Marriage, marijuana, charter schools: How West Seattle voted

With final election results certified last week, analysts are digging deep into the official numbers. Our partners at The Seattle Times have drawn up maps showing how the vote went on three key ballot measures – marriage equality, marijuana, and charter schools. With permission, we’ve excerpted the West Seattle views – for marriage Referendum 74 (approved with a 7-point margin statewide), above, and marijuana Initiative 502 (approved with an 11-point margin statewide), below, dark green meant 60 percent or more voted to approve, light green meant 50 to 60 percent, and as you can see, both measures were very popular in West Seattle. (Click any image to get the full zoomable regional view as a PDF.)

For charter-schools Initiative 1240, below this paragraph, which passed by one percentage point statewide, West Seattle was mostly against it – dark red meant 60 percent or more voting no, pink is a 50-60 no vote, and the shades of green are the same “yes” percentages as the above two measures:

The Times also did a map for the governor’s race – click here to see it (PDF). And they have four separate updates analyzing the regional vote in these issues/races, on their Politics Northwest page. And if you want to check out the numbers in as-granular-as-it-gets form, the local precinct breakouts are available via the King County Elections website.

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  • Ann December 4, 2012 (7:04 am)

    Thank you, WSB, for posting the connection to the King County Elections website with the precinct results. I need to apologize because I reposted the link on Facebook without crediting you as my source for the link. I could probably have searched for the link myself, but you made it so easy. Thanks for all the community service you provide. When we were traveling in Europe last month, I kept tabs with home by following you! Again, thanks!

    • WSB December 4, 2012 (7:26 am)

      Thanks for the “confession” :) And great to hear we can be of help. – TR

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