GROCERY STORES: Updating West Seattle supermarkets’ hours & special shopping times

(Updated 6/27)

As with many other businesses, things are changing day to day, so (updated) we are continuing to track local standalone stores’ hours:

WEST SEATTLE THRIFTWAY (4201 SW Morgan; WSB sponsor): 5 am-midnight – pickup service info here if you cannot come into the store. (Added) Thriftway has senior shopping time (60+), 7-9 am Tuesdays and Thursdays. No personal bags.

PCC WEST SEATTLE (2749 California SW; WSB sponsor): 8 am-11 pm, with 7 am-8 am reserved for 60+ and others at higher risk. Personal bags are OK if you bag your own groceries.

METROPOLITAN MARKET (41st/42nd/Admiral): 8 am-11 pm; 7-8 am every day now reserved for seniors/other elevated-risk shoppers. No personal bags.

TRADER JOE’S (4545 Fauntleroy Way SW): Hours will be 9 am-9 pm starting 6/29 with 8-9 am special daily hour for seniors and others at elevated risk..

WHOLE FOODS (4755 Fauntleroy Way SW; WSB sponsor): 8 am-9 pm, with senior hours 7 am-8 am Wednesdays and Fridays.

JUNCTION QFC (4550 42nd SW): 5/23 update – hours now 7 am-11 pm with 60+-shopper hour 7-8 am Mondays and Wednesdays.

WESTWOOD VILLAGE QFC (26th/Barton): 5/23 update – hours now 7 am-11 pm with 60+-shopper hour 7-8 am Mondays and Wednesdays.

*Note for the next three stores – seniors/high-risk people have special shopping hours at Safeways (expanded to) 6 am-9 am Tuesdays and Thursdays.

ROXBURY SAFEWAY (27th/Roxbury): 5 am-1 am

JEFFERSON SQUARE SAFEWAY (42nd/Edmunds), 5 am-1 am

ADMIRAL SAFEWAY (2622 California SW): 5 am-1 am or text/voice 206-293-6302 – we’ll update this list if/when we hear of changes – thank you!

98 Replies to "GROCERY STORES: Updating West Seattle supermarkets' hours & special shopping times"

  • SillyWhabbit March 18, 2020 (12:18 pm)

    Roxbury correct hours are 6 AM to 11 PM. I just confirmed that yesterday. Also Delivery is full and no slots are available online. You can online order and pick up. Yesterday it was a 4 day wait to fill and then pick up outside the store. However, if you are a new EBT SNAPS recipient, there is not a way to use the EBT online.

    • WSB March 18, 2020 (1:05 pm)

      I am there now. Posted hours now 6 am to 1 am. Also a note about special at-risk etc. hours, will add that when I get back to desk.

    • Westside March 18, 2020 (2:33 pm)

      I recommend not counting on the pickup option. We spent hours planning a big order for pick up a few days out and Safeway emailed the night before canceling the order. No option to reschedule. 

    • Victoria E Hamilton March 31, 2020 (9:37 pm)

      In my experience on Sunday (3/29) in the 1-2pm timeframe, customer presence was nearly what you might call “sparse”.  Easier to shop in this area during the time between the morning rush and the pre-dinner rush, no matter the age of customers.

  • Mel March 18, 2020 (12:22 pm)

    So concerned for the grocery store employees who are putting themselves at risk when they go to work every day. We need to all find ways to make sure they can remain safe. Especially when they are so incredible busy and can’t stop to wash their hands. They are having to touch everything and also transferring germs between customers no doubt, through no fault of their own. Can we find ways as a community to help them? Bring them any extra hand sanitizer and gloves we have? And obviously, stay away from the store if you are experiencing any symptoms.

    • newnative March 18, 2020 (1:23 pm)

      Staying  away from crowds regardless of symptom status. We’re supposed to be distancing ourselves but I find people are congregating in grocery stores during busy times. look in the windows or at the parking lot and go at a less busy time. Give the employees a chance to wash their hands and spray the surfaces. 

    • Covid Christy March 22, 2020 (12:28 pm)

      I work at a grocery (not in West Seattle) and a visibly sick young woman coughed on me at the checkstand, a deep hacking, lung cough. When I told her that she needed to cough into her elbow, she just glared at me.

