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West Seattle development: City, builder seek to dismiss challenge to ’14 units, not 104′ microhousing building at 3050 Avalon Way

(WSB photo from August)
New developments in a neighborhood group’s challenge to what would be West Seattle’s biggest microhousing building, 104 “bedrooms” at 3050 SW Avalon Way: The city and developer Columbia Builders are both asking the Hearing Examiner to dismiss the latest appeal filed by Seattle Neighbors Encouraging Reasonable Development (NERD), which was founded in the neighborhood just north of Avalon. The group’s fight, now in its third year, continues to center on the city’s definition of microhousing and the reviews that are required, or not required, because of it. In this case, while the 3050 Avalon project will include 104 “bedrooms,” each a unit with a private bathroom, they’re clustered around shared kitchens, allowing the city to consider it 14 “dwelling units.” That means it falls beneath thresholds for environmental and design review, because in both categories, that threshold is 20 “dwelling units” in the midrise zone where the property is located.

This latest appeal relates to an announcement in early August, as reported here – an “interpretation” which Seattle NERD had requested, regarding whether the development really could be viewed as “14 dwelling units” and therefore exempt from those reviews. The city said yes:

The question raised for interpretation was whether the 104 bedrooms in the proposed building should be regulated as separate dwelling units. Each of the bedrooms has a private bathroom. Early versions of the plans showed counters with sinks in each bedroom, outside the bathroom, but those features were eliminated before the plans were approved. The interpretation concludes that the individual bedrooms are not designed and arranged as separate dwelling units, and that the proposed building is appropriately regulated as a 14-unit apartment building based on the plans as modified.

On the environmental front, the site does include what the city considers a “steep slope,” which triggered a limited environmental review, but otherwise, the city issued a “determination of (environmental) non-significance.” A full environmental review would include issues such as traffic effects; this building, like most microhousing buildings, was designed with no offstreet parking.

The appeal currently is set for a November 5th hearing before the examiner, if the dismissal motions aren’t granted. The points on which they are argued are complicated but basically contend that the examiner doesn’t have jurisdiction, and that SeattleNERD made a procedural error by not appealing the “underlying decision” on the issue. You can read all the documents in the case here.

The project has now been in the pipeline for almost three years; we first noticed and mentioned it in November 2012. It’s been almost exactly a year since the city told its developers – among others – that, as the result of a court ruling, they would have to undergo Design Review if they didn’t change their plans. This project, and the microhousing building under construction at 3268 Avalon, did that, and continued on through the system.

BIZNOTE: One-of-a-kind West Seattle business Nurturing Expressions expanding, with a quick boost from you

West Seattle-founded and headquartered Nurturing Expressions (WSB sponsor) is planning a cross-Sound expansion in hopes of helping more mothers, babies, cancer patients, and others who use its growing array of services. This video explains:

It’s not only showing off what they’re going to do in Kitsap County – where, founder Tracy Corey says, the services are very much needed, but the video was also their entry for the small-business-assistance edg3 FUND competition, in which Nurturing Expressions is a semi-finalist, with finalists competing for a $20,000 grant. Getting to the next round involves votes, and yours can help NE reach across the water to help. You won’t be asked to sign up or “like” anything, but you will be asked for your e-mail address as part of a verification process, since it’s limited to one vote per address (the final step is checking your e-mail to verify) – scroll down this page to find Nurturing Expressions. Voting ends this Wednesday at 5 pm.

P.S. Nurturing Expressions’ West Seattle shop, if you haven’t been there, is in The Junction at 4746 44th SW, suite 201 (second floor).

