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West Seattle snow: Sunday night notes; more photos, video

Though the snow has stopped, the temperature is dropping, and the concern now turns to icy roads. Fewer will be on those roads tomorrow than most Mondays, since it is the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday, with schools out and governments closed, but many will still be out there headed to work. SDOT promises it will have full crews working on major roadways overnight; we photographed the snowplow above in The Junction just before dusk. If you plan to use transit, note that Metro is on snow routes again tomorrow, and also a reduced-weekday schedule for the holiday. We haven’t heard of business closures yet – we had some today in our afternoon coverage – but if you do, please let us know (, or the comments section here) so we can help get the word out.

Meantime, we’re still going through more photos received this afternoon. Yes, there are people sleeping outside in the snow; WSB Forums members who visited the “Nickelsville” encampment in Highland Park this afternoon took photos:

That’s from Munchkin22. The current camp population includes children and teens, we are told, who worked on this snowman:

You can join the discussion about donating warm clothing and blankets, if interested in helping – here’s the Forums topic. The Union Gospel Mission also is collecting blankets to help homeless people; last night they were scheduled to be out in the White Center area, looking for people sleeping outdoors.

Also from Highland Park, the future Westcrest Park expansion atop the now-covered West Seattle Reservoir has been inaugurated as a sledding spot. Deanie Schwarz caught it on video:

Deanie reports; “Paul Chu of Highland Park walked with daughter Sofia (3 years old) and neighborhood friends’ son Diego (9 years old) to the park. Chu told us it was a great safe place for young and older kids. He also said the sledding spot was free and that’s always better than a snow day up at Snoqualmie which can run well over $50 for permits and cards. ”

ADDED 11:30 PM: We’ve gone back through the mailboxes and there are still so many photos and videos to share. Adding a few after the jump, as one more look back at a snowy Sunday (with more to come, forecasters all seem to agree):

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Sacrifices honored as Vietnamese Cultural Center memorial is dedicated in West Seattle

Story and photos by Keri DeTore
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

The afternoon sun broke through the clouds just in time for Saturday’s dedication of the Fallen Soldiers Memorial at West Seattle’s Vietnamese Cultural Center, honoring both Vietnamese and American soldiers lost while fighting for that nation’s freedom.

Around 70 people, bundled up against the cold, showed up for the ceremony, which was presented in both Vietnamese and English. The dedication was held Saturday to commemorate the invasion of Vietnam’s Paracel Islands by the Chinese in January of 1974.

Veteran Vietnamese military leaders involved in the action were present, including Naval Lt. Commander Sai Nguyen (far right in photo), who gave a speech honoring those lost.

The ceremony included traditional drumming, a processional carrying names and photos of fallen soldiers, national-anthem salutes, offerings of burning incense, and speeches.

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Cleaning up Puget Sound: ‘One Battery at a Time’

(Photos courtesy Laura James)
Every weekend, volunteers work on projects big and small to improve the world. Local divers are working to improve the world you can’t see unless you’re literally immersed in it. Laura James, who has shared many in-the-Sound sights here on WSB, has launched “One Battery at a Time,” and tells the story on her website of the first effort, yesterday, to bring up abandoned batteries that wound up in the water.

As a side note – they found a surprise in the process, as told humorously on this site (if you aren’t familiar with gunnels, Laura offered this example). More “One Battery at a Time” dives are in the works.

Reminder: Memorial next Saturday for Cheryl Colehour

The family of Cheryl Colehour, whose cancer fight ended last November with her untimely death at age 45, wanted to remind the community that her memorial is now less than a week away. Cheryl’s husband Tom Humphreys shared the flyer they have produced, which also invites those who knew and loved Cheryl to share memories online here, for a memory book that is in the works. Her memorial is next Saturday, January 21, 1 pm, at Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 7141 California SW, with a reception afterward.