      • LyndaB March 28, 2020 (8:14 am)

        I told a friend my rule is that I’ll give someone pass if it’s a stifled cough (like holding it in). But of you’re hacking away you’re gonna get told.I don’t know this person’s circumstance why they coughed (i.e. allergies, they don’thabe anyone to shop for them) but this is the wrong time to coughing without using proper technique. I work at a hospital lab and we have to sign in attesting we don’t have symptoms.  I’m not sure if this is a policy you’d want implemented for customers but it’s a thought.  Or just provide masks for employees!

      • Tom March 28, 2020 (2:38 pm)

        Firstly, it’s people like you that I’m grateful for – showing up at work  and at risk – to help and serve the rest of us. Secondly, there was no excuse for that woman to glare at you. I’m sorry you had to experience that. You were in the right. Even so, even if the customer apologized for possibly contaminating you, it would be a little too late, yes? I wish you the best. Thanks again for showing up and keeping the store running.

  • Marty2 March 18, 2020 (12:52 pm)

    Just watching local news, they said Whole Foods was not opening early for seniors, but limiting their first hour of operation to seniors and others in high risk groups.  So a little confusion here, don’t know which information is correct.

  • AmandaK March 18, 2020 (1:51 pm)

    My partner is a beverage sales person for grocery stores.  He’s so busy, and so exhausted – so are all of the employees at the various stores he works in.  What is worse, people are so rude, selfish, demanding and lacking compassion.   So, if you need to go out – take a minute to thank one of those employees.   And don’t be a jerk.  Without those folks, we wouldn’t last long.  

  • jissy March 18, 2020 (2:25 pm)

    I was at Trader Joe’s earlier – they are making people queue up outside, one in one out only 50 people max in the store including employees. It went quite quickly though. They are also disinfecting every basket and cart after use.

    • Jethro Marx March 18, 2020 (3:06 pm)

      Had they taken any steps to contain the ongoing epidemic of awkward interactions, poor design, and passive-aggressive driving that is their parking lot?

      • WSB March 18, 2020 (3:23 pm)

        Might just be me, but I say that right now we forgive everyone the usual petty grievances. I long for the days when there was nothing more to bitch about than oh say rechannelized roads … but it will be a while before we’re there again. Hmm, maybe we can have a “pretend everything’s normal and your favorite pet peeve is front and center” hour …

        • waikikigirl March 18, 2020 (4:31 pm)

          I was wondering when you were going to snap. LOL!!! Just kidding I agree with you totally, I was at the store today still trying to find a parking space and the car in front of me stopped to let someone into their car instead of parking and letting them in but a person walking by started yelling  and waving their hands at them  like they were doing it for me??? It didn’t bother me at all to wait that 10 seconds…geez people life is too short…

  • JES March 18, 2020 (2:44 pm)

    This is a rhetorical question I guess, but what about high risk people who WORK in the stores? My aunt is late 60s with some health problems and isn’t able to call in to her job at Bartells (on the Eastside, not WS) because they’re short-staffed and have been nonstop slammed for weeks with people loading up and all the additional restocking work that entails (and as an hourly worker she needs her paycheck). I’m sure there are many others like her, so keep them in mind when shopping. Her store has a limit on TP so people are bringing their whole families in with them to try to get around the rule – please don’t put others in unnecessary risk like this!And since apparently this still hasn’t gotten through to many people, please consider others and stop hoarding! Your neighbors who are actually out of things aren’t able to get what they need (soap, TP, bread, etc) if you have more than you need just sitting in your garage. 

