West Seattle Crime Watch: Bicycle thief on cam; motorcycle rolled away; stolen truck found

When the Belvidere armed robbery happened on Thursday – no updates so far today – that coverage postponed our semi-daily West Seattle Crime Watch reader-report roundup. Here’s what was in queue:

Victims and police are trying to identify that bicycle thief caught in the act on a private security camera at an East Alki condo building. He is believed to have stolen one bike on January 18th while also trying to break into storage units; the image is from an early-morning return on January 27th. Call police if you have any tips on his identity.

Meantime, be on the lookout for this motorcycle:

It was stolen this week from a yard near 20th/Barton; its owner says the thief “left a Novarra mountain bike in exchange.” The motorcycle didn’t even have fuel in the tank, so it was rolled away, down an alley. If you see it, let police know.

One car-prowl reader report: Katherine says it happened Wednesday night in the 8000 block of 36th Ave SW: “Primary object stolen was a Champion Generator. If you have any information regarding this theft please contact the Seattle Police Department.”

Meantime, Chris tells us his neighbor’s stolen pickup – reported here Wednesday – has been found, “near the Tug Inn” by Delridge/Orchard.

10 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Bicycle thief on cam; motorcycle rolled away; stolen truck found"

  • Eric February 1, 2013 (11:06 am)

    Whenever I come here and see cmaera footage of someone committing a crime, I bookmark it on my phone in case I see someone that looks like the person. I still have those two girls who used stolen credit cards at Target, bookmarked on my phone. BTW is there any update as to what happened to them, since people called in with their names to the detective?

  • LFauntleroy February 1, 2013 (12:28 pm)

    uggh. what a loser Hope somebody knows him. Im sharing it on my Facebook wall.

  • fauntleroy fairy February 1, 2013 (1:04 pm)

    Looks like a bad haircut. With that kind of a mug he’ll get caught.

  • robwestseattle February 1, 2013 (2:18 pm)

    Look at that jacket he’s wearing. I’ll bet he loves that winter jacket right now. That thin grey line along the arms is going to be easy to spot…

  • schwaggy February 1, 2013 (2:56 pm)

    His coat is pretty unique because of that stripe. If he’s as dumb as he looks, he’ll keep wearing it.

  • smokeycretin9 February 1, 2013 (4:29 pm)

    Motorcycle was found! They found it on 21st and Barton in the back yard. The blue house, next to the one with the Tibetan flags. Watch out! Your neighbors are stealing from the neighbors.

  • Catsup on Liberty Fries February 1, 2013 (6:26 pm)

    Is that the dude who skipped class at moron school?

  • Rebecca February 1, 2013 (11:18 pm)

    This is just getting ridiculous. What has happened to West Seattle? In the 80’s and 90’s, we never had to worry about any of this crap. Why aren’t SPD doing more?!

  • MAS February 2, 2013 (6:21 am)

    Actually, my neighbors. who have been here for the last 50 years, tell me that crime used to be worse in West Seattle, not better. The difference is reporting. In the 80s and 90s almost none of you would have heard about these crimes unless you were reading the blotter back then.

  • timh2o February 2, 2013 (12:04 pm)

    I agree with Mas regarding crime rate. One never would have heard of a most of these crimes. Darn the blog!

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