West Seattle snow: Afternoon updates; driving difficulties

(KEY LINKS: Metro buses on snow routes; Sound Transit too … Traffic cams here … Many steep hills now closed … Winter Weather Advisory in effect, roads might ice tonight …)

12:20 PM: It’s gotten much snowier in the past hour; if you watch the WSB Twitter feed, you’ve seen our photos – we’ll add some here momentarily and those you have been sending. We were headed to the Farmers’ Market when things got serious – check what we found there:

(added) Also – Dave Montoure of West 5, selling corn chowder! Hot soup for an ice-cold day:

(added) Christopher Boffoli shot this panorama shortly after the snow started – you can click and pan around in the scene:

As of right now, there’s a line south of The Junction: North of the line, snow on the ground, on the road, falling. Here in the south, we have pinpoint “corn snow” right now and it’s only JUST begun to stick on the road – we passed the highest point in Seattle about five minutes ago and at that time, nothing even on the grass, but a mile south, the first stuck bus we’d seen today. Metro has just announced it’s on snow routes (find them here). Plows are out too – in the background of this cameraphone shot, we saw one heading back onto the high bridge from 35th/Avalon:

More to come – let us know what’s happening where you are.

12:43 PM: The photo over this line is an overview from near the Luna Park business district, courtesy of Charles. Thanks to everyone who’s sending photos! We’ve found in past storms (if you weren’t with WSB then) they provide a vital view of what’s happening all around the peninsula.

1:15 PM: Just back from a trip through Arbor Heights. Side streets covered but passable if you drive slow. 35th SW is OK, same advice, but certainly snowy/slushy (photo above is looking north toward Roxbury from 35th after 1 pm). We’re hearing that most steep hills, particularly in north WS where it’s been snowing heavier longer, are impassable – Admiral has spinouts and a stuck bus. A caller (thanks – 206-293-6302) says the bridge is having trouble too. See the latest views on our Traffic cams page. Back to the neighborhoods: From Tony in High Point –

Also just got word from Neil that SW Genesee is closed between Avalon and Delridge – very steep hill so no surprise. Pic:

Thanks for the road updates – the official sources don’t have this level of detail so your reports are key. Meantime, the West Seattle YMCA has just tweeted:

Change in plans. All basketball games 2 pm on are cancelled, pix, too. Fauntleroy Y will close @ 2 pm, West Seattle Y will close @ 5 pm.

1:50 PM: Got a report that 35th is closed at Alaska. That’s where we saw the stuck bus at noontime, photo atop this report. Meantime, some north areas (Admiral/Alki) tallying snow around 3 inches already. Thanks to Robert for this beach shot from around 1 pm:

And there’s sledding too! We’ve heard of several spots. From our WSBeat correspondent Megan Sheppard, here’s Belvidere Viewpoint Park:

It is suddenly down to a light flurry here in Upper Fauntleroy (now 1:58).

3:01 PM: 36th and 37th around Providence Mount St. Vincent were reported in bad shape – thanks to Karen and Deb from West Seattle Be Prepared for conveying that. We just came back from one more run through Arbor Heights – 35th OK, has been either sanded or well=traveled, and side streets still pretty snowy. Also took Barton down to Fauntleroy – bare and wet, same for Fauntleroy Way along Lincoln Park, though we saw some snowperson-building activity on the park grass. Here’s one on Alki – photo by Ian Coldwell, snowman by Andy Burgess, both Alki residents:

From North Admiral, Erik Walum shares the scene at Hamilton Viewpoint:

Also in Admiral, Ted measured – four-inch accumulation:

Back to Lincoln Park – tranquil scene from Trileigh Tucker:

And Alki Lighthouse is lovely in the snow – thanks to Russ Walker for this photo from his Flickr gallery:

So is DK’s backyard in Highland Park:

We’ll be going out after 4 to check out the road conditions before sunset. The Weather Service has renewed its advisory and that includes concern about roads icing over.

4:07 PM: Skylark Café and JaK’s Grill have both mentioned on Facebook that they’ll be closed tonight due to complications of the weather. By 6 pm, we’ll switch over to an ongoing evening weather update, though we’re also hoping to get some coverage of other weekend news in before then. Meantime, more photos! First, Ginny Woo says this is son Gus (10 months)’s first snow – he was out as she and his big sis Ava, 7, built a “snowlady”:

The Pals family sent their snow-giant photo – with, from left, Mommy, Ira, and Jurgen:

We even got a snowman photo from The Admiral District’s Brent Amaker:

And over at Madison Middle School, Steve shows us, they’ve been sledding:

Tomorrow was already an off-day for students, remember, since it’s the official King Day holiday. For now – more snow falling … A big line of dark clouds just advanced from the west (not long after a sunbreak in the same spot – wild weather!).

