BIZNOTE: West Seattle LA Fitness to close for almost a month

Thanks to everyone for the tips. LA Fitness in The Junction has announced it’s closing for almost a month, August 10th to September 5th. The announcement says it’s for a “refresh.” We have an inquiry out to the company, asking what that entails and how members’ dues will be handled for that time. Meantime, we checked city permit files and so far haven’t found anything for that location. It’s only four years old, opening in 2015 in a space that was once intended to be a Whole Foods Market, before the building (under a different developer and name) stalled for years.

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  • scouser July 30, 2019 (12:44 pm)

    A person at LA Fitness told me that there has been a leak in the ceiling and that they and the building developer have been in litigation on whose responsible for the fix.  He said that they have come to an agreement but they have to move all of the equipment while the leak over the ceiling is repaired.  

    • WSB July 30, 2019 (1:22 pm)

      No lawsuits showing in court files for either party FWIW, just checked.

  • Bradley July 30, 2019 (1:04 pm)

    This is why I don’t buy gym memberships anymore and have a home gym. I’ve been through too many gym closures and they usually start out like this. 

  • AlkiResident July 30, 2019 (1:27 pm)

    I love how I’m a member and was JUST there and they didn’t mention anything… I should NOT have to pay dues while I can’t use my gym…. hmmm. Poor communication!

    • WestSeattleliteBritney July 31, 2019 (10:02 am)

      @AlkiResident: if you were there on July 30th then, there were signs posted EVERYWHERE. Literally everywhere. On front doors, in each of the elevators, inside and out of both locker rooms. Very hard to miss the announcement with all the signage they had posted. So communication probably wasn’t the issue here. However,  you can always suspend or cancel your membership at anytime. After all, there is a YMCA across the street!Additionally,  the Whole Foods is going in across the street- below the complex that sits atop BECU- due to open sometime this Fall. 

  • member July 30, 2019 (1:55 pm)

    They have signs posted on the front door and all over the club as well as at the top of their website. They told me yesterday you can either use any of the other LA Fitness facilities at no cost to include any classes that might have drop in fees or you can place your membership on hold throughout the closure. 

  • Pete S July 30, 2019 (2:33 pm)

    There are signs all over (front desk, locker rooms, etc)  indicating the closure dates.

  • nacho July 30, 2019 (2:36 pm)

    My prediction: It does not reopen or does under a new name/management.

  • Gym Member July 30, 2019 (2:52 pm)

    Hello, I called the West Seattle LA Fitness today at 206-582-0888.  I was informed that I would be charged unless I suspended my membership during the temporary closure.  I was also informed that checking in at the West Seattle location after the temporary closure would re-instate my membership.  The reasoning I was offered is that I could use another location while the West Seattle location is closed.  I was told that I could suspend my membership over the phone.  I was told that my dues would be prorated for the time my membership is suspended.    

    • WSB July 30, 2019 (3:15 pm)

      Thanks; we haven’t yet received a response to our inquiry with corporate media relations so it’s helpful to hear what members are being told.

      • JTM August 5, 2019 (4:29 pm)

        I spoke with someone over there as well – YMMV in calling, but they froze my account for the month and even agreed to waive the “freeze” fee for our family membership. The person who answered the phone initially and the person who could make the decision seemed to both be VERY tired (understandably) of getting calls on this issue, but were very accommodating. 

  • Joe July 30, 2019 (6:29 pm)

    Since you brought it up, what of the Whole Foods?

    • WSB July 30, 2019 (6:56 pm)

      Interior buildout is under way. No date announced yet beyond “this fall.” Yet.

  • Bob July 30, 2019 (6:52 pm)

    I asked when I saw the signs.  They were all over the places – elevator, doors, front desk, large poster size.  Anyone working out there has noticed leaks in the ceiling.  There was discussion with the builder and lawyers (no suit filed) but a resolution reached so that the builder will finally fix the ceiling.  All the equipment must be moved and reset upon completion which takes a lot of the closure time.  Since its a Signature Club, and member can use any LA Fitness club if they wish.  Ill just go to Burien.  

    • West Seattle Guy August 15, 2019 (5:02 pm)

      Depends on what membership level you chose when you signed up. I chose single club. That said local area LA fitness locations will waive the typical $5 / visit fee for single club members during the closure.

