WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Morgan Junction smash-and-grab car prowl

From Alex:

We did our usual jaunt to Starbucks on California & Fauntleroy this morning. 7:40 ish, parked in the parking lot as usual – side lot – closer to Subway. Full daylight. not there 15 min. Smash & grab in that pretty public lot, in a spot very close to the street (California). Took my daughter’s stuff – a bag not on the seat, in the wheel well. An older iPad – but the bag itself was special. We just got it on ‘girls’ day’ at the Museum of Flight – a WWII P52 warhawk bag – the girl loves WWII planes. It was a really sad morning – a sad morning for West Seattle. I don’t think I would be this much taken aback if this had happened overnight on the street :(

We’re checking for the police report #, so you can refer to it in case you happen to spot Alex’s daughter’s bag tossed aside somewhere.

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  • Yma March 16, 2018 (2:38 pm)

    case # is SPD 2018-94243

    we’ve checked out the alley & a couple of blocks  to the west- looking in waste receptacles & over walls. nuthin.  Yes – we’ve been hit by car prowls over-night, but this was full business morning in a rather public place. Even the Real Change guy saw nothing.

    We’re so careful with the cars at night – leaving nothing of value inside. We’ve never given it a 2nd thought (until now) for the morning coffee run at Morgan Junction.  What the heck is going on here?

  • WSRes March 16, 2018 (3:17 pm)

    Sorry to hear about this. Lived here 16yrs. It’s as bad as I can remember in my time here. As far as what is going on here? IMO our elected officials are waaay too soft crime. Vote them out of a job if they won’t do it properly. 

  • Plf March 16, 2018 (4:29 pm)

    Yep this is no longer small town west Seattle 

    way to soft on crime, it just  irks me that anyone can think they can take something they did not work for, steal packages, break into homes and cars

    i don’t care what your plot is in life, how bad you think your life is, you didn’t work for it it is not yours to take

    white collar crimes does hurt people and the lack of responsibility we hold individuals to is shameful, I’m all for stiff penalties , I don’t care what your “execuse” is it’s just that an execuse

  • they March 17, 2018 (10:53 am)

    Its a system, and its broken and unfortunately we no longer have any qualified technicians on the pay roll. Might be hard to understand if it hasn’t hit you personally. Our house was robbed a couple years ago and it took some time to feel secure again. Sad part about it was six months later looking around for something only to realize crap they must of got that too.

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