Police briefing @ West Seattle Crime Prevention Council

We could only stay for the first half-hour of tonight’s West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting because we had to move on to the basketball playoffs – here’s what we heard:

Southwest Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis reiterated that auto theft is up as the year begins – that and shoplifting are two big issues the local police are working to address, Auto theft is “29 or 30 incidents up over this time last year.” No especially hard-hit area – thefts are literally all over the map. But they’re making arrests, like the one we reported Monday afternoon.

A tactic in both categories: Capt. Davis says they’re “bird-dogging … prolific offenders.” The precinct gave away Club anti-theft devices recently, and they’re hoping to order more for another giveaway. Regarding shoplifting, they’re working with various stores’ corporate headquarters as part of a multipronged attack on the problem.

As always, there was an opportunity for Q&A and community concerns, but there were none. One reminder – Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner reminded everyone that another Women’s Personal Safety Class – actually open to everyone, not just women, and recommended for ages 14 and up. It’s a “mental” class, not a “physical” class, as Danner explained it. 6 pm March 3rd, free – our calendar listing has more info and the RSVP link.

4 Replies to "Police briefing @ West Seattle Crime Prevention Council"

  • Airwolf February 19, 2020 (11:54 am)

    meaning of bird-dogging?

    • Matt P February 19, 2020 (4:46 pm)

      Keeping an eye on them.

  • Lee February 19, 2020 (4:31 pm)

    As a recent victim of car theft, I am alarmed with the report there have been 29-30 more “incidents” than last year at this time. Why and what is being done about it?

  • AJ February 19, 2020 (5:24 pm)

    First hit on a Google search: bird dog – search out or pursue with dogged determination.

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