but don’t list the upcoming 12.5 and 12.6. The numbers I quote are from the tide chart we’ve used for many years.

  • What is this? January 1, 2021 (3:41 pm)

    I don’t understand the photo by Jerry Simmons. I do not live on Alki but live nearby. Where was this photo taken?  All the colorful flags. 

    • Alki Kristine January 1, 2021 (4:23 pm)

      That’s a painted fence around a daycare on Alki. 

    • WSB January 1, 2021 (4:24 pm)

      The top photo is outside the preschool at 59th/Alki. (Google Street View)

  • Morganjunction January 1, 2021 (4:48 pm)

    Thanks for pointing out that people need to go out and check storm drains near their dwelling, not wait until it clogs then call the city to blame them. It is the same lack of responsibility as not cleaning up up their yard waste and letting it get into the storm drain in the first place.

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