POST-VIADUCT PM COMMUTE #2: Tuesday afternoon/evening watch


(SDOT MAP with travel times / WS-relevant traffic cams / Water Taxi schedule, other helpful info HERE)

4:05 PM: Good afternoon! We’re watching the PM commute again today. No specific issues right now. Most recent regional overview from WSDOT: “Travel times are pretty tame at the moment.”

4:49 PM: All’s still well. Keeping an eye on downtown too. And the forecast – now a “slight chance of rain” tomorrow morning, a little higher chance Wednesday afternoon, then “likely” on Thursday.

5:40 PM: Bus report tweeted by Randy:

5:51 PM: If you are headed OUT of West Seattle, heads-up – just heard a dispatch for a two-car “blocking” crash on the eastbound high bridge. Exactly where, haven’t heard, but hope it’s off to the side as the drivers are reported to be “arguing with each other.”

6:05 PM: Police were unable to find the crash scene, so apparently they moved on.

6:16 PM: If you head this way on 4th Avenue S., heads up about a Seattle Fire response at 4th/Stacy (map) just south of downtown. “Burning pile of debris” is the report. Reportedly on the north side of the street so SB traffic not too likely to be affected.

9 Replies to "POST-VIADUCT PM COMMUTE #2: Tuesday afternoon/evening watch"

  • admiral don January 15, 2019 (5:50 pm)

    Gosh, almost seems as if the commute is better than before the shut down.  I know it is just a few days, but could you imagine if we did not have a tunnel.  it might almost work.  We will see what happens after 3 weeks.  And just think what we could have done with that money……

    • ACG January 15, 2019 (7:42 pm)

      I wouldn’t get too excited about your commute. I know at least 4 people in my office alone are on vacation (scheduled specifically to be gone while this viadoom mess is going on). I suspect a lot of people may be out of town or whatever just to avoid the inconvenience. But, alas, that won’t be the permanent norm. 

  • TJ January 15, 2019 (6:55 pm)

    Unfortunately this is the calm before the storm. My office is on Occidental in Sodo and I went in at 10 yesterday and today. But I will be back in at my usual 7 the rest of the week. My friend who I share the building with has 2 employees off this week, and my neighbor that works downtown is able to work from home thru tomorrow. And we will see after the rain returns as well. The real test will be when the tunnel opens to see commute changes. The 4th Ave ramp tempirarily for busses will be back to all vehicles, but the promised widening of Alaska Street on the waterfront needs to get fast tracked

  • David January 15, 2019 (7:04 pm)

    Lower bridge closed to vehicle traffic just after the 21x I’m on passed across. Glad we beat the bridge. Any idea if coast guard are communicating so buses can use 1st Ave option when bridge will be closing. I’d be curious to know how much, if any, advanced warning the coast guard provides to metro.

    • Patrick January 15, 2019 (7:22 pm)

      Good question! We will ask.

  • Lou January 15, 2019 (7:24 pm)

    I’m leaving for work in the central district. I’m having to leave more than an hour earlier than I he hour that I was already leaving. Don’t listen to reports on soft traffic. It was already crazy. It’s now insane.

    • Patrick January 15, 2019 (7:30 pm)

      Do you take the bridge to Beacon Hill and surface streets from there, or … ? We’re definitely interested in how “offhours” are going too. – TR

  • CAM January 15, 2019 (7:46 pm)

    I know it’s only been two days but as a frequent bus rider before now I’m very impressed with the preparations that Metro made. I’m sure things will get a bit worse as the weeks wear on and people resort to their usual behavior but things are actually smoother now as a transit user than they were on a typical day pre-viaduct closure. I haven’t had to wait more than 5 minutes for a bus, even today at 5 pm. If I left work at 5 pm on a regular day I’d be at 3rd and Columbia for about 30 minutes trying to find room on a bus. I’ve also had a seat on every bus. The only downside is because of the Lander work. 4th Ave is typically a breeze after work but having to cut through the port to the low bridge or sitting on 1st Ave is a bit frustrating. Overall though I’m impressed. 

  • Rachel January 15, 2019 (8:36 pm)

    I teach in Bellevue so I can’t change my schedule like a lot of other people. I’m leaving at 615 rather than 7 am and it is taking me about 20 minutes longer. Once I get off on to 1st from the WS bridge it’s pretty smooth sailing but it sucks to leave 45 minutes earlier in the morning. 

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