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Room in your home/heart for a new friend? ‘Remember Me’ vigil illuminated pets’ need for homes

Right now, millions of domestic animals are without homes. Many will lose their lives without ever finding one. Last night, local animal advocates and companions gathered for a candlelight event in the Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (WSB sponsor) courtyard, in observance of “Remember Me Thursday,” meant to call attention to what you can do to help change that.

Above, that’s Teri Ensley of West Seattle-based Furry Faces Foundation, which organized the gathering; other participants included animal advocates from Animal Aid and Rescue Foundation and Kitty Harbor. Teri read a poem; another inspirational reading was the proclamation by King County Executive Dow Constantine, in which he urged everyone to adopt a cat or dog:

Adopting a pet is not the only way you can help reduce the number of pets who have no home. Spaying/neutering yours is another vital step. So is making sure your pet has ID – a chip, a collar, a license – so that if it ever gets lost, it won’t be in danger of never coming home.

This was the third year for “Remember Me Thursday” – here’s how it got started.

@ Highland Park Action Committee: Crime, safety, cleanup, special events this fall …

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

The Highland Park Action Committee reconvened after summer recess with an information-packed meeting. Crime and safety comprise a major concern, as is the case for most neighborhood groups, so that’s where the meeting on Wednesday night at Highland Park Improvement Club began.

CRIME, SAFETY, AND THE POLICING PLAN: Southwest Precinct Operations Lt. Ron Smith was at HPAC to talk about crime and safety. HPAC meetings previously have been attended by one or both of the Community Police Team officers who, as we’ve reported in coverage of other meetings, have advanced – Erin Nicholson is now an acting sergeant in another precinct, and in line for a promotion; Jonathan Kiehn has been working on a citywide technology-related project. (As he had told the West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network the previous night, there are three “very good candidates” who will get tryouts in the role before they decide who will succeed Nicholson and Kiehn.)

First, it was a review of HP’s “micropolicing plan” – the first version of the plan listed five primary concerns for HP:

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UPDATE: Police investigate ‘suspicious package’ in Riverside area

September 25, 2015 6:18 pm
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(WSB photo)

6:18 PM: Thanks for the tips – a “suspicious package” is what police say they’re investigating on West Marginal Place SW, south of the west end of the low bridge, in the Riverside area.

6:47 PM UPDATE: Just went back over to follow up. Whatever it was, it’s gone, and so are the police, bomb squad and all.

7:37 PM UPDATE: We’re told the Bomb Squad “took custody” of the item. No word so far on what it turned out to be.

West Seattle Crime Watch: ‘Flasher’ on Harbor Avenue

A reader e-mailed this alert for others who use the Alki Trail:

I wanted to share an incident I witnessed yesterday (Thursday, 9/24). At about 4:30 PM I was walking on the bike path in the 3000 block of Harbor Ave [map] and saw a man in the driver’s seat of a white pickup truck parked facing northbound with no pants on, masturbating. I didn’t stop or slow down, but called 911 as I kept walking. They said they’d send someone out. Once I got about a hundred yards down the path I looked back, but he was gone. I doubt the police were able to find him. I wish I was brave enough to try and get a video or photo for police, but didn’t want him to know I noticed what he was doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy does this regularly, so a heads-up to the other walkers, joggers, and bikers to be on the lookout. I didn’t get a good look at his face, but he was white, had a bit of a belly, and was wearing a white t-shirt (and nothing else). His truck was a little older, maybe 1995-2000, possibly extended or crew cab.

SCHOOL MAKE-UP DAYS: District announces post-strike plan

Just in from Seattle Public Schools:

The following makeup days for a revised school calendar have now been finalized with our SEA partners, pending approval by the Board of Directors on October 7.

Please mark your home and school calendars accordingly.

School Year Calendar Changes

With the Board’s approval, the following days will now be regular school days:

Fri., Oct. 9
Fri., Jan. 29
Wed., Feb. 17, Thurs., Feb.18, and Fri., Feb. 19. This is a shortened mid-winter break.
Fri., June 24

Seattle Public Schools staff and the Seattle Education Association worked together to finalize the 2015-16 school year calendar to adjust for the school days missed by the teacher strike.

State law requires school districts conduct a school year of no less than 180 school days in such grades as are conducted by the school district, and 180 half-days of instruction, or the equivalent, in kindergarten. The district and its partners needed to meet that requirement and looked for the best options for adjusting the calendar that works for families.

