West Seattle Crime Watch: 3 thefts – painting, iPhone, scooter

Three West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports tonight. First – have you seen the painting at right? If so, police need to know. Its artist, Mariel, says it was on display at the Admiral Theater – until someone stole it:

Recently, I put up a few paintings inside the Admiral Theater. They’ve been up now for a few months. Last week however, I went to the theater to watch a movie. I looked at my art as I walked by, and everything appeared in place. Upon exiting, I started chatting with Dinah, the manager. She mentioned how much people love the paintings, etc. She mentioned one of them.

As I looked over, my boyfriend & I both noticed it was missing.

Mariel’s report continues – along with two other reported West Seattle thefts – ahead:

I was trying to be optimistic, and assumed someone had purchased the painting. Dinah then asked her employees about if it was purchased & the following day got back to me. To my heartbreak, I found out my painting of ‘John Waters’ had not been sold; but instead stolen!

Mariel asks that if you “saw any strange activity by a patron in the theatre” or perhaps saw the the painting before a film and then not afterward – or have seen it anywhere (the date of the theft is not known) – please let her, or The Admiral, or police know. “It was one of my favorite paintings & I spent a lot of time & work creating it. I love West Seattle… So, I will continue to have my art on display inside the Admiral for the meantime. As I’m assuming this was a random a**hole.”
She’s at mariel424@hotmail.com.

Next, Ted’s iPhone theft saga:

So last night I had left my iPhone in car by mistake – and someone snagged it along with the change in my ashtray here in West Seattle near 46th & Findlay SW. I used the iPhone locator service this morning to discover it was in the University district at a particularly rundown stretch of halfway houses and such – and despite having information as to nearly exactly where the phone is – there’s little to nothing police can do to help. You can send messages to the iPhone to communicate with your thief – and offer him a reward, but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten with no response.

Beware that our West Seattle neighborhoods are targeted by scumbags from other places to fuel their drug habits or whatever….surprised anyone would be out stealing stuff on that stormy night – guess I’m the naïve one.

What’s a stolen iPhone worth? I have locked it remotely, but meanwhile I’m in phone purgatory and may have to cancel both my business trip & family vacation to sort out this crapola……and I have the added worry of identity theft. Take care of yourselves, neighbors….

And finally – somebody stole a scooter belonging to Megan‘s child:

My 7-year-old’s Razor Motor Scooter was stolen from our front porch on Sunday (7/1). Silver with red writing. Across the street from Highland Park Elementary.

3 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: 3 thefts - painting, iPhone, scooter"

  • Jack July 4, 2012 (7:28 am)

    I left my car unlocked last week and someone went through it but there wasn’t anything for them to steal. This was at 44th and Raymond, fairly close to the address listed above.

  • Brian July 4, 2012 (7:57 am)

    I’ve seen the red scooter on 42nd between Edmonds and Hudson laying in the grass. I’ll go look for it again now!

  • Brian July 4, 2012 (8:30 am)

    Just walked around a block in both directions looking for the scooter and it is not there anymore. Sorry.

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