Reader report roundup: Broken window; trespasser/prowler; at the door and then on the run…

Three reader reports of note:

Another broken business window on California SW. Unlike the one at the Discovery Shop earlier this week, the circumstances here aren’t clear, but we’re sharing it as an FYI. It happened at White Crane Wellness (3435 California SW) sometime Saturday, according to massage therapist MJ, who reports “stopp(ing) by to pick up something from work at 5:45 pm (Saturday) and saw that our window had been broken. It is double paned. Luckily only the outer pane was broken but there was still broken glass at the scene. Management has been contacted. Don’t know if it is related to the Discovery Store vandalism or a separate incidence.”

Ahead – trespasser or prowler? and a door-to-door report:

From Sarah in Highland Park:

A friend of ours stopped by our place to check on our dog and there was a man in our boat and his car was in our driveway. When she questioned him, he said that it was his friend’s boat, which was obviously not true. He was trespassing.

The car was a teal Buick, license plate starting with AKT.

Finally, in the Puget Ridge area, around 16th/Myrtle, a door-to-door report from Richard:

Just before 7 pm (Friday) I had 2 teens knock on my door. I asked them what they wanted & they said they were soliciting donations for their school football team. Not knowing if their activities were legitimate or not, I asked for identification of their program … they got very nervous, argumentative, & when I pressed them for more info they both took off running. I snapped a quick picture of the two of them & called 911. Again, I have no idea if their intentions were sincere but when they ran off the way that they did I figured I’d let the police handle it. No idea what transpired, if anything.

If you are involved with or know of a legit door-to-door campaign happening in the area, a heads-up is always good – – we’d be happy to mention “xx is canvassing in the area” in daily previews, as we’ve done in the past when notified.

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  • Eric August 31, 2014 (4:21 am)

    Wow, another broken window. That just sucks.

    Funny, I was just talking with a neighbor the other day about how one day, this guy in a teal Buick (with another guy driving)started coming door to door offering a free demonstration of his carpet cleaning product. I was outside when he came to me and said that he would clean any spot in my house that had carpet. I noticed that his bottle of cleaner (that was not labeled) looked an awful lot like Windex and told him so. I told him I was not interested and he left. I went and bought a no soliciting sign that day.

    As far as people coming to my door these days, I immediately turn them away, including Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons and remind them that I have a no soliciting sign. With the JW’s and Mormons I often get a “we’re not trying to sell you anything.” Yes you are. You’re trying to sell me religion. Besides, to solicit is defined as: to ask for or try to obtain (something) from someone.

    So whether you’re coming to my house to ask for a donation, my signature, or my participation in your religion, you’re attempting to solicit me in my book.

    I seriously doubt these two kids were legit considering their behavior. Any legitimate kids wouldn’t have ran away. Unfortunately, with all the scams these days, I don’t give the benefit of the doubt anymore for most of the time the payment options are: you give them cash which they may just keep. You write a check in which they have your bank account and routing number. You give them your credit card number in which they have all the info to easily use it for internet purchases. It’s really a shame as there are people out there trying to do good, but there are a lot of POS that ruined it for them.

  • MJ Hohman August 31, 2014 (9:00 am)

    Just an update on possible time of occurrence for the broken window at White Crane. Evidently it was first noticed by a condo resident in the building on friday morning (8/29).

  • Marty August 31, 2014 (9:22 am)

    We really need a law against door-to-door sales. Does anyone actually want someone at their door trying to sell something? This practice should have left with the Fuller Brush Man.

  • Richard August 31, 2014 (1:49 pm)

    It was also suspicious because the kids showed up at 7pm on a Friday right before the holiday weekend when a lot of people might be away from home. They started running real fast when they saw me dial 911.

  • Phoenix Jones August 31, 2014 (2:47 pm)

    I’ll take it from here….

  • Michelle September 1, 2014 (6:56 pm)

    Is West Seattle High’s football team doing a fundraiser? Just had two young men come by selling some type of gift card.

    • WSB September 1, 2014 (6:57 pm)

      Michelle – did they identify themselves as being with the WSHS team?

      • WSB September 1, 2014 (7:00 pm)

        Update: I did find this on the WSHS website: “The WSHS Football Team is raising funds for their trip to Alaska in September and they would appreciate your support.

        Players will be selling the “Adrenaline Rewards” Discount Card with year-long savings at 17 area businesses (including Subway, Taco Del Mar, Puerto Vallarta, Papa Johns, Kidd Valley, Great Harvest, Jack in the Box, Admiral Chevron, Burger Madness, Stanford’s, IHOP, Little Caesars, The Lodge, Discount Tire, Panda Express, Papa Murphy’s, and Eastbay).

        Sale begins August 28th and will end September 11th. Cost is $20.00 per card. Discount cards are valid through 8/31/2015.

        Please contact Coach Burggraff,, or any player to purchase yours!”
        It did not mention door-to-door sales FWIW.

  • Michelle September 1, 2014 (7:17 pm)

    Yes they did, and that is what they were selling. I hate being suspicious, but when reading the earlier posts, I was concerned. Thanks for the info. I should have looked at the WSHS website but came here instead. :)

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