HIGHWAY 99 TRAFFIC ALERT: Road closure, bus reroutes continue after 4 killed in 4-vehicle crash on Aurora Bridge

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11:28 AM: A collision with major injuries reported has blocked the Aurora Bridge both ways. It’s reported to involve a Ride The Ducks vehicle and a bus. That’s likely to be a relatively long-lasting closure so if you use Highway 99, plan an alternate route.

11:55 AM: SFD says two people are dead, nine critically injured, and they are still evaluating people.

12:42 PM: The city says the traffic effects are likely to last into the evening. The mayor and police chief will be speaking at the scene shortly.
12:49 PM: The mayor, at the news conference happening now, confirms they expect the closure to continue into the evening. Fire Chief Harold Scoggins says 4 people died at the scene and 12 are critically injured; the crash involved not only a charter bus and a Ride The Ducks vehicle but also two cars.

(Added: Seattle Fire Department photo)
1:41 PM: Short updates are now online via SPD Blotter and SFD Fireline (looks like the same info). Because of the transportation effects, we will keep this story pinned atop the WSB home page TFN, but as we publish other, unrelated stories (starting soon), they’ll appear beneath it, so from the home page, just scroll down to see what else is happening.

2:44 PM: Some miscellaneous information that’s also being discussed in comments:
METRO REROUTES: Latest list is here
BLOOD DONATIONS: Bloodworks NW says because of so many injuries in this incident, it needs more – go here to find out how to donate

3:31 PM: Still closed, NB from the Western exit, and SB, according to commenter “Cadburry,” reopens just south of the Aurora Bridge. Meanwhile, SPD has issued a short update on its investigation.

5:22 PM: No change in the situation – Aurora Bridge still closed, with Highway 99 closure NB at Western; SB, we’re told you CAN get on starting around lower Queen Anne, south of the bridge. Also, some more bus reroutes – updated info here. And while this is NOT related to the crash, we just got word that the cycles on the signal at 35th/Alaska are apparently running too short and causing a backup on southbound 35th there – we flagged SDOT via Twitter and they say engineers are looking into it.

5:34 PM: SDOT says that’s fixed now; our crew just arrived and verifies that it seems to be OK, no notable backup.

5:50 PM: Briefing expected shortly from the mayor – you can watch live here. Meantime, in another non-related traffic update, a crash is reported at Fauntleroy/Hudson; traffic’s getting by, says our tipster, but barely.

6:05 PM: The briefing is under way, with the mayor, fire chief, police chief. The Aurora Bridge might remain closed until sometime tomorrow, the mayor said. No change in the number of deaths; 15 people are in critical condition. “Too early … to draw any conclusions” about crash’s cause, says Police Chief O’Toole. They’ve set up a hotline for witnesses: 206-233-5000. SDOT director Scott Kubly explains that once the investigators are done, there will be cleanup and bridge inspections among other things before 99 can reopen.

8:28 PM: The closure continues. We’ll shortly remove this from its position stuck atop the WSB home page, and will publish a new story if there’s a change this evening. We’ll of course have traffic/transit coverage first thing in the morning as usual, too.

11:17 PM: The southbound lanes of 99 have reopened, right after the bus and “Duck” were towed. Awaiting word on the northbound lanes.

71 Replies to "HIGHWAY 99 TRAFFIC ALERT: Road closure, bus reroutes continue after 4 killed in 4-vehicle crash on Aurora Bridge"

  • Sue September 24, 2015 (11:33 am)

    Oh my goodness – people on buses and the Duck likely don’t have any seatbelts too, so I hope everyone is ultimately alright.

  • alki resident September 24, 2015 (12:00 pm)

    My heart breaks for everyone involved. How horrible.

  • anonyme September 24, 2015 (12:06 pm)

    It may be time for these things to be taken off the streets. Too many accidents and too little protection for passengers, especially at freeway speeds.

  • JeffK September 24, 2015 (12:22 pm)

    Pretty shocking, the bus did not fare well against the Duck.

  • datamuse September 24, 2015 (12:26 pm)

    Seattle DOT is saying bridge may remain closed into this evening–with so many injuries and a fatality investigation, it’s going to be a long time before they can open it.
    I read the bus was carrying students from North Seattle college. And yes, Sue, the Ducks vehicle at least has no seatbelts or windows.
    Awful. :(

  • Anonymous September 24, 2015 (12:33 pm)

    Anonyme, I assume you are talking about the ducks? Ironically the fatalities happened on the charter bus. The ducks are quite literally built like tanks as they are retired military vehicles. But by all means don’t let that keep you from jumping to your own conclusions without the facts.

