CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Another charge filed against Chayce Hanson

Another charge has been filed against 40-year-old Chayce A. Hanson, the convicted child-killer who has been jailed since April 7th after being charged with rape in a February West Seattle incident. (The photo at right is the only one the Department of Corrections has available, from 2001, when he was serving time for killing his girlfriend’s toddler daughter.) The second charge, filed this week, alleges tampering with a witness; Hanson is accused of trying to get the victim to sign a document saying the rape didn’t happen. That attempt, according to the charging document, is what led to his arrest the night of April 7th, one week after a half-million-dollar warrant was issued on the rape charge, resulting from an incident in early February – the 41-year-old victim, described as a longtime acquaintance, was unable to voice consent or protest because of an untreated head injury suffered in an unreported crash in his vehicle hours earlier.

The new charge says that Hanson then caught up with the victim on the evening of April 7th and tried to get her to get into his car to sign something saying the rape didn’t happen. She refused. Then, the narrative says, he asked if they could meet up the next day. She agreed and went home. A few hours later, she called police to say he was knocking at her door and yelling that his life was at stake. SPD arrived and arrested him on the rape-charge warrant as well as for investigation of witness intimidation.

In the new court documents, prosecutors write that they have discovered Hanson had a 2013 conviction in Las Vegas for burglary (that might explain the gap we discussed in a comment, between his 2012 arrest for an attack on another woman, and the ensuing conviction in 2015). They are trying to determine if that would be applicable as a “strike” offense, therefore making the rape charge a potential “third strike” along with his conviction for killing his girlfriend’s child in 2000. Meantime, the jail register now shows his bail at $500,000.

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  • momosmom April 14, 2017 (12:05 pm)

    Let alone the rapes, but  the killing of an innocent child this should make this be his strike 1 million!!!

    This POS is a POS and he should not be given the luxury of rotting in prison but he should rot in hell!

    It just makes me sick reading this and now a face to this rottenness… 

  • Neighbor April 14, 2017 (12:11 pm)

    I’m so glad this woman is alive. I’m so, so sorry she was a victim of this depraved sociopath.  She has shown such awesome strength and resilience!I send her healing and love. 

    I’m disgusted that the bail amount is so low. He tried to threaten a woman he raped after causing her to have  injuries so bad that it’s by her sheer will/luck she’s even alive. Wtf? Who is the judge that set this? He/she needs to hear from the community that this is not enough. 

  • Flabbergasted April 14, 2017 (10:04 pm)

    Only $500k bail?  All of these are awful offenses.  Killing a toddler too?  What is wrong with us as a society that his bail is so low and he was out in the first place?  If he had been previously convicted for selling cocaine he’d still be in jail.

    • WSB April 14, 2017 (10:38 pm)

      Our original story (linked in this one) has more background … he was sentenced to 25 years for murder, and then a state Supreme Court ruling that affected many convictions, including his, invalidated his conviction, and he could only be tried for manslaughter, to which he pleaded guilty, with a resulting sentence of 10 years. He had been out a few years at the time of the 2012 domestic-violence assault.

  • Matty April 14, 2017 (11:10 pm)

    I wonder if Hanson’s mother, is still proclaiming her son innocent and blaming the toddler’s mother for the child’s death?  I’m sure she’s still claiming that he’s a good boy and it’s not his fault that he caused a woman’s head to crash so hard against the windshield of his vehicle that it nearly busted out the glass, then, instead of getting her medical care,  raped her while she was incapacitated from her injuries and the subsequent stroke she suffered.

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