West Seattle scenes: Pink and Blue

(Photo by Kanit Cottrell)

12:35 AM: As we say goodbye to the weekend – contributed photos captured the pink of Sunday’s sunset, and the Blue Angels flight earlier.

(Photo by David Hutchinson)

(Photo by Marc Milrod)

(Photo by Monica Zaborac)

Thanks as always for the photos!

ADDED 10:45 AM: In case you wondered … the Blue Angels are gone until next year:

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  • Chuck August 6, 2018 (9:41 am)

    Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but if you watched them lay down layer after layer of Geoengineering chemicals yesterday (yup, chemtrails) like I did yesterday (I’d post the pics if I could), then you’d look at this picture a LOT differently. They’re still at it today.  Contrails are the icy jet contrails that are natural; chemtrails are a toxic soup of aluminum, boron and lithium, among many others. The reason? A misguided attempt to “cool” the effects of global warming, presumably. You know all those intense CA wildfires? All that aluminum dries out the foliage–we are literally drying out our forests. I have fam in N. CA and as bad as we have it here (our skies would be a TRUE blue today if not for the chemtrails, instead of that high “haze” already forming), they get slammed. So, a long-winded way of saying that while everyone else was enjoying last night’s sunset, I quietly wept for the crimes being committed against our dear Earth Mother, and ourselves. / I won’t debate this with anyone. I do not have the time. For those with the stomach for it, you can do your own research on Chemtrails. As for action, I take a two tiered approach: I pour Plasterite molds (natural orgonite) to send Life Force Energy to combat these vile pollutants, and call my representatives demanding that they stop their geoeningeering programs. I’ve get to get a reply from anyone. It’s our government’s dirty little secret. And they’re killing us. 

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