  • bsmomma September 24, 2015 (12:33 pm)

    My heart goes out to everyone effected by this. I am surprised more crashes don’t happen on that bridge. I am terrified every time I go across it. One little slip of the wheel and something bad could happen.

  • Dan September 24, 2015 (12:38 pm)

    Honestly, That Aurora bridge isn’t very wide. The lanes are very narrow and everyone seems to be going faster then posted because it is a straight away bridge. But that is beside the fact! My heart goes out to everyone including the loved ones that might be out of state because it is a tour bus. I hope for the best and a very fast recovery.

  • clark5080 September 24, 2015 (12:42 pm)

    the bus involved is nothing more than an aluminum frame with a fiberglass shell and aluminum for a body. Not going to do well in any collision especially one with a WWII Vehicle

  • sam-c September 24, 2015 (12:53 pm)

    This is so awful. I feel so sorry for all involved. I hate driving on the inside lanes (the ones next to the two yellow lines) on that bridge. I avoid being in those lanes at all costs. Just such high speeds when crossing paths with people going in the other direction.

    • WSB September 24, 2015 (1:00 pm)

      Someone started to ask the city officials, in a news conference that just ended, about a median on the Aurora Bridge but they understandably deflected the question until at least they’ve sorted out information about the victims, etc. Please note that while we will leave the detailed coverage to the citywides, since 99 is a major route to/from West Seattle, we will add key updates as the hours go on. The number of deaths is now up to 4; the closure stretches from the Western exit (south end of the Battery St. Tunnel) to N. 39th, and that’s expected to continue into the evening – this is about as major as a crash investigation can get. Also please note that fault hasn’t been sorted out – along with the bus and Duck, two other vehicles had some involvement, it was noted. – TR

  • DLM September 24, 2015 (1:16 pm)

    I cannot stand that portion of 99. Narrow lanes and ZERO median equal bad news. I’ve had to drive next to a duck on that same section in my Jeep and its tight quarters…no time for lazy driving up there. I hope no more fatalities from this.

  • Perusa September 24, 2015 (1:21 pm)

    I was 3 minutes behind the crash, coming from the zoo. Re-routed to go thru Ballard. I hope they look at this bridge and realize it needs to go down a lane for space. My thoughts are with the families who have lost loved ones today.

  • DarkHawke September 24, 2015 (1:22 pm)

    Ouch. My deepest sympathies and prayers to the families and loved ones of the victims. I don’t even know them and that hurts.

    That said, what’s “Hizzoner” doing there? What can he add that the first responders and the fire chief can’t, except maybe to confuse the situation. No guns were involved, so what’s with the grandstanding?

  • JanS September 24, 2015 (1:26 pm)

    and now they have said there are 4 dead, 12 critically injured , among the 52 total injured…purely an accident. I feel bad for the families of the deceased, the people who are injured, the drivers…how sad for both of them.:(

    • WSB September 24, 2015 (1:30 pm)

      We reported the new numbers as soon as they were mentioned in the news conference – hope the 12:49 pm update is showing? Changed the headline too. As I wrote there, we’ll be monitoring this throughout the afternoon/evening. The story will be “pinned” atop our home page, with other, unrelated stories showing up below it. – TR

  • PSPS September 24, 2015 (1:32 pm)

    An eyewitness says the duck vehicle lost a tire and lost control.

  • PSPS September 24, 2015 (1:32 pm)

    Correction: Lost a wheel.

    • WSB September 24, 2015 (1:35 pm)

      That has been reported in many places, and the wheel was shown in aerials, BUT whether that was the start of it all – while the headlines all mention the Duck and bus, 4 vehicles were involved (that’s what Chief Scoggins said – now Fireline says “several”) – investigators haven’t even begun to sort out.

  • JanS September 24, 2015 (1:33 pm)

    TR, I saw your post after I had posted (2 hrs of sleep last night – lol). Thanks :)

  • bsmomma September 24, 2015 (1:36 pm)

    Looks like the bus was carrying North Seattle College students and Staff. The Colleges (South, Central, North, etc…) staff just received e-mails about the incident. They were preparing to transport the ones who are able, to local colleges where counselors will be on hand.

  • anonyme September 24, 2015 (1:39 pm)

    Anonymous, as you seem so concerned about the facts, it is being reported that the Duck went out of control. As you pointed out, being essentially a tank, it did devastating lethal damage to the bus. This does not mean that Duck passengers were uninjured – nor does it make this vehicle safe at high speeds in narrow and crowded lanes of traffic. At the very least, routes should be revisited.

