ALSO SATURDAY: Donation drive to help Sanislo Elementary

Got stuff you haven’t been able to recycle, and aren’t planning to sell on West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day (or some other time)? Here’s a great way to make good use of it. From Rebecca Evans:

Sanislo Elementary is holding a BIG neighborhood collection/donation drive this weekend on Saturday, April 28th from 8 am-2 pm at 1812 SW Myrtle Street.

With spring here, we’re sure many neighbors have a pile of donation items cluttering up space. We will be collecting clothes, shoes, linens and most other household items in front of the school. We hope to have donations from the community at large so please spread the word to your friends and neighbors. We will fill up a truck as much as we can and haul it over to Value Village, where they will pay us by the pound for the items. ALL proceeds of the payout will be going right back into programs at the school for our students and families.

Stop on by anytime between 8 am-2 pm and pull into the loop driveway or parking lot. We will help unload your goods and you can be on your way! Thank you for your support of your local community schools!

Here’s a map to Sanislo.

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  • brandon 5406 April 27, 2018 (1:32 pm)

    Always wondered where the name, Captain Stephen Sanislo, came from..  I found this:

    Captain Steve Sanislo, a kindly, mild‑mannered man from a West Seattle station who had been with the Seattle Fire Department since 1909, was extremely bothered by the children he had seen perish in fires over the years. During the 1920s he developed a program about fire safety for children and, on his time off, he appeared before grammar school classes to present his act. The kids loved him! Each year he reached more and more children. Eventually Chief Mantor was able to obtain a budgeted position for him to work full time on his school program. Captain Sanislo continued to present his programs until his retirement in the mid‑ 19 50s. Many of today’s adults can recall the Captain as their earliest and most vivid recollection of contact with the Seattle Fire Department. The number of persons alive now because they had recalled his much‑stressed “keep the bedroom door closed!” advice cannot be tallied. His work has been carried on with the creation of the Public Education Section of the Fire Marshal’s Office. Today’s programs are created and presented by Inspector Jim Sherman, one of the editors of this book. But tribute must also be given to others who superbly handled the job over the years, such as Rick Friedt, and Rockne Copple with his hit performances as “Mr. Bumblesbee,” and the artists who created the films and props. Captain Sanislo died March 20, 1962, but the work of this very dedicated fire fighter was honored when the Seattle Public Schools built a new facility at 1812 Southwest Myrtle Street, naming it the “Stephen E. Sanislo Elementary School.”

  • Rebecca Evans April 28, 2018 (4:13 pm)

    Thank you SO much to everyone who stopped by today! We had over 2,000 pounds collected and weighed in, that’s stellar folks!  By my calculations, we’ll receive around $320 for this effort!  We plan to do this drive at least 3 times a year so set that stuff aside and keep your eyes peeled for the next to notice when we’ll be doing it again!  Special shout out to the West Seattle Blog for being so supportive in sharing community school events and activities; the reach out to our community has been instrumental in garnering the support we so desperately need!  Thank you 1,000,000,000 times over.  <3

    • WSB April 28, 2018 (5:22 pm)

      A ton! That’s spectactular! Thank you for the update. – TR

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