Highway 99 tunnel toll-sign test tomorrow

(WSB photo from Monday)

If you’re using the Highway 99 tunnel tomorrow, you might notice the tolling signs that currently say FREE will instead display symbols. Just a test, WSDOT spokesperson Laura Newborn says – tolling really won’t start until November 9th, as announced back on Monday. Depending on the time of day, here’s what the signage will show tomorrow (and other testing times) in the Good To Go (GTG) and Pay By Mail (PBM) displays:

Time of Day GTG PBM
5:30 a.m. $!.)) $#.))
6 a.m. to 7 a.m. $!.@% $#.@%
7 a.m. to 9 a.m. $!.%) $#.%)
9 a.m. to 3 p.m. $!.@% $#.@%
3 p.m. to 6 p.m. $@.@% $$.@%
6 p.m. to 11 p.m. $!.@% $#.@%
11 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. $!.)) $#.))

Newborn says 4,000 more people have signed up for free GTG sticker passes since Monday’s announcement – you can do it by going to 99tunnel.com.

13 Replies to "Highway 99 tunnel toll-sign test tomorrow"

  • miws August 28, 2019 (5:00 pm)

    Looks like the signs will be test-displaying what is anticipated that drivers will be saying when they see the prices when tolls are actually implemented in November! —Mike

  • AMD August 28, 2019 (5:51 pm)

    I think that sums up how people feel about the tolls, and how some feel about the tunnel in general.

  • rdub August 28, 2019 (6:03 pm)

    Anyone else feel like that’s the edited version of what drivers will be shouting once they have to start paying tolls?

  • Jim August 28, 2019 (6:54 pm)

    What a fiasco this tunnel. Not altogether useful. Nothing futuristic, artful, or generally inspired. Using the 5 seems easier and more effective and no toll. Right now I’ve only gone the northerly direction to see it. Without a downtown exit it’s not useful to me. So toll or not I won’t use it.

    • K. Davis August 28, 2019 (9:36 pm)

      Jim – I fully support your decision. I-5 is definitely a better choice for you.  And many others.  Thanks to all of you who will selflessly get out of my way.  I likewise fully endorse your condemnation of the tunnel not being George Jetson-y enough for you.   Why on earth should a significant engineering accomplishment – drilling the largest bored tunnel in the world – be allowed if it isn’t … I dunno … cooler.  

  • Kalo August 28, 2019 (7:50 pm)

    Any idea why there isn’t a toll display reader board BEFORE one goes in the tunnel? It seems to make sense, giving drivers a heads-up as to the fare, allowing drivers the opportunity to take surface streets. With the variable fees, seems that information could be most helpful in lowering folks feelings of resentment about tolls in general.

    • rpo August 28, 2019 (11:35 pm)

      The toll sign is before the last exit into a surface street, so it is designed the way you want. 

      • Kalo August 29, 2019 (7:28 am)

        I must be blind then. The only toll signs I’ve seen are when exiting the tunnel, not before entering. Perhaps the general info board that’s been telling us when tolls start, will be letting folks know the toll at any given time of day.

        • WSB August 29, 2019 (8:06 am)

          WSDOT is getting me an answer re: which sign(s) pre-NB tunnel entrance will display the toll rates.

          • WSB August 29, 2019 (10:11 am)

            And the reply: “The toll rate signs for the SR 99 tunnel are located at the exits of the tunnel, which is where tolls are collected. We can only display the rates at the location where tolls are collected to ensure that drivers are charged the rate they see. When tolling begins on November 9, the toll rates will change based on the time of day. We don’t want drivers to see one toll rate on the sign, and be charged a different toll rate by the time they cross the tolling equipment. The toll rates follow a set schedule, which is published online, and they’re available on the WSDOT app as well. There are also 32 signs that notify drivers the tunnel is tolled before the toll point.”

  • Airwolf August 29, 2019 (7:31 am)

    Not to be rude or anything but this toll is a bargain compared to other major cities.  Think Holland tunnel: $12.50  

    • SS August 29, 2019 (10:20 am)

      Agree completely, it is way too cheap and easy to drive a car into the city.

    • Jort August 29, 2019 (8:56 pm)

      It’s more expensive to ride the bus than to drive through the tunnel. What does that say about our transportation priorities? It says that we care more about our vroom vroom cars than we do about sustainable transportation and saving our planet from climate change.

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