HE DID IT AGAIN! 15th anniversary of Laps With Lou at Pathfinder K-8 for Make-A-Wish

11:25 AM: Under a sunnier-than-forecast sky, atop Pigeon Point, Lou Cutler embarked on his 15th annual round of benefit birthday laps two hours ago:

He’s volunteered for Make-A-Wish since 1996, and Laps With Lou raises money for the organization. This year, those cheering Lou – and the students/staff who run with him at one point or another during the day – include his brother, visiting from Portland. And his chief cheerleader/kid wrangler/sidekick is again teacher Andy Darring:

We’re heading back up to check on how things are going on what Lou again declared to be “the best day of the year.” All are welcome to stop by, observe, run, walk, or you can help by donating online.

12:05 PM: As of our stop, a bit past halfway there!

2:03 PM: Success! But first, the last lap, with everybody at Pathfinder invited out to join Lou on the track:

67 laps, 11+ miles, in 4 1/2 hours.

Asked if he’ll be back for 68 next year, Lou replied with a resounding “yes!”

We’ve been covering Lou’s laps for a decade now, including video in 2010, the first one after Pathfinder moved from Genesee Hill to Pigeon Point.

5 Replies to "HE DID IT AGAIN! 15th anniversary of Laps With Lou at Pathfinder K-8 for Make-A-Wish"

  • sbre June 1, 2018 (1:38 pm)

    Such an inspiration!Go Lou go!!! 

  • Holli June 1, 2018 (5:35 pm)

    Such a special and inspiring event for a good cause! Thanks to all who help make it happen, AND those who donate.

  • Leslie June 2, 2018 (6:52 am)

    Thank you Lou – you are an inspiration.Leslie

  • Michelle Ransom June 2, 2018 (11:20 pm)

    Love ya Lou! -The Ransom Family

  • Lou Cutler June 5, 2018 (12:09 pm)

    Make A Wish run day is absolutely magical and the students are always so supportive and enthusiastic and the event always exceeds my expectations on how spectacular it turns out to be. My sincerest appreciation to the students for a job superbly done and to the Pathfinder Community for once again reinforcing why this is my Favorite Day of the Year.  My deepest thanks to West Seattle Blog for publicizing the run and covering it at beginning and joyous end.  

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