Glow [natural aesthetics] Medispa: New business, new WSB sponsor

We’re welcoming a brand-new West Seattle business as a new WSB sponsor today. Glow [natural aesthetics] Medispa invites you to its upcoming grand opening!

Glow [natural aesthetics] Medispa and Katherine Dee, MD, are proud to announce the grand opening of West Seattle’s first physician-run medical spa. We provide proven professional medical treatments, non-surgical procedures, and clinical skin-care products to optimize your natural glow. Dr. Dee works with each patient to design a personalized skin plan to enhance your natural beauty, preserve healthy skin and prevent premature aging.

Kate attended Yale for college and medical school, and training at UW and UCSF. She spent the past 16 years as a breast-cancer specialist, receiving Top Doc honors each year since 2011. Kate found her way to aesthetic medicine as a result of 2 intersecting passions: Science and beauty. In her 40s, she found her skin had finally caught up to her age. Active all her life and wanting to stay looking and feeling young, Kate began a dedicated education in aesthetic medicine. Armed with the skills and the knowledge, she decided to help others use the science for themselves. A board-certified physician, she is a member of the GSBA and the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Kate and her family have been a part of the West Seattle community for 15 years; she has long desired to practice in the area and is thrilled to be working in and with her community.

What Glow [natural aesthetics] Medispa hears most from our patients is that they want to “age gracefully.” They don’t want to look like they’ve had anything done, but they don’t want to look old! Our clients look refreshed, rested and rejuvenated, as if they have just returned from a relaxing vacation. We can successfully treat fine lines and wrinkles, sagginess, sun damage and pigment problems, spider veins and cherry angiomas, and skin tags. We do this with a range of tools: the right skin-care regimen, botulinum toxin treatment, dermal fillers, microdermabrasion, peels, radiofrequency treatment, microneedling, and PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) – this popular treatment has natural powerful growth factors that stimulate skin cells. Consultations are free!

Please join us for our big open house and to meet Kate (Dr. Dee) in person – there will be refreshments and opportunities to win raffle prizes! Saturday, May 2, 4-7 pm – 5400 California Ave SW.

We thank Glow [natural aesthetics] Medispa for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

4 Replies to "Glow [natural aesthetics] Medispa: New business, new WSB sponsor"

  • kumalavula April 24, 2015 (3:29 pm)

    wishing you much success, kate, in you new endeavor!

  • wsrez April 24, 2015 (9:22 pm)

    Welcome! We certainly need more options in this field in West Seattle! Slim pickings in my opinion. I noticed you don’t have any prices on your website or info about facials – will you be conducting all the treatments yourself?

  • Kate April 25, 2015 (6:53 am)

    Hello! I do have a price list on the website, under services. You can find it here:!price-list/c805

    Glow is a solo practice: all services, consults and procedures are performed by me. I don’t offer facials, but I offer clinical-level microdermabrasion, chemical peels and micropeels.

  • Mercedes April 25, 2015 (8:32 pm)

    Congratulations on the opening of GLOW! Super excited for the area and you.

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