What would you do to fix West Seattle Bridge traffic? Come talk about it October 19th

(WSB file photo by Christopher Boffoli)
Just announced: A special meeting about the West Seattle Bridge Corridor – not just about what’s in that new city “action plan” first reported here a week ago, but also about what you think should be done to fix its often-snarled state. We just found out about this from the office of City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen, who’s hosting the meeting; they’ve scheduled it with three weeks’ advance notice so you have time to make plans to be there if you’re interested. The basics: 6:30 pm Monday, October 19th, at the Sisson Building (home of the Senior Center of West Seattle), southeast corner of SW Oregon and California SW. If you missed the report and its 27 possibilities for improving the flow in what the city is now calling the West Seattle Bridge-Duwamish Waterway Corridor, follow the link above, or take a look at the “white paper”:

West Seattle back-to-school: Fall quarter’s first day at South Seattle College

(Photos courtesy South Seattle College)
This just might be the final “back-to-school” day of the year in West Seattle. It’s the first day of fall quarter at South Seattle College (WSB sponsor), headquartered at 6000 16th SW on Puget Ridge. SSC spokesperson Kevin Maloney tells WSB that more than 5,000 students are enrolled, including 103 13th-Year Promise Scholars, and that students “were greeted this morning with breakfast bars, coffee, and a warm welcome by staff members scattered throughout campus.” Those staffers include Computer Science instructor Ravi Gandham:

The fall quarter, which includes 55 instructional days, ends on December 16th; winter quarter starts January 4th.

P.S. A “Welcome Fair” is scheduled for noon-2 pm Thursday by the Clock Tower (which is shown in the top photo).

FREE! What Westside School is giving away at former campus on Friday

From Shoshannah Hoffman at Westside School (WSB sponsor), word of freebies this Friday – take note, this is at its FORMER location in Sunrise Heights, NOT its new one in Arbor Heights:

After the big move, Westside School has tons of free stuff to give away! On Friday, October 2, from 10 am-3 pm, Westside School will be opening the doors of its old building and giving away tons of great school furniture.

Items include:

Folding chairs
Teacher desks
File cabinets
Chairs of all sizes
Much more!

Come check it out at 7740 34th Ave SW. Everything is first-come, first-served.

And yes, Hoffman says, they’ve already worked with recipients before just opening the doors for this: “We spent quite a bit of time giving away items to local schools, but still have a bunch of stuff.”

YOU CAN HELP! Crop Walk in West Seattle next Sunday

September 28, 2015 1:36 pm
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(Photo courtesy Liann Sundquist: Fauntleroy Church kids have signs ready for Sunday’s Crop Walk)
Take a walk along Alki this Sunday, and help fight hunger with every step – locally and globally. Judy Pickens shares the invitation:

Scores of West Seattleites are lacing their shoes for the annual Crop Hunger Walk on Sunday, October 4, and more walkers and donations are welcome. The three-mile walk along Alki Beach aims to raise $23,000 for nutritious food and clean water, plus awareness of hunger concerns here and around the world. Start time is 1 pm at Alki United Church of Christ (6115 SW Hinds).

Program coordinator Church World Service will direct 25 percent of the funds raised to local food initiatives such as the West Seattle and White Center food banks. The remainder will go to initiatives around the world, including on-the-ground assistance as Syrian refugees cross Serbia.

The West Seattle walk is one of 1,300 happening across the country this fall. Ten West Seattle congregations will have contingents.

You can register to walk, and/or donate, right now – just go here.

West Seattle whale watching: Sightings reported in Alki area

(Photo taken from Alki today, by Trileigh Tucker)

10:51 AM: Multiple reports of whales in the Alki Point vicinity. First, the Orca Network cited a WSF report of orcas; Jeff from Killer Whale Tales says it might instead be the humpbacks that have been in the area. Off to look!

11:24 AM: Breezy morning so lots of whitecaps off both Constellation Park and Alki – hard to see whale spouts unless you’re really close (or have a great eye/telescope). Jeff says the humpbacks have been breaching in the ferry lanes north of Alki Point. (West Seattle-based The Whale Trail offers a species-by-species guide if you’re not sure you’d know the difference between a humpback and an orca.)

12:41 PM: West Seattle photographer Trileigh Tucker saw one from Alki – and has the photo to prove it. Added above – thanks!

Shell quits Arctic offshore drilling: Will rigs return to West Seattle’s Terminal 5?