  • flyingchickensinthebarnyard September 24, 2015 (1:55 pm)

    Having driven behind a Duck boat on the Aurora Bridge, I recall that the beam of the Duck is wider than the narrow lanes of the roadway. This leaves no margin for error, as today’s events witness. Thoughts to those involved and their families.

  • KB September 24, 2015 (2:06 pm)

    Such a tragic accident. For what it’s worth for those who need to traverse the city: I just traveled from Ballard to West Seattle (left Ballard at about 1:00pm). I-5 is a parking lot. 15th is heavier than usual, but moving along fine in both directions. Got on SB 99 via Elliott and all was clear (which makes sense since 99 is closed north of that point). NB 99 is closed at Western, as already mentioned. From what I could see, NB 99 was flowing fine as well. No backup to exit at Seneca; slight backup to exit at Western (as of about 1:30 pm). Good luck out there, everyone. And stay safe.

  • Gatewooder September 24, 2015 (2:09 pm)

    A few years ago I was on one of the Ducks when it was involved in an accident. It had pulled up at a stop light, during which a car pulled into the lane on the right. The Duck driver couldn’t see it and turned right when the light changed, grinding into the car (fortunately at slow speed). In addition to poor visibility, Duck drivers provide tour commentary which does not make for safe operation. I don’t know what happened on Aurora today, but I always give Ducks a wide berth.

  • Karen September 24, 2015 (2:09 pm)

    Urgent need for Blood Donations.


  • Gina September 24, 2015 (2:23 pm)

    Had to drive that route four times a day for a week this summer. And those lanes really do seem very narrow.

  • bsmomma September 24, 2015 (2:26 pm)

    Has anyone heard if the blood centers are extending their hours today? On line says they’re open until 4:00 today.

  • B September 24, 2015 (2:29 pm)

    Metro re-routes? Anything?

  • knock knock and heads up September 24, 2015 (2:29 pm)

    Ducks use to be in San Francisco until a recent city ordinance required a separate, additional person to provide commentary over speakers from the amphibious vehicle driver. Ducks (Brian Tracey) owners decided to stop operations in San Francisco rather than comply. They are no longer operating there because the company said it would make operations too expensive.

    I don’t know that that has anything to do at all with this terrible accident, but I have noted for years the position of an enthusiastic, entertainer/driver in an oddly configured vehicle on narrow roads downtown at rush hours. I lived on Queen Anne and know all too well how narrow the bridge lanes are. Not for the faint of heart on a dark rainy night at 5:45 pm. I have seen Metro buses and trucks put on their blinkers, presumably to beg for a wide berth for next-lane drivers.

    These are not old WWII vehicles. They are pretty new. There was an old Seattle Times story from 2010 in which Brian Tracey, the Ducks’ owner, said that drivers go through a safety check list every night at the end of a run and a new shift requires a second safety check list.

    But even with safety check lists and safety training, the other significant issue here is the narrow lanes on the bridge.

    My question has always been why are they still allowed to remain so narrow when the lanes change AFTER the bridge span? What can be asked about that, news media? It is not necessarily the cause, but it is the context.

  • Ann September 24, 2015 (2:32 pm)

    That is an awful stretch of road! I recently yelled at my husband for driving too fast over that stretch and to keep in the outside lane (close to rail) vs. the inside because of no median and the speed of traffic! So sad…

  • Kjb September 24, 2015 (2:38 pm)

    Just wondering if people from Queen Anne can use 99 south at Canlis?

  • sc September 24, 2015 (2:41 pm)

    I also never drive in the center lane on the Aurora bridge.
    So sad and tragic.

  • Drew September 24, 2015 (2:48 pm)

    The ducks ARE WW2 vehicles, they just happen to have been reworked over the years to be more modern. The frame and supporting structure is all heavy steel. I’ve only been here for a year, and the first time I drove that bridge I was in disbelief that it had no median and narrow lanes. I refuse to drive in the left lane, and avoid the far right if I can. I’ve read that the addition of a median has been argued many times in the past, meanwhile, I hear on NPR today that local schools have banned the game “Tag” on the playground. Geez people get your priorities straight.

  • knock knock and heads up September 24, 2015 (2:48 pm)

    Noted WSB. But this does not change his responses about Safety Checklists and such, nor about his vehicles being newer and not WWII vintage.