Looking back at the original calendar – October 9th was supposed to be an off-day for students but NOT for teachers; January 29th, everybody was supposed to be out for the “day between semesters”; June 24th was held as a possible “snow (makeup) day.” June 27th, apparently, will remain on the calendar as a potential “snow day.”

In case you wondered: Big Blue Truck’s not gone, just moved

September 25, 2015 2:21 pm
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(WSB photo)

If you wondered where Northwest Center‘s Big Blue Truck has gone – recently vanished from the 44th SW & SW Edmunds parking lot – it’s not far away. From Denise at NW Center:

Northwest Center’s West Seattle Big Blue Truck donation drop off is on the move. Now located 1/2 block NORTH, behind Taqueria Guaymas in the Key Bank (ATM) parking lot: 4718 44th Ave SW

Visit them at their new location and drop off your donations of clothing and household goods to benefit children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Truck not there? Can’t get there during regular hours? Visit

Yellow water? Here’s what Seattle Public Utilities says is going on

(WSB photo: Myrtle Reservoir, where the work’s happening underground)

After multiple reports of yellow, or otherwise discolored, water in different areas of West Seattle in recent days – we heard from people as far north as Admiral and as far south as Gatewood – we contacted Seattle Public Utilities this morning to find out what’s going on. Here’s what we’ve heard back from spokesperson Andy Ryan:

We are working to clear up discolored drinking water that has been reported in several sections of West Seattle over the past few days.

The cause of the discoloration is believed to be sediment that was stirred up due to a temporary change in water-system configuration.

Although the water is temporarily discolored, it is safe to drink. The discoloration is expected to clear up gradually over the next few days.

The utility will provide updates if anything changes.

Elaborating on the “configuration,” Ryan explains it’s because of the earthquake-resistance retrofitting (most recently mentioned here) that started earlier this month at Myrtle Reservoir, which is temporarily out of service because of the work, so they’ve rerouted water through a part of the system that they don’t often use.

Otherwise, discolored water turns up here and there every so often, for various reasons – usually we get a few reports from one area, so we point people to this SPU page with information about dealing with it (and the utility’s customer-service hotline if the problem persists – 206-684-3000), and that’s the end of it.

West Seattle Friday: Concert benefiting WS Helpline; blacksmith’s ‘Seattle Made’ creations @ Click!; more…

From the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

PARKING-LOT SALE: The Shorewood Christian School fall/winter parking-lot sale is on until 4 pm today, 8:30 am-4 pm tomorrow. Thanks to Mel for the photo! (10300 28th SW)

BOWLING FOR HOPE: 4-6 pm at West Seattle Bowl, bowling, pizza, and pop to benefit the Hope Middle School Washington, D.C., enrichment program – details here. (39th SW & SW Oregon)

DOG DAYS OF SUMMER: 5-7 pm, second-to-last chance for your dog to swim at Arbor Heights Swim and Tennis Club during their post-human-swimming-season fundraiser – details here. (10103 31st SW)

‘SEATTLE MADE WEEK’ TRUNK SHOW @ CLICK! Local blacksmith Erica Gordon is bringing her Steel Toe Studios forged buckles and handmade leather belts to Click! Design That Fits (WSB sponsor) for a Seattle Made Week” trunk show, 6-9 pm tonight. Here’s Erica in the studio:

(Photo courtesy Erica Gordon)
Click! says, “She will be showcasing a limited offering of one-of-a-kind buckles from her Scale collection, as well as new leather belt color ways. She will also be sharing her full collection of stainless steel and brass jewelry, not typically carried at Click!.” (4540 California SW)

HELP THE HELPLINE – CONCERT SERIES STARTS TONIGHT AT ALKI UCC: At 7 pm, Alki UCC Church is hosting its first formal concert since acquiring a 7-foot handmade German concert grand piano two years ago, and its the start of a concert series meant “to bring concert-hall-quality music to West Seattle, and support a local organization in the process. Our outreach team chose West Seattle Helpline because their focus is on how to keep people from becoming homeless.” Here are tonight’s musicians, Spencer Hoveskeland, Lia Wax, and DJ Wilson, rehearsing earlier this week (clip provided by organizers – thanks!):

Desserts and refreshments will be served during intermission. Helpline could only fund one of every three requests for help during its last fiscal year – your support tonight (and beyond) can change that for the better. Full details in our calendar listing. (6115 SW Hinds)

WESTSIDE BABY’S FALL MASQUERADE: 7-10 pm benefit at Emerald City Trapeze Arts – details in our calendar listing; get your tickets here. (2702 6th Ave. S.)

