WEST SEATTLE HALLOWEEN: Skeleton Theatre returns tomorrow & Wednesday

We stopped by 36th/Hanford at dusk to say hi to the Skeleton Theatre team, who were working hard to get West Seattle’s most extensive animatronic Halloween extravaganza ready for the next two nights, on, and behind, the front-yard stage:

As noted in the WSB West Seattle Halloween Etc. Guide, Skeleton Theatre mastermind Chris Walker tells us, “The theme this year is ‘Back to our Roots.’ Through the years people have asked us to do this again, so we’re going to do a show consisting of pop culture clips – like we did for the first two years of Skeleton Theatre a decade ago, with a few new tricks added in. We will end with one original scene: It’s a preview for the new show that we’ll be putting up next year.” The show is set to run continuously 6-9 pm Halloween night and the night after (Tuesday and Wednesday; here’s a map). Free but if you are moved to help the Skeleton crew cover their costs, there’s a donation button on their webpage (where you can also catch up on the backstory – ST has been a tradition since 2006!).

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  • Axnix October 31, 2017 (3:53 pm)

    Giant Pez !

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