Hygiene help and other quick updates @ Camp Second Chance Community Advisory Council

Hard to drum up quorum for a public meeting on a sunny Sunday afternoon but a small gathering convened the scheduled Camp Second Chance Community Advisory Council meeting, lasting less than 20 minutes, in the community room at Arrowhead Gardens, a few blocks north of the city-sanctioned encampment.

CAC member Cinda Stenger led the meeting in chair Willow Fulton‘s absence. Here’s the official camp status update, distributed and read by co-founder and on-site manager Eric Davis:

That’s compared to 50 residents at the time of last month’s meeting (WSB coverage here), and an addition of two tiny houses. As for the forthcoming film-festival premiere of “Stories of Us,” you can find out more about it here.

In committee updates. Stenger spoke on behalf of Sound Foundations, the group – which has grown out of Alki UCC involvement and is now “much larger” than that, Stenger said – building tiny houses at the camp, now on its 20th house. As an example of other volunteer involvement, she mentioned that an area company HR specialist came to C2C to help campers work on their resumés.

Shawn Neal from the city Human Services Department mentioned that the much-discussed hygiene trailer has arrived but had no updates otherwise. He was the only city rep and did not mention anything about the camp’s siting status, more than one month into its six-month extension announced in March.

Davis said the hygiene (shower) trailer’s been on site for about a week and a half and needs some work such as a bladder so the wastewater won’t go into the ground – “that’s coming in a week or two.” It should be in operation in about two weeks. He said the camp has many offers of volunteerism, from home-building to barbecues, and expressed gratitude for the community generosity.

Aaron Garcia from the White Center Community Development Association said its refocused Spring Clean might center on Camp Second Chance and the surrounding greenbelt – they have to figure out a plan for an event, possibly in early June. One possibility for inclusion in the event: Painting some of the tiny houses that haven’t been painted.

ISSUES: Davis wondered if the city could do anything about overgrowth along Myers Way in the Joint Training Facility vicinity north of C2C. Neal said he’d look into that.

COMMENTS: C2C board member Zsa Zsa said she’s moving from the camp into housing and is grateful for the camp and the services it has provided. “You’re a great model of how (C2C) can work.” Another community member offered words of praise for the camp. No other members o the public attended.

The Camp Second Chance CAC meets 2 pm first Sundays at Arrowhead Gardens (9200 2nd SW); next scheduled meeting, June 2nd.

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  • AvalonTom May 5, 2019 (6:01 pm)

    For anyone interested in the people who live and people who volunteer, I have been documenting the folks who live at the camp and working side by side with neighbours building a better community. You can see some of my photography here: http://www.pechara.com/camp-second-chance

    • n. hingsbergen May 6, 2019 (2:32 am)

      Mr Bernacki ~ i live at arrowhead down the road. Have been our community donation coordinator to C2C for some 4+ yrs. These are such wonderful photos. Is there any social media or photo selection you would be ok with me sharing?

      • AvalonTom May 6, 2019 (7:22 am)

        email me via the contact link on my website were the photos are and we can connect.

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