2 weeks till West Seattle Community Centers’ new egg-hunt event

With two weeks till Easter weekend, it’s time to make plans — so we’re reminding you about a big change this year for the West Seattle area’s city-run Community Centers, as first reported here last month. Instead of multiple egg hunts, they’re joining forces for one big event at Southwest Athletic Complex (2801 SW Thistle, just east of the former SW Community Center). It’s a festival-style event 11:30 am-3 pm on Saturday, April 7th, with egg hunts for all ages, plus bouncy toys, face-painting, games, and even a concert by Caspar Babypants. There’s an admission charge – $3/person if you buy a wristband in advance at your local community center, $5/person the day of the event. (This is one of the Easter-weekend events already on the newly remodeled WSB Events calendar, and we’re continuing to add more.)

6 Replies to "2 weeks till West Seattle Community Centers' new egg-hunt event"

  • visitor March 24, 2012 (10:35 pm)

    This is unfortunate! Community events around the peninsula, at the various community centers, were a great way to get out and meet neighbors and families. While the city wants us to stay local, they are consolidating all the community center events so we have to get in our cars to drive somewhere, instead of walking to our community event. And no, we can’t ride our bikes with the babies and toddlers. And it’s inconvenient for great-granny and great-grampy to steer their walkers at the big jumbo-style event. Remind me again: why did I vote for every single parks levy since 1999?

  • Lolaleah March 25, 2012 (12:41 am)

    I agree with visitor. My son attends the preschool at sw cc. When the director told me about how many people they were expecting I cringed. We won’t be attending this ear because of other plans but probably wouldn’t be going anyway due to it being so large. I like the small community gatherings where you can mingle and get to know people in your hood.

  • WS March 25, 2012 (3:42 am)

    Are they charging for adults too??? Person seems inclusive adults and if so what do they get to do?

  • HBE March 25, 2012 (7:28 pm)

    Yes, is per person for adults? I saw another Easter event that said per person and it wasn’t clear if it was for adults either. Why would they charge for everybody instead of just the kids? That means if you have other family that wants to be there to see your child(ren) experience the festivities they all have to pay, just to watch them? That seems wrong. I hope that’s not the case. It should be for kids 12 and under or something.

    • WSB March 25, 2012 (7:35 pm)

      I won’t be able to get an answer to that till tomorrow. The events for which the local community center charges, such as standalone kids’ concerts, are usually per person, whether adult or child, but I’ll be able to confirm that tomorrow. – TR

  • Being the Change April 4, 2012 (3:33 pm)

    Seems that you folks have not heard that all of the Community Center Assistant Coordinators have been taken out of the Centers and put into offices lessing the capcity to do events. Management has reduced hours of operation and staffing, seem if you don’t like this model you should let the powers that be know, what your concerns are. As far as pricing I am not sure what other events folks attend for FREE. Even though a big event may not work for you it is a critial mass that the City has to look at not just the folks in West Seattle that are priveleged and use to special services that other communities don’t recieve. If you want to see how the other side live go to Rainier or Van Asselt and see what those kids are not getting. Still if that does not work, why not have a hunt in your back yard and invite your neighbors and see if there is not cost to you for doing that .. More budget cuts next year maybe you will fight for your center then. It to late now to change yesterday

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