    • C.A. March 18, 2020 (4:02 pm)

      I won’t claim to know anyone’s particular situation, and many are, I’m sure, helping out family and neighbors by doing the shopping for multiple households. But what those who aren’t in such a situation don’t seem to realize, that by taking far more than they reasonably need, they’re also hurting themselves in the long run. If we shared the disinfectant, gloves, masks, sanitizer, etc. it would be easier for all to stay healthier, and help slow this thing down a bit. But I know there’s a lot of uncertainty and fear-driven misinformation out there. I’m also definitely noticing the vibe shifting a bit from a slightly more light-hearted one to a pretty frustrated and tense one. When we’ve had to stop in somewhere and pick up a few items, I’ve made sure to sincerely thank all the workers we’ve come in contact with, told them to please stay safe, and that I hoped their ongoing interactions with others went smoothly. People often get stuck in a spiral and forget basic kindness and decency. And, again, I know a lot of this “new normal” is scary to truly comprehend (I totally get it – my life was already pretty upside down before this whole situation arose). But we can get through this, one way or another, together. ❤️

  • BlairJ March 18, 2020 (3:03 pm)

    I wondered when stores would start to not allow people to bring their own bags.

  • Matt P March 18, 2020 (3:09 pm)

    Is Whole Foods offering extended hours for those who are immune compromised or pregnant or just 60+?  

    • WSB March 18, 2020 (3:19 pm)

      Please follow the link in the story. That’s the company’s entire statement.

  • Tim March 18, 2020 (3:30 pm)

    PCC has suspended their food bars, no more pre-made hot food. There are still options in the cooler, but the salad bar, hot food bar and yogurt are all shut down.

  • Lola March 18, 2020 (3:52 pm)

    Thank you to all of the stores and the people stocking & cking them and bagging and keeping everything in some sense of order.  Everybody needs to step it up in the NICE DEPT. PLEASE.  Tempers will flare and I know we all get angry but we are all going thru this together.  Thanks to the Truckers and shippers of our food and supplies.  Thank you WSB for this great update on our Food Stores. 

  • JES March 18, 2020 (4:38 pm)

    There are currently many groups of kids and teens all over Admiral, hanging out in Safeway and at the park. Come on parents, do your job please.

    • WS parent March 18, 2020 (10:11 pm)

      As a parent of 2 teens, I do agree with you.  I’m keeping my kids home but they are constantly telling me how their friends are hanging out together.  I tell them tough, we will obey the rules, stay home and hopefully help flatten the curve.  Trying to not be judgmental though as I’m sure everyone is just doing their best…

  • Kristina March 18, 2020 (4:40 pm)

    I placed an order at QFC on 3/17 for delivery 3/20. They do not have TP available online, or quite a few other things. Yesterday they sent me a message saying my delivery is moved to 3/22. Since it’s this difficult, I decided to cancer my order: I am in good health, and someone who can’t get to the store can have my slot. I called to cancel; their automated system hung up on me. I’m now waiting for an answer on their chat, but I’ve been sitting for 15 minutes.Amazon Fresh let me fill up my cart, but not book delivery, so that was a bust.Based on my experiences, it’s better to go to the store, get in, get out, go home… if you can. 

    • CAM March 19, 2020 (8:10 am)

      I have discovered that fresh opens up their new delivery slots at midnight or shortly after. You have to refresh your account to get them to show up (exit the app completely and then go back to your cart) but then the full day should appear. Good luck!

  • Kristina March 18, 2020 (4:58 pm)

    Update: I had to wait on QFC Chat for about 20+ minutes before a rep came, but then he kindly and efficiently helped me to cancel my order. I know these are crazy times, so I don’t fault them for not being able to deliver or get me what I need – I just wish the communication lines were clearer.I’m checking in with folks when I go shopping to help them out; I’m grateful to the neighbor who picked up some potatoes for me when I forget them on my big trip last time.The news reports that stocking 1-2 weeks worth of food is reasonable, and beyond that is hurting our communities. I hope that everyone is able to find what they need, stay home as much as possible, and be well. Who could have imagined a month ago how our lives would look now?!I’m prepared to brave Trader Joe’s in a few days. I’m prepared to be flexible. :-)

  • 22blades March 18, 2020 (5:36 pm)

    I would like to see 6 foot intervals marked off with tape approaching the registers so people won’t bunch up behind me. Social Distancing is our weapon of choice right now. Let’s use it!

    • rebecca March 18, 2020 (10:15 pm)

      Good luck with that,  today I had to tell people several times to mind the blue line ( tape on the floor ‘ apart) Some customers were right up on the others so much so I thought they were together.