(June 2015 WSB photo)
8:50 AM: Three and a half months after its Polar Pioneer rig left West Seattle, Arctic-bound, Shell announced overnight that it will “cease further exploration activity in offshore Alaska for the foreseeable future.” Shell said it “safely drilled (an exploration) well to a total depth of 6800 feet” and found “indications of oil and gas,” but not enough to justify continuing, so the “well will be sealed and abandoned.”

In addition to the controversy over Arctic drilling itself, Shell’s local presence still had some unresolved issues, including a pending city Hearing Examiner decision on the appeal of last May’s Department of Planning and Development “interpretation” saying more permits were needed for its use of Terminal 5 as part of Foss Maritime‘s lease. After multiple days of testimony over the summer, documents are still being filed in the case.

But the immediate question is whether any of Shell’s fleet will be headed back this way; besides the Polar Pioneer, several Shell support vessels used T-5 before heading north to the Arctic Ocean.

(May 2015 photo by Paul Weatherman: Shell’s Aiviq and Polar Pioneer @ T-5)
We talked this morning with Foss spokesperson Paul Queary. He says the company is “obviously disappointed” about Shell’s decision to abandon the offshore Arctic, but they don’t know yet what the oil company will do “regarding the vessels coming back to T-5.” Queary says there are still some loose ends at the very least, including items “to be picked up” and cargo to be offloaded. Shell or no Shell, he says, Foss still has a lease with the Port of Seattle and is “seeking other opportunities” for utilizing the space.

We’ll be following up on other aspects of the Shell announcement and will add to this story as the day goes on.

11:38 AM: Earthjustice, which went to court to try to stop the lease the port signed in February, sent a statement: “Shell’s departure from the Arctic Ocean removes for now a major threat to the region’s wildlife, already suffering from climate change more rapid than anywhere on earth. Arctic Ocean oil drilling is a thing of the past. The world cannot afford to burn the vast majority of known fossil fuel reserves, let alone to search for unknown oil in Arctic Ocean, risking an irreplaceable region and wildlife in the process. President Obama now has an opportunity to build on his climate legacy and end Arctic Ocean drilling for good. It’s time to invest in the future of clean renewable energy and a sustainable climate for future generations.”

12:04 PM: A statement from Mayor Murray: ““I am pleased that Shell has ceased their Arctic drilling operations. The people of Seattle stood up to oppose the use of our city as a base for expanded Arctic drilling. With today’s announcement, it is time to move forward. I am committed to working with the Port and our critical maritime industry to build a clean economy of the future that provides high-paying maritime jobs and preserves our environment.”

1:26 PM: And from County Executive Dow Constantine: “While we should all be relieved that Shell Oil decided not to drill in the Arctic, this will not be the last proposal to drill for fossil fuels in that region, posing both local and global environmental risks. Let’s seize this opportunity to make King County a hub for clean-technology development and take the lead in creating a sustainable 21st-century economy.”

TONIGHT: West Seattle briefing on upcoming school-district levies

Biggest event on tonight’s local calendar is about the two Seattle Public Schools levies headed for your ballot in the February 2016 election. They’re not finalized yet, so if you have something to say – or just want a preview – this is your chance: 6:30 pm at West Seattle High School (3000 California SW), it’s a community meeting about the Operations and Buildings/Technology/Academics/Athletics (BTA IV) levies. The district has a page of background links here. As reported here in August, the biggest local item proposed for the BTA IV levy is money to renovate and reopen E.C. Hughes Elementary in Sunrise Heights (photo at left), the site leased for the past five years by Westside School (WSB sponsor), which has now moved into its own permanent location in Arbor Heights, leaving the Hughes building empty again, 26 years after its original closure. E.C. Hughes (7740 34th SW) would be renovated and expanded to hold up to 550 students. The proposed project list specifies work at other local schools, including the roof at WSHS and the HVAC system at Gatewood Elementary. At tonight’s meeting, the announcement says, SPS staff “will present information, ask for comments and answer questions.”

