WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 3 reader reports, including ‘Snack Shack’ break-ins

Three West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports tonight:

SNACK SHACK BURGLARIES: We took that photo two months ago today, the day West Seattle Baseball proudly dedicated their long-awaited new “snack shack” at the Pee Wee baseball field in Riverview. today, WS Baseball board member and parent Zach Jones sent this reader report for Crime Watch:

The new snack shack at the Pee Wee Fields has been broken into twice in the past week. The first break-in happened last Thursday night 8/3 and again Tuesday night 8/8. The thieves broke in through side vents (which have since been secured with welded bars) and stole our iPad min, a small amount of cash, all of our snacks/food, and other miscellaneous items. They also destroyed our cash register.

They also tried to gain access through the side door by some sort of torch but were unsuccessful. There was a trail of snacks going east down the hill where there are several homeless camps. It’s likely that one of them has committed this crime. We have filed a police report with SPD.

Lots of parents in West Seattle Baseball worked especially hard to raise money and hundreds of volunteer hours went into opening this for all the families of our league. It’s disappointing to put so much effort into this project and have someone ruin it. If any of your readers have experience with storage container security measures, please reach out to president.wsbb@gmail.com, we would appreciate any help.

Two other Crime Watch reader reports:

BACKPACKS & HAT STOLEN: From Shannon in Seaview:

We had our car loaded with camping gear for a camping trip and parked in our front yard just a few feet from our front door, and someone smashed the window, on 48th between Findlay and Juneau.

Luckily, they weren’t interested in our camping gear, but they did steal our backpacks. I suspect they probably ditched them once they realized there weren’t any electronics or anything easily pawned inside them. I am writing in hopes someone will come across them dumped in the bushes or something. One taupe-colored Camelback-brand day pack with first-aid kit inside and one blue and gray Kelty daypack with a Camelback, bright lime green North Face raincoat, and a baseball hat. The baseball hat is dark blue with a light pink script capital “I” on it. I really really want the hat back more than anything, for sentimental reasons. I can be contacted at mitts1212@yahoo.com.

PACKAGE THEFT: Anita e-mailed today to report, “We had a package stolen from (SW) Findlay yesterday sometime after 12:00 noon that was delivered by UPS … Don’t know if this is something going on with other people in the area or not.”

TALK WITH POLICE SATURDAY: Another reminder that Southwest Precinct police’s “Picnic at the Precinct” is part of the Delridge Day festival again this year – and it’s Saturday, 11 am-3 pm, at Delridge Community Center park (4501 Delridge Way). See you there.

14 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 3 reader reports, including 'Snack Shack' break-ins"

  • WS Guy August 10, 2017 (9:59 pm)

    Stealing from kids at a baseball field is so sad.

  • Alki Resident August 10, 2017 (10:21 pm)

    There’s no reason to restock until they get these homeless people out of the woods. This is maddening.

  • Anne August 11, 2017 (8:04 am)

    Alki R- do we know it’s homeless doing this? Could be anyone -from tagging, to smashing windshields, breaking into cars, homes- there are plenty of people who care little for others or property. 

    I don’t know anything about storage container security- but would it be possible to have some kind of light & alarm installed- (not sure of neighborhood impact  of that?) but what about 1 or 2 security cameras  too?  Know that’s an expense- but maybe a go fund me campaign could raise enough money? Unfortunately this is a remote area- which makes it hard to keep an eye on- resulting in an easy target.

    So sorry  –after so much hard work that this has happened- maddening , frustrating & above all sad.

    • Anne August 11, 2017 (8:12 am)

      Replying to my own comment- as I hadn’t seen the sentence about homeless camping  nearby- trail of snacks leading that way, ( reading on tiny iPhone- writing on iPad).

      if that turns out to be true- don’t expect anything to happen. 

  • C August 11, 2017 (10:22 am)

    Sorry to the volunteers in WSBB.     

    The Westcrest P-patch shed door was wasted within the first week, the Riverview bathroom was promptly torched  and now this.

    I hope Anne is wrong and the police find the responsible parties.  

  • Sarita August 11, 2017 (1:38 pm)

    A trail of snacks leading to the woods doesn’t tell us anything about who was responsible for this act. Blaming homeless people without knowing for sure who did it promotes stereotypes and animosity, and doesn’t help our West Seattle community.

    • Dontstereotypesnackgrabbers August 11, 2017 (9:42 pm)

      Sarita- a trail of snacks going east down the hill into the woods where there are lots of homeless camps can tell us a lot about the responsible party. It tells us that after plundering the snack shack, the perps took their ill-gotten Cheetos, and retreated east down the hill where there are lots of homeless camps. It could have been anyone who goes that way with stolen snacks.. Keebler elves, perhaps. 

  • JayDee August 11, 2017 (5:39 pm)

    Using a torch is not subtle. And a trail of snacks speaks to someone who is not paying much attention and is hurrying to leave the scene. Would you break into a steel container to steal snacks?  I would think that a steel container can be rendered secure by someone with welding and metallurgical knowledge.

    • needsteelgician August 12, 2017 (11:15 am)

      good idea. does anyone know a meteallurgicalist?

    • Karen August 12, 2017 (12:54 pm)

      We welcome help!

  • greg August 11, 2017 (9:55 pm)

    Which Saturday>

  • Egigik August 12, 2017 (5:56 am)

    Very sad. My 3 sons all played at the pee wee fields in the 70s. My wife and I left WS 2 years ago because we knew the development would bring more people.

    More people = more crime.

    So sad.

  • Karen August 12, 2017 (12:53 pm)

    I am a West Seattle Little League parent and one of the volunteers who worked on the new shack – it’s not just snacks and a trail into the woods that leads us to believe our thief was one of our homeless neighbors. Kids or other vandals don’t normally take first aid kits, socks, carabiners, and attempt to take a 10′ x 10′ pop up shade tent…they removed it from the shack and hid it, we’re assuming to retrieve later. And believe me, we really wish or hope this isn’t the homeless camps. There is a subset of West Seattle Little League players that volunteer at the Meyers Way Camp and make numerous donations to that organized group (and we don’t think it’s them). This is a group of kids and parents that give back and are frustrated with our theft and subsequent lack of trust in the community – not a group looking to hang this on the homeless because it’s convenient.

    • flimflam August 12, 2017 (2:17 pm)

      really lowdown dirty thing to do, i’m sorry for the disappointment and loss of items. stealing from little league? no respect for anything anymore… 

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