West Seattle development: Demolition at 4745 40th SW; 3 new teardown/rebuild plans

Demolition-for-redevelopment notes today:

4745 40TH SW TEARDOWN UNDERWAY: Thanks to Maris for the heads-up on Monday that backhoes had taken up position at the 40th/Edmunds project site. They hadn’t started work by day’s end but this afternoon, they’re taking down the office building on site, former home to businesses including what might be West Seattle’s biggest tech firm, Tango Card. (You’ll recall our story last August about its search for a new WS location, which it found not far away, in Jefferson Square.) 4745 40th SW won final Design Review approval in December (WSB coverage here), and applied for the demolition permit in March. is slated for 150 units and 115 parking spaces, with some live-work units and a relatively small commercial space on the ground floor, adjacent to the future city-park site to its north. (That site in turn will soon be the temporary home of Fire Station 32 while that station is rebuilt on its site in The Triangle at 37th/38th/Alaska.)

THREE DEMOLITION-PERMIT NOTES: From the city files today, all in single-family-house projects:

*1 DOWN, 2 UP AT 4316 SW THISTLE: A demolition-permit application is in for the site of this 106-year-old Gatewood house across from the top of the fabled Thistle stairway, as well as early word of two houses to replace it, pending a lot-boundary adjustment which has a case number but no documents on file so far; county data for the 7,500-sf site does show two lot numbers.

*1 DOWN, 1 UP AT 3426 38TH SW: The permit has just been granted for demolition of this 106-year-old bungalow, with a new house slated to replace it.

1 DOWN, 1 UP AT 4707 14TH SW: A demolition permit is sought for this 85-year-old house on 15,000 sf of land, where records show one new house is planned.

5 Replies to "West Seattle development: Demolition at 4745 40th SW; 3 new teardown/rebuild plans"

  • star July 1, 2014 (5:21 pm)

    Just got home, heard a bunch of banging outside my bedroom window, looked outside and notice that this building was demolished. It was definitely an eyesore to look at that old decaying building, but I’m not sure how I feel about all this construction going on outside my window, especially since these new buildings are going to block off my territorial view from 41st Ave facing east.

    WSB (or anyone) – do you know what they plan on doing to that abandoned grassy field on 40th Ave that is located on the right side of this picture? It’s the grass lot that is approximately halfway down 40th Ave on the same side where this demolition is taking place. It’s been fenced off and vacant for years. do they plan on building on the grass lot too?

    • WSB July 1, 2014 (6:00 pm)

      As mentioned in the story and also in lots of past coverage here, future city park but interim fire station.

  • DTK July 1, 2014 (7:35 pm)

    Enjoy the 3 am sirens, Star.

  • Sue July 1, 2014 (11:13 pm)

    I’m guessing I live in the same building as star, except facing west. DTK, the sirens can’t be much worse than the early morning Safeway trucks that one hears from 41st (on the west facing side of the building). It’s certainly not the quietest location to begin with, though the payoff of where it is and the local conveniences is worth it (to me).

  • wsn00b July 2, 2014 (2:05 pm)

    Rumor has it that 3929 SW Kenyon (pending sale) may be soon on the 1 down, 2 up list. If they continue the 2 modern homes trend, that block will be a “showcase” of how a block of modern SFRs will look.

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