Update: House-fire call in 7900 block Delridge Way ‘food on stove’

6:33 PM: Big Seattle Fire response right now to a possible house fire in the 7900 block of Delridge Way SW. More to come.

6:44 PM UPDATE: It was a case of “food on the stove” – lots of smoke, being aired out now.

3 Replies to "Update: House-fire call in 7900 block Delridge Way 'food on stove'"

  • JanS July 18, 2014 (6:48 pm)

    I learned, just recently, that I need to keep a good supply of baking soda in my kitchen near the stove. It sure does make your heart race when you need it, and can’t find it…grease fire put out yesterday :-\

  • Kathy July 18, 2014 (8:02 pm)

    I have an electric ceramic 4 burner stove top but I like to cook most everything on an induction hotplate. I feel much safer using it than the stove top. While the pan gets hot, the cooking surface does not. You can still burn a pan if it is left on high heat unattended, but there is little danger of something catching fire by touching the cooking surface (easy to do if you accidentally turn on a ceramic surface burner when there is something flammable on it). This can be a good solution for seniors who may be a little forgetful about leaving a burner on. I found induction compatible pots at Goodwill and Ikea using a refrigerator magnet to make sure they would work on the induction hotplate.

  • sittingbird July 19, 2014 (5:51 pm)

    More than a third of fire calls to homes are because of unattended food on stove. People never learn.

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