  • TiredofGovernmentGreed July 30, 2019 (7:01 pm)

    The ceiling leaks have been an ongoing problem since the facility opened several years ago.  I am not concerned about West Seattle LA Fitness re-opening and there are several LA Fitness facilities nearby to use in the interim.  You could change your location for your normal workout or pick a location close to your work.  It’s been a good club with lots of options.  Large variety of equipment and facilities that are always well maintained and repaired quickly.

  • Junction Lady July 30, 2019 (8:01 pm)

    I’m not a fan of this establishment in such a prominent location in our community.  If it was called Workout West Seattle or WS Fitness it would represent our neighborhood in a positive way.  I can’t relate or connect with the name as it stands.

    • hj July 30, 2019 (9:21 pm)

      West Seattle’s main street is called California Ave so at least things are consistent

      • Tom July 31, 2019 (9:00 am)

        clever point! Ha!

    • Bradley July 31, 2019 (11:48 am)

      The traffic around the Junction is very much like L.A., too.

    • West Seattle Cheer Team July 31, 2019 (11:59 am)

      Yes! This!  I’d love to see this more widely adopted.  Why not advocate for a community ordinance that requires all businesses in West Seattle to prepend their signs with “West Seattle” or “WS”, or append with “of West Seattle”?  Filthy greedy corporations need to know that that they can’t setup shop in our neighborhood without acknowledging the superiority of the peninsula.  Also, trademark “West Seattle” and charge evil greedy corporations a licensing fee to use in their signs, let’s say $100 per year per employee.  West Seattle all the way, baby!

  • Mj July 31, 2019 (6:38 pm)

    Like Bellevue Rare Coins located in the heart of the Junction.

  • D August 1, 2019 (11:29 am)

    West Seattle Health Club is allowing any LA Fitness member to join on a month-to-month membership with no joining fees.

  • Brisa M Halviatti August 1, 2019 (4:46 pm)

    What will happen with their parking lot? as a resident of the apartment building above them it would be really kind if they let us park there

    • Really? August 1, 2019 (11:09 pm)

      The gym isn’t closing for good as stated above. The parking garage the below the gym is for both residents of the apartments you state you live in and gym members. 

  • Maria98116 August 2, 2019 (8:52 am)

    Why is the business not being required to inform their members by email that they will be closing temporarily and inform them of their options, i.e. suspend the membership or use another of their facilities? It would seem they would have that obligation, or is that an obligation that kicks in after 1 month – which might explain why they are closing for just under a month? Either way, it’s bad business to have members show up and find out they’re closed by reading a notice on the door while membership dues continue to be charged electronically. One more reason to do business with a locally-owned business!

  • Seriously? August 2, 2019 (10:12 am)

    Why are people paying for gym memberships in WA state? There are so many hiking trails, workout spots in parks and bike and kayak rentals as well. Seattle is one of the most walkable cities around. Plenty of options for exercise other than gyms. My two cents. 

    • hj August 2, 2019 (12:18 pm)

      I’m a fan of natural workouts too but it doesn’t cover everything… Personal training? Steamrooms? Saunas? Year-round pools? Classes? Specialized strength training equipment? Stair climbing machines that customize the difficulty based on your heart rate? Maybe I don’t like kayaking in the rain in winter. Yes, I realize that the ancient Greeks didn’t have any of that and they were sculpted warriors but they also didn’t have regular office jobs

    • newnative August 2, 2019 (12:22 pm)

      haha, that’s what I thought until my desk job added 50 lbs. I go outdoors on the weekends but don’t have the time or resources to exercise outdoors during the week. So, I supplement with weights and cardio equipment at a gym close to my work. Not at the above mentioned place, mine is cheaper and no thefts that I’m aware of. 

    • JTM August 5, 2019 (4:33 pm)

      That conversation will go great with my disabled wife:”Hey Honey! I know the gym is close by, with state of the art equipment and very accessible, but you should just go hiking in a park instead! Oh, you like to swim laps in the pool? Just go jump in Lake Union for your lap swimming. Mind the boats and planes!”Kidding aside – there are tons of reasons that people do things that you don’t think make sense Doesn’t make them wrong. Seriously.

  • Schmitz Park Dad August 15, 2019 (3:55 pm)

    The LA Fitness folks allowed me to suspend my membership while they are closed.  They then charged me $10 for this “courtesy”!  Wow.

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