    • Peggy March 28, 2020 (1:08 pm)

      Met market-in the photo with the article-has marked 6 foot intervals. Also you are asked to stay at the end of the checkout  area until your groceries are  rung up and bagged. Then you move forward to pay, as the clerk stays safely away. They also have an attendant wiping down shopping carts and offering hand sanitizer. Bartell s has intervals marked on the floor.

  • WSB March 18, 2020 (7:32 pm)

    Thriftway has just added 7-9 am Tues/Thurs 60+ shopping time.

  • KC March 18, 2020 (8:47 pm)

    I will go out on a limb here and maybe it has been already mentioned for which I will be called out is there going to be a thorough cleaning of all the flat and exposed surfaces prior to the older folks shopping?  And again after they are done shopping Cleaning is the utmost defense not separating shopping timing clean clean clean and then clean again 

  • Jim P. March 18, 2020 (10:22 pm)

    For those of us who *cannot* drive (I am almost blind and 68), the lack of delivery slots is a bit of a nightmare.

    I had an order with Safeway come with about one third of what I ordered and a new order got rescheduled for for a week later than I chose.

    Might be nice if the ones that deliver reserve some slots for the vulnerable and handicapped although I hate to sound whiny and needy.

    I generally try to carry my own weight in life without asking for special advantages.

    No easy answers but if you *can* get to a store, consider not getting deliveries so it’s a bit easier for those of us who cannot readily do so,

    • dot March 19, 2020 (1:29 pm)

      Ordering from safeway is impossible right now,  no delivery windows.You can try target and walmart, those are the only two that I could find who have delivery openings right now.

    • Rachel March 24, 2020 (9:05 pm)

      Jim P., if you need a grocery delivery this week, please reply and I’m sure WSB can connect us directly. My son works three shifts per week at a WS store and I’m happy to shop when dropping him off, and leave a bag at your doorstep. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it–sounds like you don’t need it much!  

  • West Seattle Guy March 19, 2020 (12:09 am)

    Jefferson square Safeway was closed at 11 pm tonight. Per the sign on the door that I just walked up to.

    • WSB March 19, 2020 (1:05 am)

      thanks, that’s a change, we’ll be checking store doors later this morning.

      • WSB March 20, 2020 (12:12 am)

        The store’s sign tonight said closed midnight-5 am (so, open 5 am-midnight).  Only Safeway we didn’t get to verify today was Admiral.

        • West Seattle Guy March 20, 2020 (11:48 pm)

          Tonight they closed at 10 for restocking (sign on the door. Got there a few minutes late)Also QFC on Alaska and 42nd posted that starting tomorrow they’re closing at 8 pm. 

          • WSB March 21, 2020 (12:02 am)

            Thank you! I updated earlier tonight – the company says it’s changing stores’ hours to 6 am-10 pm. And thanks for the QFC tip – a web post tonight says they’re changing to 8 am-8 pm, so I’ll update above. – TR

  • anonyme March 19, 2020 (7:43 am)

    It might be helpful if elders and the immunocompromised were given delivery/stock priority as well as special shopping hours.  Restricted shopping hours only benefit those who are both mobile and willing to violate recommended home isolation recommendations.   I’ve only been receiving a fraction of what I order, making my food situation uncertain at best.  Those living on social security can’t afford to hoard, so when the food is gone – it’s gone.  So, I agree with Jim – if you don’t absolutely need delivery then don’t use it.

    • CAM March 19, 2020 (8:28 am)

      What we really need to do is stop ordering every day and stop hoarding. There have always been more than enough delivery slots when considering all the different services. The issue has to be in part related to our bad behavior. I agree that people who are elderly or immunocompromised should have priority access. On the other hand, you then have people like me who are declared essential at work and have to keep going out and interacting with the public and likely exposing myself on a regular basis. You don’t want me in a grocery store either whether or not I’m capable of getting there. If people aren’t capable of regulating their behavior, either the companies or the government are going to have to step in to do so. 

  • anonyme March 19, 2020 (3:53 pm)

    I’m not sure about the safety of senior-only shopping hours.  Doesn’t this defeat the recommendation of self-isolation?  This just brings a lot of vulnerable people into close proximity to one another.  Do these stores have someone at the door making sure there are no gate-crashers?  It only takes one young carrier bucking the rules to potentially expose a number of at-risk individuals in one careless swoop. 

