West Seattle development: Community meeting for new Junction project


The developers of 4528 44th SW in The Junction – the six-story, 58-microapartment building in the rendering above – are holding a community meeting for anyone interested in construction-related info before work begins. They sent us the announcement today – it’s a drop-in meeting, 4-6 pm on Monday, March 28th, upstairs at the Senior Center of West Seattle. The project already has made it through design and environmental reviews, so this isn’t a meeting for comments, but rather a meeting to learn what’s ahead in the year or so that it will take to build. They also promise to post construction/traffic-related information here. The latter is of special note since this construction site abuts an alley and parking behind Junction businesses in the 4500 block of California. The project team says it’s expecting the building permit to be issued by the end of April.

9 Replies to "West Seattle development: Community meeting for new Junction project"

  • Ruth paulson March 15, 2016 (8:08 pm)

    Looks nice.

  • bolo March 15, 2016 (10:26 pm)

    Yeah, I like how there are no potholes in the wide empty street!

  • MsD March 15, 2016 (11:52 pm)

    Holy hell, is that where that little shady brick complex across the parking lot from Wells Fargo is?  That’s insane that there will be 58 units on that footprint.  The only thing positive about this is that at least the developer is making a pretense of caring about how this thing affects the community while it’s under construction.  Based on the projects on my block for going on a year now, the reality is that everyone in proximity to that project is going to have a miserable time for the foreseeable future, and the only recourse will be to photograph all the violations and get the city to come out and fine them.

  • CMP March 16, 2016 (7:58 am)

    My beef with these apartment buildings has been sidewalk closures.   As someone who walks a lot (generally to catch a bus), it’s really inconvenient having to dodge construction equipment or cross the street last minute since there seems to be a failure to give advance notice at the end of the block.  Not to mention what a pain it must be for anyone with mobility issues or a stroller.  Make more of an effort please.  It’s bad enough to have 58 micro-units going in there, but then we get to deal with the hassles of construction in what’s becoming an overpopulated area.  I may as well move to Ballard or Capital Hill if I wanted to live like this. 

  • WSB March 16, 2016 (8:30 am)

    The city has been working on that issue.


  • John March 16, 2016 (3:39 pm)

    It looks like it has paid parking across the street?  Say goodbye to those.  They’ll be filled with vehicles risking a chance at not getting a ticket.

    The Safeway in Jefferson Square is the same way.  It seems like one-half of the vehicles parking walk west across the street to go into the apartments/condos.   It’s non-stop.

  • CMP March 16, 2016 (6:00 pm)

    Thank you for that info WSB.  It’s been an on-going problem around here.  The apartment building in the Junction with Chipotle and credit union, that monstrosity at 35th & Avalon south of KFC, the buildings along California Ave between the AK and Admiral Junctions…I could go on and on but those are the ones that have impacted me the most.  I hope the city enforces it but I feel like developers will find a way around that outside of the downtown corridor.

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