West Seattle Crime Watch: Store break-in; dropbox, mail thefts

Three West Seattle Crime Watch reports:

STORE BREAK-IN: Thanks to Alison for the tip that the Sprint store in Jefferson Square was burglarized. They got in by breaking the door glass; our photo shows the repair crew that was just wrapping up its work. A store staffer told us that the burglar(s) didn’t get away with much.

ALSO IN THE JUNCTION … Linda reports that a package dropped into a UPS dropbox near the post office was stolen. She knows this because: “It had a check to a bank in it that was altered and someone tried to cash” (plus, they weren’t able to track that it had been picked up).


I just went out to check my mail (last night), found the mailbox door open, and nothing in it. I know there was mail in there as there were some junk mail flyers that came Monday that I’d left in there, plus I was due to get a DVD from Netflix. So, definitely stuff in there. I’d avoided getting a locking mailbox because I liked being able to get packages in there, but now, I’ll clearly have to. Last winter, the Tukwila police found some of my checks in the possession of some crook who was trying to use them.

P.S. Next scheduled meeting of the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council is next week – 7 pm Tuesday (November 18th) at the precinct (Webster/Delridge)

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