UPDATE: Stabbing at Cottage Grove Commons in North Delridge

12:45 AM: SFD has sent an “assault with weapons” response to Cottage Grove Commons (5444 Delridge Way SW) and police are arriving too. Someone is reported to have been stabbed.

12:50 AM: All but one SFD crew has been dismissed, so the victim’s injuries are apparently not major. The suspect was reported to be still on the scene when police arrived.

ADDED FRIDAY AFTERNOON: We checked with SPD media relations to see how the final report turned out. It was a case of domestic violence, and both people involved are now in jail, Det. Mark Jamieson tells WSB:

Staff at the Cottage Grove Commons called 911 to report that an adult female had stabbed an adult male with a knife. The male was standing outside the building, and he was bleeding from the head and neck. Staff was able to retrieve the knife from the female, who then retreated back into her apartment.

Officers arrived and made contact with all parties. It was determined that a domestic relationship existed, and that the male had initially brandished the knife towards the female while inside her apartment. He then also apparently struck her in the face, causing visible injury. The female disarmed the male and chased him out of the apartment and into the hallway, where she then swung the knife at him several times as staff attempted to separate the two. The female then followed the male downstairs into the lobby, where she then cut him several times. The female suffered cuts to her right hand and fingers as well as a swollen lip. The male suffered cuts to his face and neck area.

None of the injuries were life-threatening. SFD was called to the scene to treat both parties. The male was transported to HMC via AMR for additional treatment. A 3″ folding knife was recovered from staff. Both parties were arrested for felony DV Assault.

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