GROCERY SHOPPING: West Seattle notes

We start the weekend with our 10th Saturday-morning update on West Seattle’s standalone grocery stores:

QFC ADDS HOURS AGAIN: For a second week, QFC stores (including the 2 in West Seattle) are expanding their hours – now open 7 am-11 pm, with an hour for senior/elevate-risk shoppers 7 am-8 am weekdays.

MET MARKET ADDS HOURS: Also expanding hours, Metropolitan Market in Admiral, now open 8 am-11 pm with a daily 7-8 am hour for senior/elevated-risk shoppers.

THRIFTWAY PICKUP UPDATE: Monday, no curbside pickup service at West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor) because of the Memorial Day holiday. Otherwise, it’s available every weekday.

That’s the info we’ve found this time; we’ve updated the hours on our original list. What are you seeing at local stores?

10 Replies to "GROCERY SHOPPING: West Seattle notes"

  • Alki resident May 23, 2020 (8:19 am)

    Although these aren’t grocery stores, Top Pot Doughnut and Starbucks on Alki have resumed in-store sales.

  • anonyme May 23, 2020 (12:55 pm)

    I called PCC and asked them to consider adding a pickup service, but they were not interested.    

  • Shelby May 23, 2020 (2:17 pm)

    The Admiral Safeway is now open from 5 am to 1 am and the south entrance is once again open. You can bring your own bags, but you will have to bag your groceries yourself. We are also happy to bag your groceries in our bags. Senior and elevated risk shopping hours are 6-9 am Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our aisles are one way; the large red signs on the floor show which way each aisle flows. We still have restrictions on some high-demand/unpredictable supply items (yeast, flour, meat, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, toilet paper, to name a few – this is not a complete list.) We are doing our best to make sure everyone can get at least some of everything they need.

    • WSB May 23, 2020 (3:50 pm)

      Thank you! We reported the hours change in last Saturday’s update. Appreciate the added info!

    • Amy May 23, 2020 (6:17 pm)

      Thank you so much for the info, Shelby!!

  • Jeremey R. Pierson May 23, 2020 (7:47 pm)

    That’s great news about QFC. What about Good Day Doughnut. When are they going to open up again. The Best Doughnut Ever. Thanks 

    • WSB May 23, 2020 (8:18 pm)

      They’re listed on our “who’s open” restaurants/beverage businesses list and have been having pre-order/pickup events, usually listed on their website (currently says Fridays and Saturdays):

    • Vic May 24, 2020 (12:23 pm)

      They are open Friday and Saturday until 1pm. Picked out a dozen yesterday.

  • Elton May 23, 2020 (10:37 pm)

    Just curious: what is causing the expanded hours at various stores? More staff at the grocery stores? Less hoarding reducing their after-hours workload? Both?It’s not new, but I have to give a shout out to the grocery pickup experience at Whole Foods – had a really seamless experience there.

  • clerkmate May 24, 2020 (6:49 am)

    Elton. You guessed right. The initial PANIC buying and HOARDING caused the empty shelves and upended supply chain. There’s NEVER been a “shortage”  of anything! People have calmed down (mostly) and allowed the system to recover (mostly) The expanded hours are due to stores not having to spend extra time stocking and getting more efficient in sanitizing.

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