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Monday alerts and updates

(Four WS-relevant views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
6:51 AM: Good morning! We start with a transit alert:

WATER TAXI RUNNING LATE: King County just texted that the West Seattle Water Taxi is running about 15 minutes late due to “a vessel swap for mechanical reasons.” Water Taxi Watch shows the backup vessel Melissa Ann headed toward Seacrest right now.

7:15 AM: Metro just texted/tweeted this bus cancellation:

Metro’s general manager Kevin Desmond is to brief city councilmembers about the cancellations when they meet this afternoon as the >Transportation Benefit District Board, which is supposed to oversee how the voter-approved tax to raise money for more bus service in Seattle is spent.

7:23 AM: West Seattle Water Taxi’s back on schedule, per King County alert.

7:30 AM: From commenter NewNative: “Looks like a #56 stalled on the Seneca hill. Still there when we approached and our driver #57 sat there not knowing how to pass it. Despite a metro supervisor directing traffic.”

4:27 PM: Another cancellation just announced:

The meeting we mentioned earlier, with a briefing expected by Metro’s GM, is just now under way at City Hall; we’re monitoring via Seattle Channel online.

4:55 PM: And another one:

PHOTOS: Watching the ‘supermoon’ eclipse from West Seattle

(SCROLL DOWN for Monday additions)

7:19 PM: Thanks to Craig B for that photo from Hamilton Viewpoint Park, where a sizable crowd was reported by sunset, awaiting a hoped-for view of the eclipsed supermoon. Are you seeing it yet?

(Added: Myrtle Reservoir Park photo, by Steph)

7:43 PM: Alice Enevoldsen tweets from Kevin Freitas‘s eclipse-viewing party that they’re seeing it – a hint of red:

7:47 PM: Moments later, we glimpsed it looking east from the top of the SW Genesee hill at Avalon.

(Added: Photo by WSB’s Christopher Boffoli)
8:16 PM: Via tweeted and e-mailed photos, and a brief spin around for a firsthand view, it’s clear LOTS of people are/have been out for a look:

8:40 PM: The eclipse has peaked but continues until its official conclusion at 10:22 pm, according to the timing listed here (Alice shared that link).

10:57 PM: All over! Next total eclipse of the moon, 2018. See all the phases of this one in Kevin Freitas’s chronicle of the (mentioned above) viewing party he hosted. And with this next photo from Chris Frankovich

… it’s “good night, moon.”

ADDED MONDAY: A few more photos. First, Jason Enevoldsen‘s sequence:

(Click image for larger view)
Trileigh Tucker‘s view (that’s a plane leaving Sea-Tac)

And a last look at the “supermoon” before it set this morning, about 12 hours before it rose – from Lynn Hall:

You can check the moonset/moonrise (and sunset/sunrise) times ANY time via the WSB West Seattle Weather page, by the way.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Package theft; car break-in; bag found

Three West Seattle Crime Watch notes this evening:

PACKAGE-THEFT VIDEO: This reader video is from 34th and Morgan, 6:43 pm this past Thurdsay:

Two people go through a gate, come back out, enter the next one, and when they emerge, the first person is carrying something extra – which the person whose system recorded the video says is the bag delivered to their doorstep from Macy’s. Let police know if the people in the video look familiar.

CAR BREAK-IN: In Upper Fauntleroy this morning, 4 am in the 8800 block of 40th SW, a car window was broken and “some sports gear of minor value stolen.” The victim says a neighbor’s security camera recorded it (we’re asking if they have any images to share) and that the “video showed that the people who did it looked into several cars with a flashlight before breaking into ours. Definitely a good lesson to not leave anything in your car (even though in our case it was just two small bags)!”

SPEAKING OF BAGS: The person who found this one thinks it’s probably discarded loot from a home or car break-in – it wasn’t far from what’s been a burglary/car-prowl hotspot lately – so take a look:

The finder says, “My husband found this backpack in the alley behind our house. (Between 35th & 36th, Findlay & Brandon). All of the zippers were open. There are some workout clothes and shoes still in it. I know there have been quite a few break ins lately. Would love to get it back to
its proper owner.”

