(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

5:22 AM: Good morning! It’s cold enough that most of last night’s snow is still around, though the next round isn’t due until tomorrow. This morning, your sidewalks and side streets will be the biggest challenges. Some links to check:

Metroon regular routes
SDOTwinter-weather-response map shows where crews have been working
More traffic camerashere

SCHOOL CHANGES (updated 8:05 am)
Highline Public Schools – 2 hours late
Holy Family School – 1 hour late, BASS available at 8, school starts at 9
Holy Rosary School – 10:30 start, no am BASE, no am preschool
Hope Lutheran School – 2 hours late, doors open 10:15, school begins 10:30
Kennedy Catholic HS – closed today; freshman retreat activities postponed to Friday
Our Lady of Guadalupe – 2 hours late
Seattle Lutheran High School – will start at 10:30 am
Tilden School – Open as usual for families and staff who can get there safely

Info to add? Text or call our 24/7 hotline – 206-293-6302

7:03 AM: Still no official trouble reports or transit alerts, but in comments below, Steven reports, “Route 56 is stuck on Admiral Way coming out of Alki” and Sam reports, “The 37 that runs by Alki Beach around 6:35 never showed.”

7:20 AM: Thanks for the updates on what you’re seeing, once you get to where you’re going (or if you’re a passenger – bus or otherwise). As for us, here’s the video view from a few minutes ago at California/Thistle:

8:27 AM: If you drive surface Spokane St., be advised there’s a vehicle-fire response at Colorado, which is just west of 1st Ave. S. Haven’t heard which direction. (update) Per scanner, it’s a “small RV fire” partially extinguished by the RV’s occupant.

8:41 AM: 2-car crash reported at 30th/Brandon.

10:19 AM: Police are responding to a downed-wire report at SW Raymond and High Point Drive.

10:25 AM: Also from the scanner, reports of debris on the eastbound bridge from 35th SW – wood on the road.

10:30 AM: Thanks again to everyone who has provided info via comments this morning, in longstanding WSB tradition. Sarah reports, “The police have taped off 30th Ave just North of Juneau all the way to Brandon due to road conditions and the earlier accident at 30th and Brandon.”

THURSDAY AFTERNOON NOTE: Except for side streets in the shade, roads have cleared up – first the snow melted, then it dried in the breeze. No new snow expected for the remainder of today – but stand by for a forecast update later, and SDOT’s plans.

22 Replies to "TRAFFIC/TRANSIT/WEATHER/SCHOOLS: Snowy Thursday updates"

  • Jimmythekid February 22, 2018 (5:40 am)

    Thanks. Looks like business as usual, just be careful getting around your immediate neighborhoods. Off to work!

    • WSB February 22, 2018 (6:21 am)

      So far we haven’t heard of any incidents. But we’re actively monitoring. Maggie was out walking from Morgan Junction to The Triangle before 4 am and gave that same basic report – be careful on sidewalks, especially.

  • JayDee February 22, 2018 (6:34 am)

    SDOT hasn’t reported doing anything in Admiral/Alki. And I haven’t heard/seen any traffic on my street. Any field reports? Oddly enough I have a health and safety refresher downtown today…

  • Steven Fredrickson February 22, 2018 (6:56 am)

    Route 56 is stuck on Admiral Way coming out of Alki. I ended up walking to California and catching a 55. Going to be a long morning for some. 

    • WSB February 22, 2018 (7:01 am)

      Thanks for the update!

      • newnative February 22, 2018 (7:09 am)

        The 57 was late but running. New driver going very slow. I think I saw Steven leaving the bus stop for the 55. 

    • Peter February 22, 2018 (7:12 am)

      Yup.  I saw at least one bus having problems going down Admiral just west of 49th right before 6AM.  Folks counting on e-bound 56 might want to check their other options.

  • Sam February 22, 2018 (7:01 am)

    The 37 that runs by Alki Beach around 6:35 never showed. Of course, no alerts from Metro or any reliable info on One Bus Away. I have been standing out here 30 minutes.

    • WSB February 22, 2018 (7:07 am)

      Thanks. I shared the bus mentions on Twitter and Morgan replied, “It just passed by us on Beach Drive, headed that way.”

    • DK February 22, 2018 (7:25 am)

      Considering OBA is not an official app and doesn’t provide info about cancellations and never has, perhaps check Puget sound trip planner for cancellations like metro tells you to do on Twitter every single time. 

      • WSB February 22, 2018 (7:27 am)

        There have been no cancellation (or delay) alerts for any West Seattle routes this morning. We are signed up for all of them via text and also track the @kcmetrobus Twitter account where they are also sent.

        • Molly February 22, 2018 (9:08 am)

          We check the Twitter feed every morning and are subscribed to the email alerts. They almost always alert about the 57 either being delayed or canceled AFTER it is supposed to show up in our area oF Genesee Hill. We’ve twitted to Metro about how telling us a cancelation 45 minutes after it was supposed to show is just a bad way to do business. 

      • CAM February 22, 2018 (7:32 am)

        In my experience TripPlanner is a more reliable app and is reactive to buses being delayed. Check the next arrivals for your specific stop (or other nearby stops) rather than looking at the schedule and in my experience it is accurate within 1 to 2 minutes. There are of course days when it completely fails as well, particularly for lines like the 116, 118, and 119 that run infrequently. 

  • LyndaB February 22, 2018 (7:08 am)

    Drove from WS to UW.  Light traffic was really nice.  Drove typical speeds. Roads are dry on the way.

  • Laura February 22, 2018 (7:27 am)

    I drove from the southwest end of WS up to Lake City. There were a couple slippery spots getting out of my neighborhood, but the main roads are completely fine. 

  • CAM February 22, 2018 (7:53 am)

    Thanks Lynda and Laura for the info!

  • Tsurly February 22, 2018 (7:56 am)

    Bicycling was fine with wider tires and the appropriate amount of caution. Most of the ice was on the the Spokane bridge and the rest of the way to downtown.

  • onion February 22, 2018 (8:04 am)

    Left Admiral at 7:00 for Issaquah. No problems. Tested brakes several times on the Admiral hill without issues. Traffic was light on First Ave. northbound to the stadiums, and I-90 across the lake. Surprisingly, there is a bit less snow on the ground in Issaquah than in West Seattle.

    Sun was a potential issue on eastbound routes, but that obviously depends on your time of travel and incline.

  • smittytheclown February 22, 2018 (8:09 am)

    By far the easiest commute on a LONG time.

  • Theresa - Highland Park February 22, 2018 (8:19 am)

    I drove down Highland Park Way and over the 1st Ave S bridge to Georgetown. No issues at all and very light traffic. 

  • HelperMonkey February 22, 2018 (8:28 am)

    Gatewood Hill looks worse than it actually is. Was able to get down it without sliding, tested brakes on way down, all good. Thanks to the city for treating the streets ahead of time – I think it made a big difference! Also saw road crews out salting the sidewalks in Morgan Junction. 

  • Sarah Johnson February 22, 2018 (10:16 am)

    The police have taped off 30th Ave just North of Juneau all the way to Brandon due to road conditions and the earlier accident at 30th and Brandon. At this point no cars are being allowed through.

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