TRAFFIC ALERT: Car fire at 1st/Olson


Thanks to Kylee Schmuck for sending that photo of the car that caught fire at the east end of the Roxbury corridor a little while ago – 1st and Olson (map), according to the Seattle Fire dispatch. No word of any injuries but Seattle Police have been dispatched to handle traffic in the aftermath of the fire, so avoid the area for a while if you can.

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  • Rod Clark June 5, 2016 (5:48 pm)

    This looks like a car that was idling at the red light at 16th and Roxbury earlier this afternoon, maybe around 2:20 or 2:30. There was some exhaust coming from under the middle of the car on the right side of the car, at least as much as was coming out of the tailpipe. As this little smog plume wafted up beside the right rear window, a passenger in the back seat waved it away with a colorful fan. I remember thinking, “There goes a customer for the muffler shop.” It looks like my impression was wrong and it wasn’t just an exhaust problem. Sorry to see that this became an unexpected emergency later on.

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