UPDATE: Big response, small fire in 10200 block 41st SW

September 27, 2015 4:21 pm
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4:21 PM: A big Seattle Fire response is on the way to a possible house fire in the 10200 block of 41st SW (map). More to come.

4:26 PM: First unit on scene said it appears to be a small fire on the deck.

4:46 PM: We confirmed that on scene. So small, firefighters were able to extinguish it quickly. No injuries, little damage, SFD left right after we got there.

Off West Seattle, cruise season’s about to end until next year

Around 4 pm, Holland America Line’s Amsterdam and Noordam and Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Pearl are scheduled to sail out of Elliott Bay, ending the 2015 Seattle cruise season. According to the Port of Seattle‘s media advisory for the departures:

For the eighth year in a row, Port of Seattle cruise terminals welcomed over 800,000 revenue passengers. This year brought 192 cruise ship calls. Seattle’s cruise business — currently leading all cruise homeports on the West Coast in passenger volume — is responsible for over 3,600 jobs, $441 million in annual business revenue, and $17.2 million annually in state and local tax revenues. Each homeported cruise vessel brings $2.5 million to the local economy.

Amsterdam and Noordam are leaving Pier 91 in Magnolia; Norwegian Pearl is sailing from Pier 66 downtown.

HAPPENING NOW: ‘Recycle Roundup’ kicks off fall cleaning season, until 3

Two more hours to get your recycle on – the stuff you can’t just put out in the bin – at the Fauntleroy Church Green Committee‘s fall “Recycle Roundup.” Check this “what they will and won’t take” list and then head to the parking lot at 9140 California SW for easy dropoff, with help from the 1 Green Planet crew, who were filling up two trucks when we stopped by at midmorning.

HAPPENING NOW: What you’ll find in The Junction

Big Sunday in The Junction. Seen while wandering through …

If you love chocolate, go see Andrea from Dolcetta Artisan Sweets, making a guest appearance at VAIN (WSB sponsor) until 3 pm as “Seattle Made Week” wraps up. VAIN is at 4513 California SW, on the west side of the street if you’re wandering the West Seattle Farmers’ Market, where you’ll find these gentle visitors today:

The “retired” greyhounds and their friends also are on the west side of the street. The market’s on until 2, as always, on California SW between SW Alaska and SW Oregon.

With holidays on the horizon: The General Store Seattle creating first-ever Live Life Local Collective Convention

September 27, 2015 10:03 am
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No, we’re not going to put up a countdown clock ticking away your shopping days, etc. But some advance work IS required for holiday bazaars and other events – including one that’s brand new this year and all about one of our favorite words, “local”:

The General Store Seattle (3400 Harbor Ave. SW; WSB sponsor) is uniquely dedicated to All Things Local. And so proprietor Claire E. Jones is organizing and presenting the first-ever (and first-annual) Live Life Local Collective Convention, noon-6 pm Saturday, November 7th, at West Seattle’s own Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.

The event itself is just under six weeks away – but here’s what you can do right now:

*Go here to sign up online for your FREE ticket (it’ll be $3 at the door)
*Become a sponsor or donor
*Volunteer to work at the event and support local
*Apply for the paid position of assistant organizer, who, Claire says, will “help plan and run the event”

For #3 and #4 above, e-mail – she would also be happy to hear from anyone with ideas or suggestions for the Live Life Local Collective Convention.

What’s up for fall’s first West Seattle Sunday, eclipse & more

From the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

RECYCLE ROUNDUP: The twice-yearly free dropoff event at Fauntleroy Church is 9 am-3 pm today, and as suggested here in our final preview, getting there early is the best way to save time. Here one more time is the list of what will and won’t be accepted. (9140 California SW)

MOBILE BLOOD DRIVE: Scheduled before last Thursday’s deadly Aurora Bridge crash, but potentially, if they have walk-up space/appointments remaining, a good way to help Bloodworks Northwest build supplies back up. 9:30 am-3:30 pm at Westwood Village; closed for a break 11:30 am-12:30 pm; more info here. (2800 SW Barton)