    So, does Seattle’s Brian Tracy Ducks operation allow drivers to narrate or is it a separate individual? I have never seen anything but a driver narrating and gesticulating up there in the driver’s seat. But that might be old information.

    But the more important question is the configuration of the bridge lanes and how they narrow on the bridge and then widen again. What studies exist to quantify the safety of that configuration? Any?

    That’s my question and long-standing concern which is relevant to this city and our commuters. Not SF. Just pointing out how other cities responded to safety issues. Not ownership and liability. It could be Joe Shmoe for all I care.

    And my condolences to all impacted by this. Terrible thing.

  • anonyme September 24, 2015 (2:52 pm)

    Route 5 changes into Route 21, so potential impacts on West Seattle service. That route uses the bridge.

  • WS Traveler September 24, 2015 (2:56 pm)

    Knock Knock, the Ducks are still operating in SF. We rode the duck there 2 weeks ago and they had someone driving and then the Captain narrating.

  • Cadburry September 24, 2015 (3:23 pm)

    Southbound Aurora is open from just south of the bridge all the way to the tunnel. Just got on at the top of Queen Anne and got home in record time.

    • WSB September 24, 2015 (3:30 pm)

      Thank you, Cadburry.

  • Todd September 24, 2015 (3:40 pm)

    I used to drive the Aurora bridge every day commuting – and was amazed that there weren’t more accidents.
    I always drove in the center (middle of 3) lane on the bridge just because all it would take is a sneeze to send a driver into oncoming traffic.
    The Spokane St. Viaduct had more accidents and fatalities for years until, eventually they installed the barrier along the center line and reduced the number to 0.
    I’ve wondered why they don’t just do the same thing there, especially after they went to so much effort to install the suicide fence.
    My guess is this will be the last accident on the bridge, because they will NOW install a center barrier.

  • hopey September 24, 2015 (3:59 pm)

    Looks like there will be a blood drive at Westwood Village this coming Sunday, and another on in the Junction next Saturday, Oct 3. Found these using the Mobile Blood Drive search on the BloodworksNW website.

  • Sue September 24, 2015 (4:22 pm)

    KIRO is reporting that nearby restaurant Canlis has decided to close this evening out of respect for the victims, and is instead bringing food to the first responders.

  • miws September 24, 2015 (4:34 pm)

    Knock Knock, I’ve never ridden the Ducks, but from what I recall reading over the years, the drivers indeed do provide the narration as well.



  • sc September 24, 2015 (4:43 pm)

    Canlis Restaurant – you are a class act!

  • iggy September 24, 2015 (4:48 pm)

    This is so very sad. I have long had issues with the Ducks. I often take the 16 bus to go to a shop I like near the intersection of Stone Way and 39th. The Ducks come roaring up Stone Way from Fremont and make a left turn on 39th to go to Aurora. They have a habit of disregard for pedestrians like me who are crossing on the walk light, and they crowd into the pedestrian crosswalk. The driver is usually yelling, along with the passengers, on the top of their lungs, and I have long wondered how the driver can be paying attention with all his other activities besides driving. As a slow, older pedestrian when I cross as the Duck roars up to make the left, I always feel a bit unsafe. I’m not saying this had anything to do with the horrific accident, but, in general I wish the Duck drivers would be a bit more respectful of pedestrians. I hesitate to post this because I am in such shock about the accident and its victims, and I am not blaming the Duck for that–yet it seems that the operation of the Duck organization could use some changes. I am heartbroken for the young students who were killed and the many injured.

  • anonyme September 24, 2015 (6:02 pm)

    Several passengers I’ve seen interviewed stated that the driver was talking about Lake Union and physically pointing out locations at the time of the crash. In a separate interview, owner Brian Tracy insisted that the Duck slows down and flashes it’s lights on the bridge, and that drivers do not do commentary on that stretch. These statements seem to directly contradict one another.

  • So sad September 24, 2015 (6:18 pm)

    Ducks aren’t the only vehicles who can have mechanical issues. I really hope that isn’t lost on those looking to make changes based on this tragic outcome. There is a lot that can be done to give drivers on that bridge options in the event that their own or another vehicle has issues or loses control. I feel like the scope of this tragedy could have been mitigated with some pretty basic safety considerations.
    So sad.

  • Wb September 24, 2015 (6:38 pm)

    Oh iggy I lived in Fremont and the Ducks are a cultural mainstay. This is a unique and tragic event. My heart goes out to the victims.