  • Gary March 21, 2020 (8:42 am)

    I was at the Junction QFC yesterday,and a manager and employee were busy dumping all the bulk foods into garbage bags. When I asked him why they were doing this,he told me it was a new directive from the CDC and he just found out about it. I did not ask him further questions,so wasn’t sure if this is only for QFC ,all stores everywhere,or what . Has anyone else heard anything about this ? 

    • WSB March 21, 2020 (2:52 pm)

      I don’t know about the CDC but there are specific guidances for grocery stores on the Seattle-KC Public Health website -I would call bulk items “self-serve food”

      3. Grocery stores or other retail establishments that sell grocery items must implement the following safety precautions and the COVID-19 prevention measures listed below.
      Apply the social distancing recommendations to any lines that form inside or outside of the store
      Prohibit self-serve foods, including hot bars, cold bars and buffets.
      Prohibit product sampling
      Appoint a designated sanitation worker at all times to continuously clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and meet the environmental cleaning guidelines set by the CDC.


  • Gary March 21, 2020 (10:08 am)

    I was at the junction QFC yesterday when I saw a manager and store employee dumping all of the bulk foods into garbage bags. When I asked them why he said its a new directive from the CDC. I called the store today to confirm and he told me this is indeed the case ,they just found out about it,and no more bulk foods for now at all.  He indicated this may start happening at all stores,not just QFC .  Anybody else hear about this ?   Curiouser and curiouser .

  • old timer March 21, 2020 (11:31 am)

    @ Gary : I noticed while at Thriftway, they had taped up some of the bulk containers.  The ones that required a scoop to obtain the contents were inoperable.  The ones that allowed gravity to provide for dispensing were still usable.  Makes sense to me.  All the people who handle the scoops into open bins of grains/beans and whatever else never was all that sanitary IMO.

    • Diane March 21, 2020 (3:54 pm)

      gawd, I don’t even feel safe to use those during normal times; good to hear those are being shut down

  • Maria M. March 21, 2020 (3:11 pm)

    As a 65 and a 67-yr. old couple, we’ve been very grateful to be able to shop for groceries during the special set-aside time. Thank you so much to the store employees who have all gone out of their way to make it such a pleasant experience for us!  During the weekend, we’ve decided not to go shopping so that others who can’t get to to store early during the work week can get the chance to shop in a less crowded environment. One hand washing the other – yep, that’s a reminder. :-)

    • Diane March 21, 2020 (3:55 pm)

      which stores have you gone to during senior-shopping-time?

      • Maria M. March 21, 2020 (6:24 pm)

        Mostly Whole Foods, a 1-min. walk from our apartment on 40th. Also QFC mid-morning during regular shopping hours. We haven’t made it over to Trader Joe’s yet but will do so next week. Everyone’s been exceptionally nice! :-)

  • WS guy March 21, 2020 (5:26 pm)

    As of now pcc and metropolitan market have not offered staff hazard pay. Safeway qfc Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are. Pcc and met market should be leading the charge in taking care of their staff. As a grocery worker myself we are all scared and worried about going into work everyday. The least they could do is compensate us for risking our health and safety for the community. I’d appreciate any and all help in getting the message across to these to company’s that the staff need to be taken care of. No staff. No grocery stores. Not sure what thriftway is doing but I haven’t heard if they are doing this either. Thanks all.

  • WGA March 21, 2020 (6:06 pm)

    Early hours for higher risk citizens on Tuesdays and Thursdays is great. I wonder if a store or two could shift over to Monday and Wednesday mornings for more flexibility. It might be a long stretch from Thursday to the following Tuesday.I was thinking about the safety of buying bulk food as well while I was scooping up muesli at the Roosevelt WF last week.

    • Maria M. March 21, 2020 (8:41 pm)

      Whole Foods has reserved 1 hour before they open to the public, i.e. 8 am to 9 am, for those 60+.  We went both Thursday and Friday at 8:15 and were let in by the security guard at the main (Fauntleroy and Alaska) entrance. The entrance on 40th was locked. Hope this helps.