6:12 PM: Took that trip around the peninsula, traveling California and 35th among other roads. Didn’t encounter any closures – but snow was falling again. Admiral is still way snowier than Morgan Junction and many points south. Meantime, Metro says it’ll be on snow routing again tomorrow, and also reminds you that its Monday schedule is “reduced weekday” for the MLK Day holiday. We will start ongoing evening coverage in a while – after a few other things that have been in queue.

DESC Delridge project: Advisory committee who/what/when

New details today about the Delridge Alliance, the advisory group that DESC committed to help convene as its Delridge Supportive Housing project plan continues. Until now, the newest major development is what we reported two weeks ago – that the plan is down to 66 units from the previous 75 because of a city decision (explained here); DESC’s Bill Hobson subsequently confirmed to WSB that the project is moving ahead:

Yes, we are proceeding. Clearly, the 75-unit plan presented at (Design Review) will now have to be modified somewhat but our architects assure me that modification will not be substantial and it will be under the WSHFC per-unit cost ceiling. And, the modification will respect the recommendations they received at EDG.

Now, the advisory-group details: This morning, North Delridge Neighborhood Council website features a detailed update this morning from Vonetta Mangaoang, who’s part of the advisory group, with details on who’s on it so far, the positions still open, what it’s about, and what happens next. Read it here. (No date set yet for the project’s second Design Review meeting, by the way.)

West Seattle Sunday: Adopt-a-thon/benefit; Farmers’ Market


Just a few notes from the WSB West Seattle Events calendar, as we settle into a day that seems destined to be punctuated by snow showers/flurries (morning coverage here):

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: Yes, market managers have confirmed they’re open. 10 am-2 pm at 44th/Alaska. The illness-delayed debut of Honest Biscuits is promised (see this tweet), too. (Added: West 5 is there selling soup – check the pic in this tweet!)

BENEFIT ADOPT-A-THON CONTINUES: At Kitty Harbor (3422 Harbor SW), it’s the second day of a special offseason cat adopt-a-thon – also a benefit for fire victim Teri Ensley and Furry Faces Foundation, noon-6 pm. “Moto,” above, is one of the two-dozen-plus cats who were still awaiting a home by late Saturday afternoon, after more than 30 others were adopted! Here’s our Saturday night story.

BOOK SIGNING: Metropolitan Market says LaDonna Rose Gundersen, who fishes in Alaska as well as writes, will be at the Admiral store today from 12-2 pm to sign her new cookbook “Salmon, Desserts, & Friends.”

West Seattle Weather Watch: Seeing some snow


(Photo by Machel Spence. Yours welcome –
7:16 AM: Had almost written it off, but here it is in Upper Fauntleroy. You?

8:31 AM: After a pause – it’s flurrying again. Even up here around 350 feet, it’s just on the rooftops and cartops – so far. The National Weather Service issued a “Winter Weather Advisory” a short time ago, in effect till 10 pm (see it here), which says eventual accumulations up to 3 inches are possible. You can watch for other signs of impending snow via the Snow Watch maps.

10:24 AM: Off-on flurries/showers continue. Photo above is from one that was fast and furious – for about two minutes.

10:34 AM: Just in from SDOT, this overview:

Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) Street Maintenance crews spent the night applying deicer and anti-icer to major arterials, elevated roadways and bridges, and known trouble spots along the snow route network. Despite an early morning snowfall, thus far, the roads south of the ship canal are bare and wet and are also in relatively good shape in the northwest sector of the city. Nevertheless, crews are patrollng those areas applying anti-icer where necessary. The morning snowfall primarily accumulated on streets, and especially hills, in the northeast section of the city – east of Aurora. SDOT trucks are applying anti-icer, deicer, and also plowing the snow where needed. SDOT’s Street Maintenance crews will be working throughout the day to ensure safe driving conditions on the city’s key roadways, particularly on routes used by buses and emergency response vehicles. Motorists are advised to use added caution and be watchful for black ice.

11:35 AM: Serious snow in The Junction. Road is coated.