West Seattle Crime Watch: 4 reader reports

Four West Seattle Crime Watch reports from the past few days – one prowling report, one burglary, and two car break-ins, all reported by WSB’ers. Read on for their firsthand reports:

From Janet in Genesee:

A neighbor and I witnessed a teen male in our alley and my driveway at 11 am today who got away in a dark (black or navy blue) sedan with license AAM ####. (It looked like a modest older sedan, and we did not see if it had chrome wheels.) The driver had short black hair, a bit taller than his accomplice, age 18-22, and white. The accomplice was seen trying our locked Prius driver door handle and was wearing an untucked Seahawks jersey and dark jeans, hgt was about 5’5” to 5’8”, lean build, age 17-20, black (neighbor says lighter complexioned). A honk signalled that it was time to go (and to possibly duck from neighbor’s view). The car was initially parked at the top of the alley out of street view. They were fast on the getaway. A big thank you to my neighbor who just as quickly called 911.

From Amanda in Seaview:

Writing to report a daytime burglary on the 5900 block of 44th [Thursday]. Entry through a backyard access window to the garage. Evidence that thief attempted to pry open back door with a BBQ tool. Burglar locked family dog in garage while they scoured the house, ransacking the master bedroom, ultimately taking a Nikon D7000 camera, an iPad, Kindle, jewelry, 2 designer purses and 2 pairs of preserved original Air Jordans. Thief appears to have left out of the front door. Police looked for prints; however, appears he/she was wearing gloves.

From Mary in High Point:

I live on the 6700 block of 34th Ave SW – When I took my dog out (Thursday) morning I noticed both of my rear passenger doors were ajar. I had about 4 bags of clothes taken that I had planned on selling/donating in the backseat. Also, the thief tried to steal my daughter’s pack and play but couldn’t get it out of the car. The glove compartment and all the other usual places were searched too. Luckily they left my daughter’s car seat. Anyways, just wanted to report this so you can let your readers know to look out. This isn’t the first time prowlers have looked in our cars – usually we keep them unlocked because we’d rather deal with stuff missing than broken windows, and we usually don’t keep anything of high value in our cars ever, but I feel like the frequency is getting worse.

From Michael, a few blocks away:

Auto break-ins at 6300 Block of 37th. Two trucks that I know of including mine had drivers side windows broken out and loose items stolen. Both loose items.They were both duffel bags. Mine was hidden behind seat containing static line and ratchet straps. keep your eyes out for prowlers, people!

Again, these are just the incidents that people have e-mailed to share news of – we hope you’re never a victim, but if something happens, once you’ve reported it to the police, you’re also welcome to share it here – editor@westseattleblog.com.

4 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: 4 reader reports"

  • operator May 26, 2012 (8:21 am)

    I know a lot of things go without saying like locking your doors and such, a couple of tips I have given to a community I serve is this: on ebay you can buy fake security cameras (pack of 3) for less than $30 dollars, they look like the real thing with a blinking LED lights and some even move back and forth..while they may be fake, they are a deterent if placed where it’s highly visible. You can do the same with your car if you cannot afford a car alarm by just buying a battery operated LED light. As usual, as the weather gets better, crime gets worse.

  • East Coast Cynic May 26, 2012 (7:02 pm)

    If you can buy a car and pay for its maintenance, a car alarm is a small investment to prevent the headache of dealing with windshield/car damage. Stickers indicating such and keeping the valuables out go a long way to discourage vermin break-ins.

  • Michael May 27, 2012 (8:45 am)

    My truck has a blinking light. It did not deter the thief.

  • E May 29, 2012 (5:05 am)

    Just a reminder eveyone, although I’m sure it goes without saying. When you see someone, especially when a “solicitor” comes to your door, get a description, watch where they go, and call it in. Some have been picked up by the time they finish their block! How nice would that be. They should be able to show you reasonable proof of who they are and what their business is. Take their picture when they aren’t at your house. Every little bit helps. We are watching…

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