  • Gary March 21, 2020 (8:16 pm)

    Thanks ,yes I guess it makes sense from a sanitary standpoint. I just hate to see so much wasted food . better to be safe than sorry ,I guess. I imagine whole foods and PCC will be doing this as well .

  • WTF March 22, 2020 (6:44 pm)

    THANK YOU to every one of those grocery store workers! You are owed our debt of gratitude. But, I implore the stores to start limiting the number of people shopping at a time (based on store size). I was at TW this morning and was astonished to see clerks and customers CLOSELY interacting (not just at check out). Be mindful. You do NOT need to shop in pairs. Nearly every other shopper was a couple! Seriously?!
    Behavior modification is one of the hardest things anyone over the age of 3 has to do, but this is critical. This is a silent infector; it does not knock on your door. Symptoms have been publicized by credible sources, so have new cases with no symptoms. And, bring your own disinfectant to wipe carts; they are running out for the public to use

  • Disasterdave March 23, 2020 (7:54 am)

    Just came from the Junction QFC, they have someone at the door @ 7 to let people in, they aren’t checking ID for age, but ask that only seniors come in.  Everyone seemed to comply.  Also big note, QFC will not fill your reusable bags, only paper and if you buy wine they give you a new bag.Jefferson Safeway just had their door open for senior shopping.Thank you to all the grocery workers 

  • anonyme March 23, 2020 (4:56 pm)

    Just tried to place an order with Whole Foods but there are NO delivery times available.  Also, most of the staples I’ve been trying to order for weeks are still out of stock.  I am beginning to get scared, as I cannot get to a store.  It looks like Inslee is going to order shelter in place later today, and then things will only get worse.

  • SuperAwesome March 24, 2020 (11:01 am)

    I went to Met Market this morning.  No bringing in personal bags. They are providing paper.  A person was there to wipe down the cart and there was a very through protocol at check out to maintain proper distance.  I went around 8 am and it was busy (certainly busier than a normal Tuesday morning) but everything was well stocked and maintained.  I so appreciate the job the grocery workers are doing to keep up all safe and fed. 

    • WSB March 24, 2020 (11:09 am)

      Thanks, hoping to write a grocery update before the day’s out. Thriftway also has banned personal bags so I think it’s just an industrywide thing now. Do they have Plexiglas barriers yet? Tway does, we learned this am.

      • SuperAwesome March 24, 2020 (12:58 pm)

        No plexiglas that I saw at Met Market.  

  • Tony Roma March 24, 2020 (2:06 pm)

    Hi, any  news on Costco and special hours for seniors?

  • anonyme March 24, 2020 (4:56 pm)

    Still no delivery through Whole Foods/Amazon.  A Whole Foods employee told me they thought that delivery has been suspended.  Can’t be sure as the Amazon customer service line is refusing calls.  PCC only offers delivery through Instacart, but the website and customer service lines are down/jammed, so can’t get any info on either cost or availability.  Can’t very well ask a neighbor to do any kind of substantial shopping, especially without cash to pay them and no way to pre-order/pre-pay.  I may be forced to break quarantine, get on multiple buses to go to a store, and hope that something is on the shelves.  I’ve stayed calm until now, but now selfish, greedy behavior has created a dangerous and frightening reality for some of us.

    • miws March 24, 2020 (5:36 pm)

      Anonyme, have you looked into the West Seattle Food Bank delivery as an option? (Apologies  if I’ve asked already, and you indicated it wouldn’t). —Mike

    • Rachel March 24, 2020 (9:08 pm)

      Anonyme, if you need a grocery delivery this week, my family is happy to shop for you and leave at your doorstep. WSB can connect us directly. We are lucky to be food secure and able to help if needed. 

  • RKC March 24, 2020 (6:01 pm)

    Anybody been to Costco on 4th Ave this week?  Had heard extremely long lines and lots of bare shelves last week.  Wondering if it is better yet?

  • tk March 25, 2020 (8:54 am)

    As of Monday afternoon, Costco on 4th Ave had a sign up with new “Senior” hours on Tues & Thursdays 8am-9am (just before their regular hours). But, good luck with getting there now with the West Seattle Bridge-gate!(Southcenter Costco might be quicker, for some people)

  • WSneighbor March 25, 2020 (9:58 am)

    I’m curious about Costco as well, and Trader Joe’s…are there long lines to get in? Shelves empty?