    I find it ironic that people who live in West Seattle rail about Aurora bridge safety while our bus lane had to be painted a screaming red on the west Seattle bridge, and meanwhile drivers gleefully exceed the speed limit along 35th SW.

  • m September 24, 2015 (7:00 pm)

    Drove this route many times this year. On more than one occasion I witnessed Ride the Ducks on the bridge, the driver would put on the yellow flashers and proceed to span the two right lanes for the legnth of the bridge. In my opinion that is a safe operation for that vehicle, as the lanes are too narrow, can’t imagine having to drive that thing.

  • john September 24, 2015 (7:07 pm)

    not trying to be mean, but how does it take 9+ hours to take some pictures, take people the hospital and clean up?

    • WSB September 24, 2015 (7:17 pm)

      Among other things, John, the mayor noted that they’re talking to the National Transportation Safety Board – whose investigators arrive tomorrow – about the scene and how to deal with it for their purposes as well. With four people dead, a lot more to do than “take some pictures … and clean up.”

  • PSPS September 24, 2015 (7:32 pm)

    Regarding putting up barricades in the middle: In 1998, a Metro bus driver was shot and killed while driving onto the bridge southbound from 39th. The bus ended up going over the roadway into and through the railing on the east side of the bridge, landing on an apartment building below. There was talk at that time about barricades.

  • sc September 24, 2015 (7:38 pm)

    @john “not trying to be mean” are you for real?
    Four people dead, many in critical condition, a language barrier and you have a problem with how long it is taking? Where is your humanity? Or are you like the seagulls in Finding Nemo saying “me, me, me, me, me!”

  • peanut gallery September 24, 2015 (8:29 pm)

    The lack of barrier terrifies people and has for decades. There have been occasions where it *could* have been discussed, but there was not public pressure applied.

    This was the worst and oft-theorized eventual outcome for the lack of that ignored safety feature. Aside from that, the lanes on the bridge seem narrow and scare drivers straight, most of the time I think. But, truthfully, I never got out and measured them when I commuted regularly to QA north side. Purely my own subjective experience. But so what?

    What does it matter whether people bitch about that and not the WS bridge? We live in a big city dude and use different facilities to different degrees. Not rocket science. Do some of you people never leave your homes? Are you all house bound without cars? Don’t answer – it is rhetorical.

    The city needs to talk about this or explain to the people what’s on their game board for bridge improvements, if any. People will bitch and speculate until that happens. At least they should apply some pressure for explanations.

    People in WS are allowed to care about other city structures. Life exists beyond computer screens in West Seattle.

  • Hey sdot September 24, 2015 (8:47 pm)

    SDOT strikes again, they limited northbound traffic from west lake, dexter and Nickerson to one lane during rush hour. Traffic moving freely across the bridge and all feeder streets limited to one lane, traffic backed up for at least a mile and a half. Where do they find these people. My thoughts are with the injured and their families.

  • D-Mom September 24, 2015 (8:54 pm)

    I agree with others here about how scary that bridge is to drive. It is way too narrow for so many lanes. I’m really hoping that this tragedy produces some much needed safety improvements. And I’m one who does not like the traditional lane diet, but would be glad to see it here. I’m so sorry for all those involved, including the accident victims and their families as well as anyone who had to witness this and the emergency personnel. My heart goes out to all of you.

  • Bradley September 24, 2015 (9:29 pm)

    If regular car, SUV, and light truck drivers (ie; us) acted the way those Duck “Captains” do, with their costume/wig changes, idiotic banter, antics and other stunts while driving, we’d all have expensive tickets for distracted driving. Those Duck vehicles are way too heavy, way too old, and are driven, literally, by clowns. Duck operations in other cities have a DEDICATED DRIVER and a DEDICATED NARRATOR, instead of a distracted driver doing both. I would like to see the Ducks banned in this city. Since that is unrealistic, I’d settle for a ban on their drivers being distracted with having to entertain while they steer the behemoth vehicles around our streets.