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: See what’s fresh for fall – 10 am-2 pm in the street. (California SW between SW Oregon and SW Alaska)

HYMN FESTIVAL: 10:30 am at First Lutheran Church of West Seattle (WSB sponsor), you’re invited to a Hymn Festival featuring the music ministries of Andrew J. King, Cantor/Organist, and Dean Walter Hard, Deacon/Choirmaster, with a Luncheon Tea afterward. (4105 California SW)

‘UNDOING RACISM‘: After Marcus Green‘s 10:30 am sermon at Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Gatewood, all are welcome at a 1-2:30 pm followup discussion “an in-depth discussion about our role in dismantling the systems and structures that maintain racism” – details in our calendar listing. (7141 California SW)

RONNDA CADLE: Live acoustic-guitar music at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), 3-5 pm. (5612 California SW)

ALL-AGES OPEN MICROPHONE: 4-7 pm (signups at 3), The Skylark‘s last-Sunday-of-the-month event offers much more than your standard open-microphone session – explained here. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

LUNAR ECLIPSE: Tonight’s eclipse will be under way when the moon rises in the east at 6:54 pm (you might consider viewing from higher ground, such as Rotary Viewpoint Park, which is the totem-pole parklet on the east side of 35th SW at SW Alaska). More info here. (Photo by David Hutchinson – 2011 lunar eclipse, seen from Alki)

MORE … on our calendar.

Beach Drive apartment building becomes ‘sober living’ complex: New ownership explains what that means, refutes rumors

(WSB photo)

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

“It is not shared housing, a treatment facility, or a halfway house. It is simply an apartment building where all tenants commit to a sober lifestyle and all drug and alcohol use, possession, or consumption is prohibited.”

That’s how the new owners of the waterfront Beachwood Apartments at 4027 Beach Drive SW (map), a company called Seattle Sober Living, explain what they’re doing with the 10-unit building. After we received questions from readers who were curious and/or concerned after rumors started circulating in the community, we contacted SSL to request an interview, and got a quick, affirmative reply. The company bought the building earlier this year and stresses that it will be operated as an apartment building – albeit one whose tenants must meet a particular condition.

“Founded by local families, Seattle Sober Living is a local company focused on providing housing options that support individual tenants’ sobriety,” SSL’s David Gould told WSB in an interview conducted via e-mail. “This effort is deeply personal for the organization’s founders, as each have been touched in a profound way by loved ones struggling with addiction. As such, Seattle Sober Living’s focus is on helping everyday people – our family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors – to successfully live drug and alcohol free.”

Gould says this type of housing is “almost impossible to find in Washington State.” (The website says that was a problem for the company’s five founding families, who “had to send their loved ones away to find a safe and sober environment.”) But, he emphasized repeatedly in our exchange, this remains an apartment building, with units being leased to tenants – not a halfway house or transitional housing:

Read More

West Seattle whale watching: Sighting near Fauntleroy ferry dock; northbound at sunset

5:08 PM: Via Orca Network on Twitter and Facebook, “Washington State Ferries reports a large whale, probably a humpback, off the Fauntleroy dock in West Seattle.” Please let us know if you see it (and which way it seems to be heading)!

6:50 PM: Sheri reports, via Twitter, that she just saw it dive off Lincoln Park, and that it’s heading north.

FOOD & DRINK BIZNOTES: Six West Seattle (and vicinity) updates

Notes from around the local food-and-drink-o-sphere:

MAC’S TRIANGLE PUB CELEBRATES MILESTONE: As mentioned in today’s daily preview, Mac’s Triangle Pub in South Delridge is celebrating its tenth anniversary. We stopped by this morning to photograph namesake and proprietor Geoffrey “Mac” MacElroy as they kicked off the all-day-and-all-night party with specials and more. (Even if you haven’t been to his pub, you might remember “Mac” from his legislative run, as an independent, five years ago.)

