VIDEO: Another milestone for Alaskan Way Viaduct demolition

WSDOT says demolition of the Alaskan Way Viaduct is 30 percent complete, and on schedule. With that news, they published the video above, a new time-lapse of a section of the demolition. Coincidentally, just before that landed in the WSB inbox, we returned from an errand downtown that took us along waterfront Alaskan Way past the demolition zone for the first time, and we have to say, regardless of your feelings about the old double-decker highway, the teardown zone is quite a sight. WSDOT’s Laura Newborn adds this: “In case you are wondering, a portion of the viaduct across from the ferry dock will remain standing until summer to keep the Marion Street pedestrian bridge to-and-from Colman Dock operational. The contractor is currently building a temporary pedestrian bridge along Columbia Street to replace the Marion Street bridge. This summer, the new Columbia Street bridge will connect to a new portion of Colman Dock. After that happens, demolition crews will remove the remaining section of viaduct near Marion Street.”

10 Replies to "VIDEO: Another milestone for Alaskan Way Viaduct demolition"

  • Yma April 19, 2019 (2:25 pm)

    Wow- Ive done the commute. i was out there for the nisqually earthquake & still did the commute- always wondering. we walked the tunnel & the chapter for Seattle waterfront.

  • Railroaded April 19, 2019 (2:37 pm)

    Thanks for posting that video. What a huge improvement!

  • wscommuter April 19, 2019 (3:17 pm)

    The areas already demo’d really give a sense of how cool this will be when the viaduct is gone and the waterfront re-connected with the city.  

  • Sasquatch April 19, 2019 (3:30 pm)

    From last Saturday 

  • Eddie April 19, 2019 (3:47 pm)

    Seems hard to believe they’re at 30%. There’s a lot of structure still standing. I am pleased with how much quieter it is in that area without the noise from vehicles on the elevated structure. The waterfront will be entirely different when the construction/demo finishes.

    • Sna April 19, 2019 (6:59 pm)

      I also question the 30% complete assertion.  They have a demo tracker online and the portions where demo is complete looks a lot less than 30% to me: the 30% just represents the percentage through the timeline not the amount of structure removed.

    • Matt P April 20, 2019 (9:39 am)

      I believe it’s 30% time wise.  Some sections take longer to take down like the offramps.  

  • JayDee April 19, 2019 (3:59 pm)

    I miss the viaduct. I wonder what the pH of the runoff is? Crushing concrete typically raises the pH to greater than 8.5 standard units. Given the amount of water they are spraying for dust control perhaps dilution is the solution.

  • West Seattle Hipster April 19, 2019 (4:46 pm)

    Going to look pretty nice once that old eyesore is gone.  I am really enjoying driving through the new tunnel, the change has been great!

  • The King April 19, 2019 (7:48 pm)

    Does anyone know if the new road on the waterfront will be free? I will only use the tunnel in an emergency when tolls are charged, at $1.00 non peak hours it’s still cheaper than the bus I guess. 

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