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From the WSB Lost/Found Pets page: Macaw rescued!

A happy-ending story to conclude the night:

After a text this afternoon, we posted a “lost macaw spotted” report on the WSB Lost/Found Pets page. Not much later, a rescue ensued: Merry Myers tells the tale, and shares the photos:

Mya the Macaw flew out of her house up the hill from 47th and Alaska Sts and landed on the highest branches of a tree just off the 47th Ave SW alley – between Alaska and Oregon. The owners tried to call the bird down and soon a crowd from the neighborhood gathered, including a nearby resident who brought her parrot with her to see if the Macaw might be curious enough to come down and investigate:

Tall ladders were offered by the neighbors and the owner climbed way up in the tree with treats, to try and lure her down.

Finally she began to make her way down to him and he eventually managed to grab her and make his way precariously down the tree while the neighbors cheered.

We live in a great neighborhood.

West Seattle Crime Watch: ‘Very large’ copper-wire theft shuts down Delridge Playfield

Delridge Playfield nighttime events have been canceled/relocated TFN because “someone has stolen a very large amount of copper wiring,” according to Seattle Parks spokesperson Joelle Hammerstad. How large? At least 1,200 feet of wiring – which, according to Parks, ran between poles at the playfield. They also believe that the thief/thieves were planning to return – because they had, according to a Parks report, “dismantled more of the system than they were able to take in one session and had broken into other areas preparing to pull even more wire out.” Hammerstad says Parks is asking anyone with information about the theft to call Seattle Police; meantime, the Parks electrical shop is assembling a plan to get the playfield lighting back in operation, but it won’t be easy, says one manager – “this will require research and then a bunch or work to trace and then reinstall this much wire.” No cost estimate yet – we expect to find out more tomorrow.

Seahurst whale updates: No more touching; no removal plan yet

With everything else that’s been happening today, the saga of the dead fin whale at Seahurst Park slid out of the spotlight, but we do have two updates tonight: First, its resting place on the beach has finally been cordoned off to end the spate of illegal touching – thanks to “Diver Laura” James for allowing us to share her photo. Second, authorities are facing extra logistical challenges in trying to remove it, including those posed by what the whale’s carcass is missing – Robin Lindsey from Seal Sitters has been talking with federal and local officials and has an update online here. If you missed the previous coverage, the whale – missing about half of its body, not all lengthwise, so it’s still more than 50 feet long – washed up at Seahurst this past Saturday morning; researchers believe it was hit by a ship, but that might have happened many miles away.

Helicopter over Admiral area

6:21 PM: Don’t know why. Let us know if you are seeing ground activity. One texter guesses it might be photographing the West Seattle Runner run we mentioned earlier – otherwise, no fire/police incidents we can find.

8:43 PM: TV-viewing WSB’ers confirm in comments, that’s indeed what it was.

Boston aftermath: West Seattle Runner’s 6 pm run

ORIGINAL REPORT, 4:52 PM: From Lori McConnell at West Seattle Runner:

Wanted to let you know that we are hosting an impromptu group run tonight at 6 pm at West Seattle Runner as a way to honor our grief/deal with our grief about the Boston Marathon.

WSR is on the northwest corner of California/Charlestown.

(Photo courtesy Tim McConnell)
ADDED: Citywide media came out to cover the event – above, that’s Lori being interviewed. Here’s what KIRO TV wrote about the run.

Small fire in north Delridge neighborhood

April 15, 2013 4:24 pm
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If you’re wondering about a large Seattle Fire Department call-out in the 4000 block of 22nd SW, units responded to reports of light smoke from a residential basement. A “wall fire” was quickly extinguished. Christopher Boffoli checked it out for WSB and sent the photo below, reporting that the home owner was at the residence at the time and no injuries were reported.

Update: ‘Assault with weapons’ call in Arbor Heights

April 15, 2013 2:52 pm
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2:52 PM: Police and fire have responded to 31st and 108th in Arbor Heights – it’s an “assault with weapons” call – details as soon as we get them.

2:56 PM: According to SPD’s Det. Jeff Kappel, this appears to be self-inflicted. No word on the person’s condition; we’re told they are being taken to Harborview Medical Center.

P.S. As we always note in such cases – if you know someone talking about or threatening self-harm, Crisis Clinic is there to help – 24-hour hotline, 206-461-3222.

Seattle Police on Boston bombing aftermath: You ‘may see an increased police presence’

In case you don’t regularly read SPD Blotter, we wanted to pass along this statement from Seattle Police regarding the aftermath of what’s happening in Boston:

Our thoughts are with the people of Boston, the athletes participating in the Boston Marathon and their families.

We have been in communication with the Mayor’s Office and the Office of Emergency Management. We haven’t received any information to indicate that there is a threat to Seattle. Still, we have begun taking reasonable precautions to protect our community. On-duty resources have been directed to increase their patrols in our neighborhoods and around our infrastructure. Seattle residents may see an increased police presence.

We are also asking for public support. Please report any suspicious activity to 911.

The Boston Marathon website says more than 500 participants were from Washington; if you know anyone who’s there, please let us know whether they’re OK. Our partners at The Seattle Times have talked with some people from the region who are in the area.

Can you help West Seattle-area seniors get to health-care appointments?

A call for volunteers, if you can help:

West Seattle residents, let’s hit the roads! Volunteers are needed for Senior Services’ Volunteer Transportation program, which provides many West Seattle seniors with access to important medical care. Using their own vehicles, volunteer drivers offer a personalized touch in driving elderly clients “door to door”– from their home to appointments. This FLEXIBLE volunteer opportunity allows drivers to “open doors” (both figuratively and literally) for those who are unable to drive themselves.