JUST TO THE SOUTH – CHARLIE’S BUNS IN WHITE CENTER: If you missed it on our partner site White Center Now – the burger truck Charlie’s Buns ‘n’ Stuff now has a restaurant in WC, 1521 SW 98th, just opened Friday.

PECOS PIT PROGRESS REPORT: Seven months after City Light told us it had a new tenant for the ex-teriyaki restaurant site at 35th/Genesee by the entrance to the bridge – a Pecos Pit barbecue franchise – city permit files show some movement. Documents filed less than a week ago are part of the application for permits to make alterations to the building, expanding the building footprint from 783 sf to 1,111 sf, plus “site improvement work to include alterations to drive-thru, parking, landscaping, and adding a new deck/patio seating, and walk-in cooler.”

FIT BAR GETS CLOSER: The health-food Fit Bar Café that the proprietors of Anytime Fitness in The Admiral District are building just north of their location is closer to opening – early October is the latest estimate, per the café-to-be’s Facebook page.

KUKAI RAMEN & THE LODGE, NOT UNTIL NEXT YEAR: Six weeks after we brought you first word that Kukai Ramen and Izakaya is coming to Junction 47 (thanks AGAIN to Jason for the tip!), the “official news release” arrived this week. We’re mentioning it just in case you missed our August report. The only new nugget was that Kukai, and the first restaurant announced for the project – The Lodge Sports Grille (first reported here in June) – are not expected to open before next year; they’re both going to be in the east building of Junction 47, which the release also notes has leased half of its apartments so far.

‘PINK OUT’ AT ADMIRAL BIRD: 9-10 am on Tuesday (September 29th), Admiral Bird is participating in “Pink Out to Support Planned Parenthood.” Free drip coffee for everyone wearing pink – with pink whipped cream if you want, says proprietor Heidi Herr. (Admiral Bird is co-housed with Flower Lab on the southeast corner of California/Admiral.)

‘Amazing to see how generous the folks are in West Seattle’: Two big totals for recent Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices NW charity events

September 26, 2015 3:13 pm
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Following up on two recent charity events in which Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate (WSB sponsor) was involved in helping community members give in a big way:

FOOD DRIVE TOTAL: Two weeks ago, as shown here, BHHSNW was at West Seattle Thriftway (also a WSB sponsor) to collect food for the West Seattle Food Bank Backpack Program, making sure kids in need don’t go hungry on weekends, when they can’t access school meals. Managing broker Don Bereiter shared the photo and tells WSB, “It was amazing to see how generous the folks are in West Seattle. Over 2,500 pounds of food and hundreds of dollars in cash were accumulated for those in need.”

HELPING ‘SUNSHINE KIDS’: Last weekend, BHHS NW presented its annual golf tournament to raise money for The Sunshine Kids, long one of its spotlight nonprofits, which helps brighten the lives of kids fighting cancer. A variety of donations related to the tournament (including sponsors, WSB among them) totaled $8,437; Bereiter says that plus proceeds from a benefit breakfast hosted by BHHS NW’s Kent office will total more than $10,000 to be presented to The Sunshine Kids at an event this week.

SIDE NOTE: If you’re thinking about a career in real estate, BHHS NW has one of its periodic Career Day events coming up three weeks from today, 10:30-11:30 am October 17th at its Jefferson Square offices, 4700 42nd Ave. SW, Suite 600. Find out more here.

RECYCLING TOMORROW? Here’s the best time to take your stuff to Fauntleroy ‘Roundup’

9 am-3 pm tomorrow, it’s the twice-a-year event that gives you the chance to recycle, for free, what you can’t just put out at the curb – the annual Fauntleroy Church Green Committee-presented “Recycle Roundup.” If you haven’t already checked the list and sorted your stuff, take a look:

Every Recycle Roundup brings in tons of recyclables. That means hundreds of people. Organizers have one BIG word of advice to get your dropoff done in the least amount of time – GO EARLY. There tends to be a rush toward the end, so if you can get there in the first few hours instead, you’ll save time and be able to get going with the rest of your Sunday. The church is at 9140 California SW; here’s a map.