Another BEX IV list tweak: Current Schmitz Park school’s future

It’s a question that’s been asked by many, including its namesake family: What will happen to Schmitz Park Elementary if the BEX IV levy passes and it moves to a new, to-be-built school on the current Genesee Hill site? The Schmitz family, which donated the site to Seattle Public Schools decades ago, has told the board in a letter and in person that it wants to see the current SP building remain a public school. Today, a new notation on the BEX IV project list (see it here) linked from the updated agenda for Wednesday’s board meeting reflects that. The entry for Schmitz Park now says:

Schmitz Park Elementary @ Genesee Hill with repurposing of Schmitz Park building for elementary seats

That still doesn’t say whether it would become a new neighborhood school or perhaps the yet-to-be-designated home for the new K-5 STEM elementary currently, temporarily housed at Boren on Delridge. (No change to the new language we have already noted regarding Arbor Heights Elementary’s rebuild scheduled for 2018 but “earlier if feasible.”) We’ll be checking tomorrow, and we’ll see what happens when the board takes its vote this Wednesday (meeting starts 4:15 pm at district HQ, public comment at 5, and this will be one of the items after that, probably post-6 pm).

15 Replies to "Another BEX IV list tweak: Current Schmitz Park school's future"

  • NWmama November 5, 2012 (9:42 pm)

    I hope they wouldn’t call the genesse hill school “Schmitz park at genesse hill”. A school at the current Schmitz park location should continue to be called “Schmitz park” since it is bordering the namesake.

  • monosyllabic girl November 5, 2012 (9:50 pm)

    Hmm, 2018 let’s see…Schmitz Park@Genesee Hill with repurposing of Genesee Hill@Schmitz Park. Makes sense. Then there’s always the trifecta of Roxhill@Arbor Heights@Fairmount, formerly K-5 Stem@Fairmount now back to K-5 Stem@Boren. Private schools just keep looking more appealing when I think of options for my class of 2015 kindergartener.

  • raincity November 5, 2012 (9:56 pm)

    Schmitz Park Elementary should be rebuilt AT Schmitz Park

  • J November 5, 2012 (11:22 pm)

    I am excited to have a new building at the Genesee site, no matter what the call it.

  • MSW November 5, 2012 (11:30 pm)

    Repurposing? Schmitz Park at Genesee Hill. How about Schmitz Park at Schmitz Park. Fix the school and leave the name where it belongs. We are pay these people for this?

  • george November 5, 2012 (11:37 pm)

    Schmitz Park should be rebuilt AT Schmitz Park. No STEM at that location, keep it a neighborhood school. They have an outstanding legacy and should be entitled to keep it.
    No to SPEAGH.

  • Jack Loblaw November 6, 2012 (6:03 am)

    If the school district does not want to have a school at Schmitz Park maybe the Schmitz family should have a lawyer take a good look at the agreement that donated the land and see if they can take their land back since the school district is not following the intent of the donation.

  • MarMAr November 6, 2012 (8:35 am)

    Make sure you vote NO on 1240, or properites like this one can be sold under market value for the charter devils!!!!

  • Todd November 6, 2012 (9:07 am)

    Let’s not get wrapped up on the name. Schmitz Park @ Genesee Hill simply identifies the current situation, not the future name of a school.

    The school board is saying the Schmitz Park location WILL continue to be used. Most of our WS elementary schools are bursting at the seams, STEM doesn’t have a permanent home yet…I’m not worried about the Schmitz Park building being needed.

  • E November 6, 2012 (10:14 am)

    Yes on 1240!!!!

  • Trying! November 6, 2012 (10:25 am)

    What does this mean? ‘with repurposing of Schmitz Park building for elementary seats’. Isn’t it already purposed with elementary seats?

    • WSB November 6, 2012 (10:50 am)

      Trying! – that means they’re committing to keeping it as a school. That was NOT clear previously. Don’t know how binding it is, but it is at least a written commitment that even after the “new” Schmitz Park @ Genesee opens in 2015, the original campus will be some kind of elementary school.

  • Nick November 6, 2012 (3:15 pm)

    LEAVE SCHMITZ PARK ELEMENTARY AT SCHMITZ PARK! That’s messed up to move it to Genesee, just move the Stem to Genesee and leave Schmitz where it is.

  • J November 6, 2012 (11:42 pm)

    This is good news. We’re getting a new school, while not losing an existing school. Details, names, logistics aside, this will provide more space, better space, in a neighborhood with a lot of children. This helps the viability of the levy. Why complain?

  • 1 of the 1000's of SP Parents November 7, 2012 (11:50 am)

    J – I agree!! We need more seats. Personally, I think the Schmitz Park site is extraordinary. I wish that the school could be rebuilt on site because it’s so unique. But logistically, it makes sense to build at Genessee, the building is unoccupied, we don’t need to move students during the build. I’m glad that there will continue to be kids learning next to our beautiful park and there will be other children in a brand new, state of the art building. My kids won’t be at either school, they’ll be in middle school by the time this all plays out (and then there will be a shortage of middle school seats…). I’m happy that there will be a new school, whatever the name turns out to be AND there will continue to be students at Schmitz Park. From my observations, whatever elementary you are involved at, we all are passionate about it. Seems to me that wherever new bounderies are drawn or buildings should take our kids in the future, you are bound to find like-minded community wherever you land. Really, we are lucky to live in West Seattle – period. When my kids are done, I plan to volunteer at Sanislo, where I went to school as a child.

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