  • LyndaB September 24, 2015 (10:03 pm)

    I was a medical laboratory science student at UW in 1998. We learned all about blood banking and when the news of the bus went over there was a call for blood donors. The lines were long then as well. I’ve been a donor ever since then. If you are thinking of donating for the first time, please read the requirements before you make an appointment. Also, drink plenty of water the day before. It’ll make the blood flow more easily. (I.e. less time with a needle stuck in you) :-)

  • Citizen Sane September 24, 2015 (10:29 pm)

    From what I’ve heard so far, it sounds like this is because the DUKW lost a wheel. The newest of these things is 70 years old. Overall, their safety record is pretty good. Here’s a question: is a DUKW any wider than a semi? They use SR99 too. If you’re overwidth, you need a special permit and signage on your vehicle.
    The point is this: as annoying as tourists in general, and the ‘ducks’ in particular are, they are legal, and generally well maintained and have an overall good safety record. That said, there DO seem to be a lot more of them. I wonder if the popularity is such that operators are scrounging DUKWs that otherwise would’ve been used for parts?
    You can’t foresee everything. Sometimes sh*t just happens. Unless I see evidence to the contrary, this sounds like a tragic case of people being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • Azimuth September 24, 2015 (10:36 pm)

    A few thoughts:
    I am praying for the victims and their families. So sad.
    I rode the duck with my wife and kids a few months ago and had a lot of fun and never felt unsafe. The driver was informative, funny, and skilled. These vehicles are on the road, including Aurora, daily without incident. It took what appears to be a freak incident to cause the wreck. No, their not exactly modern autos, but I think they can be safe in the right hands.
    That said, the Aurora bridge design is nuts. I have driven that thing every day both directions for the last 6 years and I still can’t stand it. I have no problem when the larger vehicles straddle the lanes because it’s their only realistic option. I have never understood having 6 lanes on that bridge. Cut it down to 4 or 5 lanes and spread it out. People, myself included, drive much too fast for that bridge in its current configuration.
    Sadly, it frequently takes large accidents to get people to open their eyes. Sometimes it’s the city, sometimes it’s the drivers. We complain about accidents then complain about road diets immediately after.

  • KT September 25, 2015 (9:16 am)

    Say what you want about the Duck vehicles, what we are dealing with here is a roadway that is too small for the three lanes for which is is configured. Ever notice that buses & trucks take up two lanes when they drive over it because they can’t fit in one lane? The real problem is the State of Washington’s complete neglect of the problems with this road (sadly as usual, they will probably pay attention now once the first lawsuits are filed). The City of Seattle should also bear some responsibility for not being out in front demanding action years ago, not today!

  • Robert September 25, 2015 (10:00 am)

    the people that are knocking the dukw, granted the body is old, but the important things like brakes , running gear are all up-dated, the width is legal, [no wider than a garbage truck] the damage done to the bus could have been much worse with a truck design , the bow on the dukw reduced the damage by quite a bit..[plastic breaks easy] the bus is just barely safe, no side impact zones,roll-bars or other safety constructs.as for seat belts D.O.T.won’t allow them..

  • Seatownguy September 25, 2015 (10:37 am)

    Chuck the ducks out of Seattle…
    Revoke their business license and get them out of here… This is not the first incident with the ducks and it won’t be the last Until they are Gone!!!

  • Amy September 25, 2015 (7:20 pm)

    The Ducks make driving downtown unsafe. They are too wide, they have huge blind spots, and they are made of steel, so they’ll cut through most of today’s cars. Passengers aren’t seatbelted. The drivers as stated above are so busy clowning that they can’t possibly drive safely. And they are way way too wide for the Aurora Bridge. If those Ducks are getting all the maintenance they claim, why did a wheel come off? Do we know that someone didn’t go through a checklist and not actually check everything? Condolences to all who suffered and lost family; and, our city doesn’t need to portray itself internationally this way. As someone who is often a pedestrian downtown, although I drive elsewhere, it is extremely annoying to have to hear both the music and the running commentary on the natives(us) and have folks staring. I don’t appreciate it.

  • David johansson September 25, 2015 (10:15 pm)

    I swear back in the early 80’s when I lived off of Dexter, there was a central barrier on the Aurora Bridge. Once the bridge was made to be six lanes, the center barrier was removed. I may be dreaming this, but my memory isn’t fading, as far as I know. Anyone else have any ideas?

  • Ed Marcus September 28, 2015 (11:14 pm)

    Many, many factors involved in this and way too early to form concrete conclusions. My opinion, after seeing what the lane widths actually are at the time of the accident, that those are too narrow at any speed.

    It has been a long time since actually using it, as I have avoided it starting years ago.

    Those complaining about inconvenience, well that is life or rather what happens when OTHERS lose their LIVES and OTHERS are INJURED. This will take years to conclude. As they make sure this never happens again, wait for more closures and slowdowns over the next several years.

    -signed a 19 year “goto” Insurance Investigator [ret.] who worked in another State for Companies that Insured “Heavy” Autos, ‘aka Trucks’ and other diverse interests. Never had any this bad, but without ‘Jersey’ barriers, they may have been.

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