BASKETBALL: Third place at district tournament for West Seattle HS boys

1:39 PM: Also winning third place at the district tournament in Bellevue today, the West Seattle HS boys, who just wrapped up their win over O’Dea, 58-54. Photos and details to come.

ADDED 7:06 PM: Between a short-lived early lead for O’Dea and their late-in-the-game challenge, it was all West Seattle. And a large part of that was #22, senior Nuh’Kosi Roberson:

He led West Seattle with 25 points. Roberson and teammates kept the Fighting Irish on the run all game, no sign of the slowdown offense they tried in Saturday’s loss. By early in the second quarter, they were already up by 14 points. Second leading WSHS scorer of the game was #3, (corrected) junior Sage Nelson:

#24, senior Abdullahi Mohamed, shone more on the boards than on the scoreboard, totaling 8 points.

They were in charge throughout the second quarter and went into the locker room ahead 33-22 at the half.

Not much changed in the third, but O’Dea made a run for it in the fourth, cutting the Wildcats’ lead to six points with five minutes to go and staying within that range for a while, whittling their deficit to five points before West Seattle #15, junior Xavier Giomi (above), netted a crucial three-pointer. O’Dea still wasn’t giving up, and was just three points back in the final half-minute, but head coach Keffrey Fazio‘s Wildcats held on for the win.

WHAT’S NEXT: On to regionals/state starting next weekend – the matchups haven’t been announced yet, but watch here.

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  • ProudWSparent February 18, 2019 (6:26 pm)

    Great Job Boys!!! GO WILDCATS!!

  • Skip Nelson February 18, 2019 (9:00 pm)

    Good Job Wildcats!!! Good Luck!! 

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