In the month of March, the program was unable to cover an abysmal 33% of the client ride requests received from West Seattle, Highline, and Burien older adults— simply because there weren’t enough volunteers to meet the need of our community. Anyone who owns his/her own vehicle and has daytime availability is encouraged to apply.

For more information, please contact Hilary at (206) 748-7588 or, visit, or check out our blog at If you have the “drive” to help others, this volunteer opportunity is for you!

California/Fauntleroy intersection on Morgan Community Association’s agenda Wednesday

The California/Fauntleroy intersection has been the subject of much discussion since RapidRide led to curb/lane reconfiguration for the stops on its west and north sides and changed traffic patterns – our cameraphone photo was taken while we were stopped behind a bus and a car on northbound California, as another car attempted to get around ours on the right, impossible because of the bus bulb:

How’s the intersection working overall? Are any changes planned beyond the “safety curb” on the west side of the intersection? For this Wednesday’s quarterly meeting of the Morgan Community Association, the intersection’s at the top of the agenda, with a guest from SDOT; if you have questions or concerns, be there. The agenda also includes guests from West Seattle Bike Connections (which just launched a new website), King County Wastewater Treatment Division (updating the Lowman Beach combined-sewer overflow project as it approaches construction), and a variety of other topics. All are welcome – 7 pm Wednesday (April 17), lower-level meeting rooms at The Kenney (7125 Fauntleroy Way SW; WSB sponsor).

West Seattle Monday: Gardening; theater; nightlife; more…

(Steller’s Jay, photographed Saturday by Mark Wangerin)
It’s spring-break week for Seattle Public Schools (and the independent schools following its schedule), but the rest of the calendar isn’t entirely quiet – a few highlights for today/tonight:

DROP-IN BRIDGE: Lifelong Recreation presents drop-in bridge every Monday, 9 am-noon, at Delridge Community Center (4501 Delridge Way SW) – details here.

ART FOR TODDLERS & PRESCHOOLERS: Looking for a new activity for your little one(s)? 11 am-noon on Mondays? You’re welcome to bring her/him/them to this free, fun activity at Neighborhood House’s High Point Center (Sylvan Way & Lanham) – details here.

SUSTAINABLE WEST SEATTLE’S GARDENING SERIES CONTINUES: This spring, Sustainable West Seattle is offering monthly community forums focused on sustainable gardening – and tonight, it’s “Designing the Perfect Garden.” The event starts at 6 pm, at the Community Orchard of West Seattle, on the north end of the South Seattle Community College (6000 16th SW; WSB sponsor) campus.

ARTSWEST ANNOUNCES NEXT SEASON’S LINEUP: It’s a much-awaited night each spring – the night when ArtsWest (4711 California SW) announces the productions for its next season. 7:30 pm tonight at the playhouse, but check ahead if you haven’t already RSVP’d, to see if there’s still room.

NIGHTLIFE: Tonight’s listings will give your brain a workout – two trivia options and pub quiz – see what’s happening where, here!

Update: Cars collide, one flips, at 48th and Andover

(Photos by Christopher Boffoli for WSB)
8:19 AM: If you’ve seen a big emergency response go by, it’s for a “heavy rescue” call at 48th and Andover (map) – a car has flipped. More to come.

8:29 AM: WSB’s Christopher Boffoli reports from the scene that two cars were involved and both drivers are being taken to hospitals. The driver from the Prius that flipped was described via radio as 48 years old and conscious but reporting shoulder pain.

8:51 AM: Authorities say it appeared the Prius was headed southbound and hit on the passenger side – where its airbags deployed – by the eastbound Civic. Avoid the intersection for a while; the tow trucks hadn’t arrived as of our last scene check a short time ago.


April 15, 2013 6:12 am
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(Live view from the east-facing WS Bridge camera; see other cameras on the WSB Traffic page)
Traffic might be a bit lighter this week, since it’s spring break for Seattle Public Schools – though many independent schools are in session, as their spring breaks are already over. Here’s hoping for a trouble-free commute; if you spot a problem and can share the news safely (after arriving at your destination – or on the road IF you are a passenger, not a driver), as always, we appreciate comments, texts, e-mails, whatever works. Thanks!

Seahurst whale: After 2 days of crowds, decision ahead on its fate

(Photos by Nick Adams for WSB)
There may be a decision today on what will, or won’t, be done with the dead fin whale (an endangered species) that has drawn hundreds to the shore of Burien’s Seahurst Park the past two days. WSB contributing photojournalist Nick Adams returned to the beach on Sunday and shows us a scene of tributes and mourning as well as curiosity. Among those bringing flowers, 7-year-old Faith Hunter:

There was also the smelly reality of a multi-ton carcass, as Lucas Brooks noticed:

Some simply stood quietly to observe, and pay respects:

Fishing buddies Kyle Thope, right, and Corey Wiggins took a closeup look:

Ruby Rose (photo below) said she was gleaning information from the whale.

She told Nick, “I can receive information through my heart and my hands, and sometimes my third eye. … Whales are living libraries downloading information to me.” Others learned from the scene in a more conventional manner – Steve Knapp was there with his 7-year-old daughter Sera:

Read More

West Seattle giving: The Cove School’s gifts for Treehouse

Generosity’s breaking out all over West Seattle – and starting at a very young age! Renée Metty from The Cove School sends word of a big gift from her little students:

The Cove School delivered 2 barrels of toys and clothes for Treehouse for Kids. Our Junior K visited Treehouse last month so they could see where their donations would go and to see what Treehouse needed. The Junior K decided to run a drive for Jeans and toys for our school. The whole school brought in donations and our Junior K went back (Friday) to deliver the items. In addition to basic items like food, clothing and toys, The Cove School is committed to contributing time and talents. As one of our values, generosity is one of the core elements to success.

Treehouse provides advocacy and assistance for foster children.