  • anonyme March 25, 2020 (4:11 pm)

    I finally managed to squeeze through a delivery in the early morning hours on the third day of deliveries being paused for Whole Foods.  Still, lots of items missing, including all produce.   Really don’t want to have to use charity that others need far more than I.  Hope the stock and delivery issues don’t get worse.

  • Dominic March 25, 2020 (4:49 pm)

    Safeway just cancelled an order I placed over a week ago. I tried to place a new order but they have no delivery times available.  

  • Kristina Dahl March 26, 2020 (11:44 pm)

    I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday (Wednesday) morning. I called them the day before, and followed the advice given: if I wanted TP (I did) then I needed to show up 45 minutes before opening, 8:15, to get in line. I was one of the first people in the store, and got TP first, before shopping for other things. By the time I picked up my groceries (and items for a few neighbors) the TP was sold out, so I’m glad I did it the way I did, because I was able to get everything I needed for the next week and a half to two weeks (trying not to shop so often in order to have better social distancing). I did notice they were very low on pasta, I couldn’t find ice cream, and they were low on baking supplies, but they had tons of fresh foods (veggies, fruit, meat, dairy) and frozen foods, and most other items were in stock. The staff were wonderful as always, and the other shoppers were respectful of social distancing, so I consider the trip a great success.I had tried to do online grocery shopping, but the systems are clearly overloaded, so I’ll keep doing it this “old fashioned” way, going in person.

    • WGA March 27, 2020 (6:51 pm)

      Kristina (or anyone), Thanks for the TJ update. Do you know what the process is for older people? I understand they have a “special line” but not sure what that means. Were they able to get in fairly quickly or did they have to wait like you did to get in at 9am? Thanks.

      • CompromisedinWS March 28, 2020 (2:03 pm)

        I went to TJ’s this morning at 9am. There was a long line into the parking lot, but then a much shorter line for older and immune compromised people. I had on my n95 mask and gloves so obv trying to be careful. I made it through the produce section ok but down by the cheese and salads people were no longer abiding the 6 ft social distancing. I didn’t even make it 3 feet into the next aisle before folks were crowding in behind me while I was trying to wait to social distance. One woman walked right past me flipping me off down the aisle. I had a panic attack and management said they couldn’t do anything to control the people. I disagree. They could let fewer people in the store during that one hour and have staff managing the flow to make sure aisles aren’t getting jammed up. They did take me aside and try to bodyguard me while a kind staff member took my grocery list and did the rest of my shopping. On my way out, a guy in the line was laughing at me in my mask and gloves. It was a horrible experience but I spent 2 hours yesterday trying to order grocery delivery and no one had delivery times available until middle of next week. I love TJ’s and appreciate the help they gave me after my panic attack, but this morning was awful and didn’t need to be. Folks who are privileged enough to have their health need to understand that for immune compromised people this is an existential crisis, not just a bug going around. It’s terrifying. 

        • WGA March 28, 2020 (2:49 pm)

          Hey Compromisedinws, Thanks for your detailed story. I’m sorry you had a panic attack like that. (And don’t spend another moment thinking about that rude person!!) I’m in the same boat as you. I have been taking an immunosuppresent drug for twenty years due to ulcerative colitis. I also am prone to panic attacks and carry one or two benzos for that. I rarely use them as just having them on me is calming. More importantly, I actively meditate or chant mantras to keep anxiety in check. I think the best we can do is follow some of the advice here and avoid places that add to anxiety and contagion. Perhaps WF and PCC are a bit more expensive sure, but that may be the price to pay for your health and well-being. I am reading these comments and may have to avoid TJs now (at least the early rush), too bad.

  • YES2WS March 27, 2020 (7:54 pm)

    What is w the TJ mentality? PCC doesn’t have this hoarding mentality. I don’t get it. Disappointed because I love TJ’s.

    • Amy March 28, 2020 (7:20 am)

      Trader Joe’s has way better prices than PCC or Whole Foods. I went to WFs to opt out of the TJs queue the other day and ended up paying twice the amount for half the groceries. This is why TJs is in such demand! Love that place.

