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West Seattle coyote updates: Latest sightings; federal followup

A two-part update tonight regarding West Seattle coyotes: First, thanks to everyone who has shared recent sightings, which we’ll be adding to the map that debuted here back in May, with locations of the sighting reports we’ve received periodically since 2007. Nothing particularly unusual about the latest sightings – just further proof that coyotes are all over the peninsula; the sightings included the Admiral District, Seaview, Gatewood, West Seattle High School vicinity, Hamilton Viewpoint vicinity, Arbor Heights. One included a warning from a Fauntleroy resident who believes a coyote killed their cat in late July; their neighbor heard a commotion and found the cat in his driveway, three days after another local family lost a pet. The resident says, “People should be warned to keep their pets inside at night, especially.”

That brings us to the Seola Beach situation we first reported in late June, after learning that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services division had been called in to investigate the possibility of “aggressive coyotes” (here’s our original report). We finally got back in touch with Wildlife Services’ regional assistant director Ken Gruver late last week after a few bouts of protracted phone tag. He in turn checked in with the field agent who was reported to be working with neighbors upset by coyote attacks on two dogs last spring.

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From Burma to West Seattle: 40 paintings at Alki Arts this Friday

August 6, 2012 9:19 pm
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(Photo courtesy Camille McDorman)
Camille McDorman is back home in West Seattle for a short visit from Burma/Myanmar, where she works for an education nonprofit she says is “focused on supporting leaders in civil society (aka those who are working for positive change in one of the most isolated and oppressed countries in the modern world).” She brought along 40 paintings by eight Burmese artists who, Camille says, “have been painting for decades but have been unable to show their work publicly due to the political control and sensitivity that had reigned in the country until the recent political changes …” To show and sell the paintings, Camille and her family are holding an exhibition at Alki Arts (2820 Alki SW) this Friday, August 10th, 4-9 pm, with all profits are going directly to the artists. (For more information, check out the Facebook event page.)

West Seattle scene: City Fruit harvest helper, with an audience

Before the season’s over, we wanted to remind you again that City Fruit is harvesting fruit from trees in West Seattle this summer – like the one in the Arbor Heights backyard whose owner shared the picture of Dusty‘s recent visit. As noted here a month ago, City Fruit will harvest extra fruit for donation to local food banks and meal programs; if you’re willing to share unsprayed, healthy fruit from your tree(s), contact them at

West Seattle orthodontist Dr. Heidi Horwitz: New WSB sponsor

Today we’re welcoming one of our newest sponsors, West Seattle orthodontist Dr. Heidi Horwitz, DDS. Here’s what she would like you to know:

Just call Dr. Heidi Horwitz “The Tooth Whisperer”! She was in private dental practice for 16 years, including time as a clinic instructor and associate professor at the University of Washington School of Dentistry, before selling that practice in 1999 to enter the UW Graduate Orthodontics Program, from which she graduated in 2001. Dr. Horwitz explains, “Most orthodontists go immediately out of dental school into orthodontic training. My 16 years as a general dentist and instructor gave me unique and valuable experience that I apply every minute of every day in my orthodontic practice.”

Dr. Horwitz adds, “I love what I do and I care about delivering the best results possible, and my patients can see that. I believe that our patients deserve my full attention in one convenient location. We are NOT an orthodontic factory cranking out braces in every neighborhood in Seattle; but we ARE a boutique style practice with the skills to develop and deliver treatment that is designed to meet each individual’s needs and level of complexity. I enjoy taking the time to explain recommended treatment and answering questions because I want to educate each patient about their options. I also want to assure that each patient knows that they are heard so that each individual’s concerns and treatment goals are addressed. My staff and I value and enjoy the interactions we have with our patients, their families, and their friends, and those sentiments are reciprocated!”

Dr. Horwitz has long been active with a variety of organizations. In the industry, that includes: the American Dental Association, American Association of Orthodontists, Washington State Dental Association, Washington State Society of Orthodontists, Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, Seattle King County Dental Society, and Northwest Study Club. She currently serves on three boards – on the Seattle King County Dental Foundation Board, on the Dean’s Club Board for the University of Washington School of Dentistry, and as president of the University of Washington Orthodontic Alumni Association.

In the community, she is active with the Rotary Club of West Seattle, including serving as its fundraising chair. Her office is at 4400 California SW in The Junction; you can call for an appointment at 206-938=9380; find her online here, and on Facebook here.

We thank Dr. Heidi Horwitz, DDS for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

Fire Station 36 upgrade: Design open house planned this month

August 6, 2012 3:58 pm
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The city made the rounds of northeastern West Seattle community groups a year and a half ago to talk about work planned for Fire Station 36, the station by the West Seattle Bridge and the north end of Delridge. Now, as the project gets closer to construction, you are invited to a design open house later this month: The station will open its doors 2-4 pm on August 26th. The project, as described here and during those meetings in early 2011 (North Delridge coverage here, Pigeon Point here), will involve seismic/safety upgrades and a small building addition to handle decontamination, among other functions, all funded by the 2003 fire levy. While the work is done, station equipment and personnel will relocate to temporary quarters on the same site.

