TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Friday updates; weekend Highway 99 closures…

(Four WS-relevant views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
7:24 AM: No incidents so far. Stormy morning but an afternoon break is predicted before more rain tonight, so that could be good news for Admiral District business trick-or-treating, planned for 3-6 pm today. The other big reminder is the Highway 99/Alaskan Way Viaduct inspection/maintenance closures set for Saturday and Sunday, 6 am-6 pm each day. (As always, if the second closure ends early, or isn’t needed, as has happened sometimes in the past, we’ll update, since we cover news 24/7.)

7:44 AM: Per scanner, a crash is reported at Olson/Myers, at the east end of Roxbury, and is blocking some part of the road; haven’t heard which side yet, but if you’re heading that way, you’re now forewarned.

2 Replies to "TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Friday updates; weekend Highway 99 closures..."

  • Neighbor October 30, 2015 (7:57 am)

    I am your neighbor that commutes to work on my bike and takes Admiral Way. Part of my ride is on the street and like you, I want and deserve a safe commute to work but on a bike, one little mishap with a car has a high likelyhood of severely incapacitating me if not killing me. Yesterday on my afternoon commute up the hill past Olga on the way to Belvediere, one car slammed on his brakes right behind me and probably caused the one behind him to do so as well. Many others cars encroach very close to me speed up while driving right next to me to pass or cut very close in front of me. Maybe you don’t realize how close and dangerous it feels like but it feels very scary. I’m your neighbor and I follow all the rules of the road also and I am also traffic that is allows to use the street. Please give me the courtesy that you would want given to your friends and family so I can get home safely to mine. Thank you.

  • Born on Alki 59 October 30, 2015 (8:14 pm)

    Lets think about that for a minute….shall we Neighbor? That section of road is an off camber left hand sweeper with a fairly narrow right lane and limited visibility approaching Belvidere. You and your bicycle are traveling uphill at 5 to 10 mph max, basically at the top of a blind curve. What could possibly go wrong with that scenario? Probably a darn good thing they did slam on their brakes to avoid a collision. Personally, I’d opt for the sidewalk on that stretch of road. Just my $.02.

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