UPDATE: Water-rescue response for boat in trouble off Cormorant Cove Park

4:47 PM: A Seattle Fire water-rescue response is headed to the 3700 block of Beach Drive SW (with some units on standby for Don Armeni), where a 30-foot boat is reported to be in trouble. Police and Coast Guard have already been dealing with it, but now SFD’s being sent too.

4:59 PM: Most of the responding units are being dismissed. Some are remaining to help get the boat safely away from the shore.

5:17 PM: Adding a reader-contributed photo (thank you!).

6:34 PM: And one more – this one’s from Keith:

8:16 PM: Video from Heidi:

Meantime, Beach Drive Blog reports the boat was taken to Don Armeni – see their update here.

9 Replies to "UPDATE: Water-rescue response for boat in trouble off Cormorant Cove Park"

  • Huckleberry2002 January 31, 2019 (4:56 pm)

    SPD Twitter says “Firefighters and fireboat responding to the water near the 3700 Blk. of Beach Dr. SW for a 30-foot boat without power hitting seawall. Crews investigating.” at 4:44 pm

    • WSB January 31, 2019 (5:05 pm)

      Yes, we saw that. However, that’s not how it’s played out via SFD and SPD radio. The address they’ve broadcast is the Harbor West condos on pilings next to Cormorant Cove and they’ve described rocks rather than a seawall. Unfortunately we can’t get down there right now for a photo.

  • Lola January 31, 2019 (5:14 pm)

    I just went by.  All of the units Firetrucks, Medic One are at the condo’s.  Coast Guard or police boats out in the water several yards down just at the start of the Rocky Beach.  Everyone looks fine.  There was a raft with a man trying to start the motor but he was close to the police boats. This was at 5:00 PM

    • WSB January 31, 2019 (5:15 pm)

      Thanks. No injuries reported. Someone has just sent a photo and I’m adding

  • Rhonda Porter January 31, 2019 (5:47 pm)

    We called this in around 3:30 today. We could  ot tell at the time if there was someone aboard or not. It just seemed odd. 

  • CPC January 31, 2019 (6:47 pm)

    Thank you for publishing this. I was near there, heard numerous sirens, and saw a helicopter overhead. ‘Got concerned. I’m glad all is well. 

  • ktrapp January 31, 2019 (11:39 pm)

    Interesting background on the Beach Drive Blog.  Basically a derelict boat that the owner has been maneuvering with his dinghy.  I managed to smack the prop of our boat on a rock once, and used our dinghy to get it back out to deeper water before I started the boat back up.  It was NOT fun.  I can’t imagine doing it as the primary means of steering.  I wonder what his plan is.  It seems rather clear that the dinghy only provides minimal steering and propulsion.  He takes that back out there, he’s just going to end up on a beach again somewhere.  

    • Rhonda Porter February 1, 2019 (11:00 am)

      My hubby, aka Scupper, is a sailor and has had to use his dinghy as well. When we first spotted the boat, we couldn’t tell if anyone was on it. At one point, I thought I saw person (turns out I did) on the dinghy – he was out there for hours trying to do something to the boat. The guy is in a tough spot. I’m sure that last night (assuming he stayed there) tied to the ramp at Don Armeni was not fun – pretty bumpy. 

  • K February 4, 2019 (7:43 am)

    Boat is still tied to Don Armeni Dock, with the winds this morning (Monday) I hope it does not sink it as it bangs the dock!

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