New website showcases small stores where you can ‘Buy Fresh’

West Seattle and White Center have grocery stores where you can buy fresh food – but, as is often reported, it’s challenging to find fresh food if you don’t live near one of those big stores. To help people “Buy Fresh” wherever they are in this area, the White Center Community Development Association has just launched a new website with information about 13 markets in Delridge, High Point, and White Center. Check out the site here – and read the official announcement, ahead:Read More

Followup: Middle College HS, K-5 STEM will not share Boren

West Seattle’s smallest public high school, Middle College HS, will not be sharing the Boren Building campus in Delridge with the new K-5 STEM elementary school after all – another location for MCHS has been found instead. That’s according to an announcement by West Seattle’s school-board rep Marty McLaren, confirmed by Seattle Public Schools spokesperson Teresa Wippel, though both say the new location cannot be publicly disclosed yet.

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Memorial next month for Alki activist Ada Hallberg, 1924-2012

Ada Hallberg will be remembered September 16th at Alki UCC, where, as her family says in this remembrance announcing her death, she was a lifelong member:

“There is a joy in holding close to our inheritance, but even a greater pleasure in continuing the feelings of community” – Ada Hallberg

Ada Hallberg, Alki girl, loving wife, wonderful mother and tireless grassroots activist died peacefully on June 22, 2012 at the age of 87, three and a half months after the passing of her husband, Robert.

Born in Seattle, Washington on August 6, 1924 to Grace and John Woodhouse, Ada was raised at Alki Beach with her two siblings, Neal and Nancy, attended Alki Elementary, James Madison and West Seattle High School. She graduated from the UW where she was a member of Sigma Kappa. She was a lifetime member of Alki Church since 1941 and this is where she met Bob. Together they built a life of love, laughter, family, and commitment to their heritage.

Inspired by her love for the neighborhood where she was raised, Ada gathered stories about the area and the people; “The combination of these places on the land and in the woods beside the bay was vital to our lives …. Most of us who went to Alki School were firmly grounded … when we grew up and left Alki, we knew who we were, where we belonged and where we wanted to return.”

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West Seattle businesses: Twilight Artist Collective for sale

August 6, 2012 10:20 am
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Just announced to their mailing list: Twilight Artist Collective in The Junction is for sale, four and a half years after moving into the SW Alaska space just west of Easy Street Records. Their announcement:

The time has come for Mary Enslow, Cheryl Robinson, and Erin Staffeld to pass the TwAC torch! Life has opened some new doors for us all and we’re personally headed in some wonderful new directions – babies, different art ventures, and the great unknown!

We are EXCITED (and a little sad too), to announce that Twilight Artist Collective is ready for some fresh blood.

Twilight Artist Collective is on the market for $30,000, and this will include the following:

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West Seattle Monday: Trash; traffic; voting; business reopens…

Forgive us one last Blue Angels photo (shared via Flickr) … Doug B caught support C-130 “Fat Albert” after its final run on Sunday – a crew member always pops up from the top hatch as it taxis, waving the flag. (We’re checking on their Seattle departure schedule – it’s usually post-Seafair Tuesday. Update: they left this morning.) Now, on to highlights from the WSB West Seattle Events Calendar for today/tonight … plus updates on ongoing stories:

TRASH/RECYCLING ‘BACK TO NORMAL’: That’s what Waste Management spokesperson Robin Freedman told us on Sunday after we checked back to see if Monday/Tuesday customers would get any catchup for recycling this week. So whatever service you would NORMALLY get today or tomorrow, plan for that – plus extra – on your pickup morning, advises WM. And if you are missed (including if you were a Wednesday customer who did NOT get catchup service on Saturday), the city says you can report it online – go here (look for the link at upper left).

TRAFFIC ALERT FOR TONIGHT: Southbound 99/Alaskan Way Viaduct will NOT be closed tonight (or tomorrow) because the westbound Spokane Street Viaduct WILL be closed those two nights (meaning no West Seattle Bridge access from I-5 or Beacon Hill).

BALLOT DROPOFF VAN: Second-to-last day to get your ballot mailed (must have stamps) or dropped off (no stamps needed) – you can do the latter without leaving West Seattle; go to the southwest side of the West Seattle Stadium parking lot (turn off 35th just south of Avalon), 10 am-5 pm and look for the “ballot dropoff van” (here’s our story, with a photo, from Friday). Tomorrow’s your last chance to vote, and the van will be back 7 am-8 pm.

BUSINESS REOPENS IN NEW LOCATION: The photo above is from Young at Art proprietor Theresa, taken inside their new location at Fauntleroy/Raymond, where they’re reopening today, about a week after moving from the future development site at 42nd/Alaska/California. She says they’ll have “open studio” and art camps resuming today, with their “action painting room” returning in a few weeks. Phone number’s the same (206-937-0736), and she says there’s still room in art camp the second and third week of this month.

WOMEN’S STANDUP-PADDLEBOARD NIGHT: At Alki Kayak Tours at Seacrest Boathouse, 6-9 pm, tonight and every summer Monday night.

BALLROOM DANCING @ KENYON HALL: Balorico’s new session of classes starts tonight; details here.