    • Joan March 28, 2020 (8:22 am)

      I agree. I shopped during the senior hours at PCC the other day and there were about 5 cars in the lot and the store was pretty empty.  We shoppers kept our distances and were respectful to each other. I learned I could not use my  own bags, so got paper. I tried to go to to TJs earlier, and saw a huge ridiculous line to get in.  No other store has lines outside! I think their process for senior/at risk shoppers is silly. Why should we have a separate  line outside? Why not separate hours?

  • 22blades March 28, 2020 (7:02 am)

    Out of respect for the clerks, I stand back 6′ until I have to finish the card transaction. We don’t need to stand over them as they scan & pack, especially if they don’t have a plexiglass barrier. This includes Starbucks walk-up. Step up, insert card, enter PIN, remove card, step back.

  • mrsB March 28, 2020 (11:51 am)

    My experience as a senior is that it’s probably best to avoid the early opening senior hours.  Instead try mid-morning when the first rush has passed.  This approach has worked for us at TJs and Costco.

  • treborg March 28, 2020 (6:13 pm)

    The Roxbury Safeway does not restock the store for senior shopping hours, so it’s a waste of time to go there.  Many empty shelves, especially paper products.  From the comments, it looks like TJ’s is doing some restocking for senior shopping, but what about other grocery stores?

  • Rache March 29, 2020 (1:20 am)

    Wouldn’t it be nice if TJs offered delivery – especially to protect its employees and to thank their loyal customers? I’d be willing to pay.

  • Peggy March 29, 2020 (9:28 am)

    Totally unimpressed with senior shopping from 7-8 or9 am. Many seniors do not get up at 6am in order to shop at 7am in a store that is not on a bus line, and requires arranging transportation if you cannot drive. Seems like a ploy by retailers to make you think they are doing something special for “seniors”. How about better sanitization and a line for seniors only to limit exposure, and all stores should have properly marked spacing for lines. Waiting days for delivery is not the best option for getting supplies.

    • HK March 30, 2020 (12:17 pm)

      Have you been to a store recently? Most stores have implemented good sanitation systems. I think that the reason for having the senior shopping early in the morning is so that the shelves are well stocked and the store is as clean as possible. I am not a senior, but I am pregnant and really appreciate the time set aside for high-risk shoppers. 

  • Carol Lissance March 30, 2020 (3:27 pm)

    Trader Joe’s told us on Sunday that starting today Monday 8-9 every morning would be seniors etc only.

  • tk March 31, 2020 (8:53 am)

    (on Costco website) COSTCO special hours for members 60+   Until further notice, Costco warehouses will open from 8 to 9 a.m.
    Tuesday through Thursday
    for members ages 60 and older, and for those
    with physical impairments. The pharmacy will be open, but the Costco
    Food Court will be closed during these hours.

  • 1994 March 31, 2020 (11:01 pm)

    Thank you for keeping the info updated on grocery stores!!

  • MaggieZ April 2, 2020 (7:03 pm)

    Trader Joes’s allowing 5 simultaneous shoppers in the store. One out, one in. Line up outside.

  • GrossAndy April 2, 2020 (8:35 pm)

    The 7-11 located on the corner of Erskine Way SW and California Ave SW closes at midnight and reopens at six in the morning. Closed 12:00am-6:00am.

  • Ginger April 7, 2020 (7:10 am)

    Target at Westwood Village is open now at 7 AM daily, but on Tuesdays and Wednesdays it is Seniors only from 7-8 AM. Safeway – Roxbury extended their Senior hours from 6-8 AM, but Safeway at Jefferson Square and Admiral still allowing anyone to shop from 6-7 AM before the Senior hour. Home Depot is now open at 6 AM.

    • WSB April 7, 2020 (9:18 am)

      Thanks for the updates, we’ll work on verifying the Safeway changes!

  • OnHarbor April 7, 2020 (4:42 pm)

    If you’re going to shop at QFC, please pay attention to one-way aisles. Saw a lot of people disregarding this today. :(

    • WSB April 7, 2020 (5:15 pm)

      One-way aisles seem to be the newest phenomenon – saw them at Thriftway this morning, new since our last grocery trip a week ago …

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