1 finalist drops out, 2 left for Seattle Public Schools superintendent

Our partners at The Seattle Times report that one of the three finalists for Seattle Public Schools superintendent, Steven Enoch, has dropped out. He was the only one who’d worked in our state previously. That leaves José Banda of Anaheim (left) and Dr. Sandra Husk of Salem (right). The Times reports that the School Board is scheduled to meet tonight to discuss them; their next open public meeting is Wednesday. (And if you’d like to talk with West Seattle’s board member Marty McLaren about this or another issue, she’s having her next community-conversation meeting at 1:15 pm today at the Admiral library branch.)

ADDED 2:11 PM: The district has sent out an official media advisory announcing that Enoch dropped out.

Steven Enoch, one of three finalists for Seattle Public Schools Superintendent, announced on Saturday night that he is withdrawing his candidacy.

A statement from School Board President Michael DeBell: “We enjoyed getting to know all three of our finalists last week and we are disappointed to learn that Mr. Enoch has withdrawn his candidacy. I want to thank Mr. Enoch for his interest in Seattle Public Schools and his commitment to public education. We know this is a two-way process and we want to find a leader who is a good fit for Seattle, and who believes Seattle is a good fit for them.”

The Seattle School Board meets tonight in closed session to continue discussions. For more information on the search process, please visit bit.ly/SuperintendentSearchSite.

The district included the full text of Enoch’s withdrawal e-mail – read on:

After much consideration I have decided to withdraw my candidacy for the Superintendent of Schools position. This decision is strictly a personal decision as I have concluded that what Seattle needs is a younger person, potentially able to provide longer stability and direction for the district. I as told you in our discussions what I wanted was whatever was best for school district and I believe this is best. I believe you have two very viable candidates that will better meet the long-term needs of the district.

I’m not quite certain what I will do after I leave San Ramon, but I’ll find ways to pursue my interests in urban education, global connectedness and leadership development, perhaps from the outside, if not the inside of public education. Kristin and I may still relocate back up to the Pacific Northwest, so perhaps our paths will cross again.

Please know that I greatly appreciate the hospitality that was shown to Kristin and me. I loved the tours of the schools, meeting with staff, students and community leaders. I most enjoyed meeting each of you as you are all wonderful individuals, who give unselfishly so very much to the the children of Seattle. The city and the district are fortunate to have your leadership.

I wish you all the best and again, I thank you for your consideration.

5 Replies to "1 finalist drops out, 2 left for Seattle Public Schools superintendent"

  • Public School Advocate April 29, 2012 (12:44 pm)

    As posted earlier on Seattle Schools Community Forum:

    What a shame! I thought Enoch was what our district needed NOW. He’s experienced and could jump right in and provide the leadership we need NOW and provide the “healing work” that is needed too. I’d be happy with my #2 Banda, yet he’s going to have a ramp up period we will need to accept. Give him a few years and he appears to have the demeanor and leadership style to be an excellent Sup. Please, please SPS Board; don’t cave to the corporate ed reformers and go with Husk. You will have a very unhappy group of constituents. We can not afford to have such a polarizing individual like her at the helm.

  • Band geek's mom April 29, 2012 (1:17 pm)

    If ANY of them were to drop out, he is the LAST one I would want to do that! The (real) community of parents and citizens have come out in support of his warm and honest style, his experience and his scruples. Some speculate it is because the district tried to counter our support by (belatedly) claiming the Community Focus Group would make a recommendation (something that was clearly ruled out when the district laid out the process in March).

    I don’t blame him for not wanting to sully his shoes stepping into the mess that is our district controlled by businesmen, politicians, and wealthy donors whose kids don’t even attend our schools. I hope he reconsiders, after hearing from distraught parents who NEED him to help our children have a happy, quality education.

  • 4thGenWestSide April 29, 2012 (1:29 pm)

    Enoch sounds like the only smart one for dropping out. Let’s get him back and hire him.

  • Dave April 29, 2012 (5:27 pm)

    It’s deja vu time. Didn’t MGJ get the job because the others dropped out?

  • SPS Parent April 30, 2012 (8:40 am)

    They say Husk is a good fit because she “knows how we do things in the PNW” maybe that’s what we DO NOT NEED!!! Hire Banda!

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