HIGH-SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Chief Sealth International High School is home at Southwest Athletic Complex against Ballard tonight, 7 pm; that’s when West Seattle High School plays Rainier Beach on the road at Southeast Athletic Complex; and it’s also when O’Dea and Seattle Prep face off at West Seattle Stadium.

OF COURSE THERE’S MORE! Music, bingo, theater … all on the complete calendar.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Seen this ’85 Volvo wagon?

In the photo is Patrick‘s stolen wagon – if you see it, call 911:

My 1985 Volvo 245 turbo wagon was stolen from the Junction last night between 11 and 7 this morning. Taken from my building parking lot on 44th and Alaska. Plate #ASL2453

City wants West Seattle bus yard to be Seattle Public Utilities division’s new home

Seattle Public Utilities has settled on a new home, in West Seattle, for its Drainage and Wastewater Operations team. Now the hitch – getting the site, the bus yard at 4500 West Marginal Way SW.

That’s the slide deck for this plan, which is the only item on the agenda for a meeting next Tuesday morning of the City Council’s Public Utilities and Neighborhoods Committee. It points out that this division – more than 100 vehicles and 100 staffers – currently operates from the city’s Charles Street yard on the south side of downtown, shared with other departments/agencies, with no room for expansion. The tipping point: Maintenance of the forthcoming First Hill Streetcar will be at Charles Street too.

The West Seattle site choice was made, SPU says, after evaluating sites including the Myers Way parcels on the southeast edge of West Seattle and the former South Transfer Station in South Park. It would require some cleanup and remodeling over the next three-plus years. Meeting documents say the city started trying to buy the site this past spring; the owner asked $16 million, $6 million over the appraised value. (While the documents also say the site wasn’t on the market, it has been in recent years.) So now there’s an attempt to lease it. If none of this can be worked out, the city might try to acquire it by eminent domain. So they’re asking for City Council authorization to, basically, do what it takes to get the site. This meeting’s the first step; it’s at 9:30 am next Tuesday, and will include public comment (as do most council meetings); you’ll also be able to watch live via Seattle Channel, online or cable channel 21.

SEPTEMBER 29TH UPDATE: Though it was shown on the Seattle Channel schedule as the appointed time arrived – suddenly it seems this meeting’s been canceled. The committee’s next scheduled meeting is October 13th. We’ll keep watching.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Friday updates, alerts, incidents

(Four WS-relevant views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
6:59 AM: Highway 99 *is* open again this morning; it reopened late last night, 12 hours after the deadly crash on the Aurora Bridge. Right now, no incidents in the outbound area (an earlier crash on the 1st Avenue S. Bridge has cleared).

BUS CANCELLATION: Tweeted by Metro:

Our followup interview scheduled for yesterday about the ongoing cancellation issue had to be postponed because the Aurora crash required the Metro ops center to focus on reroutes all afternoon and evening; we’re awaiting a new time next week.

7:25 AM: It’s not on the SFD log, so apparently no injuries, but a texter says a crash at the bottom of the Highland Park Way hill is backing up traffic. (Photo added)

Also, trouble on I-5 both ways that could back up those exiting from the east end of the West Seattle Bridge – northbound, a crash on the “collector-distributor” lanes at James St.; southbound, a crash reported at Boeing Access Road.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Police, helicopter search for armed car prowler

12:08 AM: Guardian One is helping police search for a car prowler reported by neighbors in the 45th/Hinds area. A texter tells us car windows were broken, and one report via scanner said the prowler might have threatened someone with a gun.

12:18 AM: Confirmation from a texter: “My neighbor caught him in the act and grabbed him, and the suspect pulled a gun on him.”

12:33 AM: Haven’t heard anything further – the helicopter left before long. Meantime, the texter says it appears this might have been more a case of attempted auto thefts than car prowls: “Our car’s ignition was stripped. Nothing stolen out of the vehicles like our typical car prowlers. Seems they were after the cars themselves.”

10:18 AM: In comments, Beth says her son spotted what turned out to be a loaded gun near 45th and Hinds, and reported it to police, who picked it up.

3:26 PM: The aforementioned neighbor contacted us with more information. The gun, he says, turned out to be “a BB pistol but looks very much like a full size, ‘real’ gun. Model is a Smith & Wesson 327 TRR8 BB Revolver.” He confirms it’s the one the prowler threatened him with last night and was apparently tossed aside at the spot where the prowler got into a car and took off.