Talk transportation at this Saturday’s Gathering of Neighbors

After another rocky (to say the least) commute, you might be wondering what’s being done, what can be done, how can you get involved in supporting a solution. So before we get to our preview of what’s up today – we’re reminding you about this Saturday’s Gathering of Neighbors, which includes a chance to spend an hour with the West Seattle Transportation Coalition, among other things. Transportation is not the only topic on the agenda, but it’s top-of-mind right now, so we’re nudging you. Details on the official flyer:

The Gathering of Neighbors is at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (4408 Delridge Way SW), 9 am-1 pm but even if you can just drop by for the 10 am-11 am breakout sessions … see you there!

6 Replies to "Talk transportation at this Saturday's Gathering of Neighbors"

  • Sue November 12, 2014 (9:46 am)

    I wish there was a way to not have all 4 breakout sessions simultaneously – they all seem very relevant and important to attend, and hard to pick just one to focus on.

  • Bridge Buddy November 12, 2014 (9:56 am)

    I plan to be there.

  • BlairJ November 12, 2014 (11:11 am)

    This one snuck up on me! Definitely must stop by in between other things on Saturday.

  • wakeflood November 12, 2014 (2:05 pm)

    Sue, there’s probably enough time/give & take going on in the sessions to migrate across several of them and provide input.

    I know the Transpo breakout led by WSTC will allow for folks to post issue and solution preferences that will be captured and discussed with publication of those preferences going forward after the gathering. I suspect others will follow some similar process.

    I’ve attended several of these types of events over the years and have found that I could absorb and provide input on the different areas without much difficulty.

  • Sue November 12, 2014 (4:07 pm)

    Thanks, wakeflood, that’s helpful info. I don’t think I’ve gone to things like that before, so wasn’t sure.

  • West Seattle Block Watch Captains' Network November 12, 2014 (7:19 pm)

    FYI, we are co-hosting the “Public Safety” session. It is not set up as an open house format. People are welcome to drop in, but should be aware of the focus of this session. Officer Jon Kiehn is leading a conversation about a somewhat sticky topic, Personal Safety for Kids. Ideally, those who want to give input on this topic may want to plan to be part of the entire conversation (approx 45 minutes). The last 15 minutes of our session will focus on vehicle security, general safety issues, and Q&A. We’ve posted an informational flyer for our session on our website which is linked from this comment. Hope this helps! — Karen

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