CAMP SECOND CHANCE: Brief Community Advisory Committee meeting

Short meeting this afternoon for the Camp Second Chance Community Advisory Committee – two members were there, along with, one camp rep, three community members (including John Walling, who records all the meetings on audio). The designated city rep was ill but sent committee chair Willow Fulton a reminder of the November 21st meeting the city is convening to discuss the camp’s future.

CSC site manager/co-founder Eric Davis brought an update on the camp status: 50 residents, down 5 from last month, 33 men and 17 women. Three people “transferred” (to different tiny-house villages in the city), he said, and two left to reunite with their families. He said the camp had one 911 call this past month, for “a medical issue” (records show that was on October 27th, while there was one call from outside the gate on October 13th). No one was “permanently barred” for violations during October.

Asked whether the impending closure of a tiny-house village in Northlake will affect CSC, Davis said they would probably take in “five or six” people to help ensure no one winds up on the street.

In community updates, Fulton also mentioned the kitchen project at the camp, as well as fast city response to illegal dumping at other sites along Myers Way … Committee member Cinda Stenger from Sound Foundations NW said the nonprofit is undergoing a leadership transition but has money available to build more tiny houses where/when needed. … Davis was asked what the camp needs and he says the community’s been very generous but if you are wanting to help, hand warmers, blankets, and canned goods are always useful.

AUDIO: You can listen to the meeting recording here:

WHAT’S NEXT: The city meeting about CSC is at 6:30 pm Thursday, Nov. 21, at the Joint Training Facility (9401 Myers Way S.) … the next Community Advisory Committee meeting is at 2 pm Sunday, December 1st, in the community room at Arrowhead Gardens (9200 2nd SW).

7 Replies to "CAMP SECOND CHANCE: Brief Community Advisory Committee meeting"

  • Question Authority November 3, 2019 (7:01 pm)

    Any documentation available on just how long some residents have stayed there?  It’s to be transitional, not just a free hut to hang out in for some indefinite period, much like the camp.

    • brian November 3, 2019 (9:33 pm)

      Why do you care? Get a different hobby.

  • flimflam November 3, 2019 (7:24 pm)

    so in essence 2 people have truly made it off the streets – the 2 reunited with family. exactly how many folks are now self sufficient via this camp?i still have a hard time with this camp, cutting locks and squatting is tough to rally around.

    • WSB November 3, 2019 (7:29 pm)

      We’ve reported every month (except last month) for years. Don’t have a running tally.

    • Catey November 4, 2019 (8:42 am)

      Sounds like they’re doing great if two people in a month have been able to find their feet. That’s very hard to do. 

  • CMT November 5, 2019 (12:59 pm)

    While I am frustrated with the segment of the homeless population that has no interest in a path forward, CSC appears to provide the helping hand that most of us say we want to give to those that are looking for a way out.   I hope they can continue their mission successfully.

  • Carol Sivertz November 17, 2019 (1:30 pm)

    Here are the official numbers for all 9 encampments.
    On average the outdoor models are only housing around 30%
    The numbers were worse in prior years.
    Meanwhile our best housing model, Mary’s Place is averaging 88 days to forever house families.
    Mary’s place is the only local model that is following the national best practices recommendations in Seattle’s 2016 Plan by Barbara Poppe and Associates.
    Which is why they are successful.

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