WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Junction shop keepsake stolen; burglary attempt; more…

In West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

STOLEN SHOP KEEPSAKE: Just in from Sam, proprietor of Fleurt in The Junction, the photo and report:

I wanted to let you know that late this afternoon/ maybe early evening an iconic vintage (early 1900s) watering can was stolen from the outside front of Fleurt. Sadly we didn’t see who stole it as the shop has been busy today and filled with customers getting last-minute gifts.

This is an item we placed outside everyday since we opened in 2010. This breaks my heart. I am saddened to think that a person or people would be so low to steal from us. And at Christmas time.

I’ve had the watering can for 20+ years. The watering can stood over 2 feet tall. It is made from a very heavy metal. The color is galvanized and rusty looking. The watering can has special sentimental value to me. I would like to offer a reward for its return. If anyone saw someone take it, or have information on its whereabouts, please contact Sam at Fleurt: 206.937.1103.

CONDO-BUILDING BURGLARS: The report and security-camera image are from Sharon, who says this happened last Saturday at 35th/Roxbury:

Two men with a screwdriver entered our condominium building and attempted to pry open 2 locked doors. They were unsuccessful in getting in, but damaged one door and broke the door handle. The police have been notified.


At 5:45 PM I saw a person looking into cars with a flashlight near 59th and Stevens, across from Alki Elementary. He was white, bearded, a bit short (5’ 6” – 5’ 8”), wearing brown suspenders and a green shirt. When he noticed me he walked off to an alley. After a couple minutes (presumably waiting for me to leave) he walked out of the alley and got into a small red car and drove away. FYI in case anyone reports something missing in that area.

ALSO ON ALKI: Thanks for the text about a police response a short time ago. According to scanner traffic, they were headed to a fight situation on Alki, which has since been declared under control. Meantime, at a different location, police have found a stolen car in an alley off 60th SW – we don’t know the make/model.


I’m pretty sure a package was stolen off of our front porch at 41st & Graham on Tuesday around 1 pm. Unless it was misdelivered. In which case, everyone check your packages! :) Either way, a reminder to all to keep an eye out.

Also note that package delivery in these days before Christmas is continuing late at night – we’ve heard of multiple cases of 10 pm-ish deliveries.

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  • Morgan December 22, 2017 (7:50 am)

    ‘‘Tis the season…package stolen in Morgan junction same time of year as last

  • Chris December 22, 2017 (11:50 am)

    That looks like a father and  son in the condo break-in.

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